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Look where the MailChimp Annual Report landed

Every year I look forward to receiving MailChimp’s Annual Report. It’s funny, pretty, and full of interesting statistics. It also lands squarely in my Gmail Promotions folder, along with other name-brand emails:

GMass can hardly be called a competitor to MailChimp, given that MailChimp is a full-service email marketing service provider that integrates with hundreds of external systems, and GMass is a Gmail extension to send low-volume mail merge campaigns. In its annual report, MailChimp states that its users sent over 246 billion emails last year. In comparison, GMass sent a paltry 67 million emails last year.

Would you rather send 246 billion emails that all land in the Promotions folder, or would you rather send 67 million emails that all hit the Inbox? Actually, you’d be wise to choose the former. Even if only 0.1% of people ever check email in the Promotions folder, that’s still 246 million eyeballs versus 67 million. Fine, MailChimp, you win because of your massive scale. But unless you, as an email marketer, have a list of 246 billion emails, you might consider GMass over a traditional email marketing service provider if you want your emails to go straight to the Inbox.

Because GMass integrates with your Gmail or G Suite account, all emails are sent from Gmail’s own servers, meaning they almost always land in the recipient’s Inbox, not the Promotions folder and not the Spam folder. And, because GMass is integrated with your Inbox, it can do things like send automatic follow-ups to people who don’t reply, a feature MailChimp will never have.

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  1. Ha ha … Nice way to promote your product. Mailchimp’s own mails are landing in ‘promotions’ tab, what can we expect from our mails sent through MailChimp!

    I am still to use Gmass though. Will check for sure.

  2. All emails I get from Mail Chimp go to my Inbox. And all of the ones I send go to the inboxes of my list. I switched to Mail Chimp from Gmass when Gmass demanded I pay a monthly fee. I only send 1-2 campaigns per month of about 66 people in the list. Mail chimp is free as long as I don’t send more than a couple thousand emails a month.

    And emails go to the inbox when you send them out under your domain.

    1. We’ve been using mailchimp to send our emails and they go through our domain but still land in the promotions folder every time. If you’ve figured out how to make them land in the inbox, then bravo! For me, Mailchimp makes my head spin more than ANY other software- and I’m not usually easily confused by technology.

      I HATE using mailchimp!!! They have complicated even the simplest things! Was it designed for the developers, not the users? Was it developed in a foreign country? I mean, who names an email a “campaign” and a campaign an “automation”? And why are navigational options hidden in black at the bottom of the page in the footer, the most conspicuous place you can find??? Most of the time I struggle to even find the words to describe the problem I’m having with mailchimp.

      You would think with all the competition out there they would need to be more user-friendly to stay in business but here they are all these years later and small businesses still refer to them because they are free and there is no better alternative.

      I just stumbled on gmass and if it can do what it says it can do, then hallelujah! I will gladly pay for something that makes me feel both less crazy and less stupid. And Mailchimp seriously wastes soooooo much of my time, I don’t know how the technically challenged (as many small businesses are) are able to use it without losing their mind unless they are so clueless that they don’t even know there is a problem to begin with.

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