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Los Angeles Entrepreneur Uses GMass to Grow his Businesses

Email Marketing Works Wonders for Gaining New and Keeping Current Customers

Russell Nohelty is an LA-based writer, director, producer, and successful businessman. With a resume like that you wonder how he also finds time to help others operate and grow their businesses. 
He’s an entrepreneur who shares his experience and expertise with other aspiring writers and business owners, which is nice to see in today’s competitive business environment.

Nohelty has owned and operated cell phone companies and other businesses, and currently owns the publishing company www.wannabepress.com. He also produces a podcast series called “The Business of Art” which is available through iTunes. Russell says “the Business of Art aims to demystify business for artists and art for businessmen, though we really only do the former. Every week a new guest talks about how they run successful businesses.”

Wannabe Press occupies the bulk of Russell’s time, and he grows that company using several digital channels including email marketing and social media.

“Email marketing is an art unto itself,” Russell told us recently. “There are different approaches to different targeted customers, depending on the message and the goal.” Nohelty uses one of the large bulk-email services for sending his newsletter every month, which cultivates readers through a contact form on his website. These are usually sent to large numbers of recipients and the average open rates is about 25%.

Mr. Nohelty uses GMass for more personalized campaigns, and the number of recipients for these campaigns runs from 100 to 500 people. “GMass works great for smaller, targeted campaigns, and one of the reasons I love it is the response rate, said Russell. “Fifty to sixty percent open rates are common, which is unheard of in the email marketing business, but that’s what I see on a regular basis.”

The energetic entrepreneur uses short subject lines and keeps the messages brief as well. “The
personalization feature and the fact that the email is coming directly from me to my customer creates an intimate business connection that is effective beyond anything I would have expected,” said Russell.

The other GMass features like tracking, scheduling, and automatic reply management help Nohelty manage his campaigns efficiently and while GMass is free right now, he is confident he’ll keep using the Chrome extension if they eventually do begin charging a monthly or usage fee.

“Being an entrepreneur means being aware of every tool available to help me grow, and there will always be a place in my marketing toolbox for GMass.”
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