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How to send a mail merge in Gmail from a non-Gmail address

If you have a non-Gmail address that you want to send a mail merge campaign from, you can still use Gmail to do so.

For example, one of my email addresses is [email protected] I operate my own mail server for silicomm.com. Meaning, silicomm.com is NOT on G Suite, so [email protected] is NOT a Google account. However, I can still send a mail merge in Gmail from [email protected]

Here’s how to create a mail merge from a non-Gmail address:

  1. Create a new Gmail account. For example, let’s say I create [email protected].
  2. Next, I set up [email protected] as an alias address in my new [email protected]
    Here is the documentation from Google that explains how to do this: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/22370?hl=en

  3. Then, install the GMass Chrome extension from the GMass homepage.
  4. Then log in to the [email protected] account and click any of the GMass buttons to link the account to GMass.
  5. Launch a Compose window, put in your addresses in the To field, set the Subject and the Message. Now be sure to change the From Address to the alias you set up in Gmail. In this example, set the From Address to [email protected].
  6. Once your campaign looks how you like, just hit the GMass button. (You may need to subscribe if you’re sending to more than 50 recipients.)
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  1. When I subscribe, do I still use the main Gmail account for subscribing even though I’d be using a non-Gmail address for bulk e-mailing?

    Or should I subscribe using the non-Gmail address instead?


    1. Hi Yuri,

      You would need to subscribe the main email not the aliases. GMass subscriptions are per Gmail or G Suite account, and GMass doesn’t care what alias addresses are connected to a single account. So if you have all of your aliases on the various domains set up in a single Gmail account, and that single Gmail account is subscribed to GMass, then you are able to send from all of those different alias addresses with a single GMass subscription.

  2. Hi, I have an Exchange email account running on an Exchange 2013 server that I would like to use. What are the settings that are required for me to be able to connect that account?

  3. So I’ve recently merged all my work email addresses to one Gmail account to make checking my inbox(s) easier. I then decided to add GMass to my account because I noticed when I send a “mass” email (really just an email to all our store managers containing important info) were not being sent because my alias email was “misconfigured”. GMass fixed this problem for a little while, but now the same issue is happening with my GMass emails. I’ve re-configured the server for my alias emails on Gmail multiple times and the issue is never fixed. This only happens with mass emails and never single recipient emails. Do you know how to fix this or can you recommend another app instead of Mass?

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