The Google Sheets dropdown is now searchable and beautiful

If you’ve used our Google Sheets integration to send your mail merge campaigns, you may have noticed how UGLY our spreadsheet dropdown used to be. If you had lots of spreadsheets, finding the right one was a pain.

No longer! Now, the spreadsheet dropdown is BEAUTIFUL, and you can easily search for the right spreadsheet just by typing a few characters that match any part of the name.

Google Sheets Dropdown
Just type a few characters, and your matching spreadsheets will appear.

​In fact, we’ve updated all of the major dropdown menus in GMass to this new style, including the Past Campaigns and the Load Content dropdowns.

New dropdown
The new awesome dropdown for Past Campaigns.

And here’s the improved Load Content dropdown:

Content Dropdown
The awesome searchable dropdown menu to load a campaign’s content

To get the update, your Chrome browser has to update the GMass extension to the latest version 4.0.1, which will happen in the next 48 hours automatically. Don’t want to wait? You can also manually update the extension immediately by:

1. Going to chrome://extensions and clicking the Update extensions now button at the top.
2. Then reloading Gmail (or Google Inbox) in the browser.

5 Replies to “The Google Sheets dropdown is now searchable and beautiful”

  1. Carrie Classon

    Fixed it! Okay, my dumb (I guess). I created a new gmail address just for use with gmass. The account was linked with my original mail, the addresses shared, I thought all was well. No. The drives are separate. This I did not know. The drop down did not appear because there was, literally, nothing in my drive. Since the files I am using will all be exclusive to the gmass activities, this is not an issue for me. Problem resolved!

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