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New Feature: Save email lists as Google Contact Groups

Update: GMass used to have the ability to save an email list as a Google Contact Group, but because of Contact Groups’ clunky nature, in 2016 we abandoned that capability in favor of auto-saving all of your send lists so that you can re-send to the same set of people easily any time.

Create a new list from a sent campaign

To re-send to a previously sent set of email addresses, click the “Follow Up Campaigns” button to the right of the search bar. Then choose the previous campaign and choose the “Sent” option to compose a new email campaign to the recipients of that old campaign.

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  1. Hello,

    I love GMass except it just screwed me.

    I broke my email list into groups of 100.

    The test to me worked.

    The first 100 worked using their firstname in the subject and the body.

    After that hundreds of them went out with {FirstName|Friend} in the subject and body and nobody is clicking through them and people are asking to be unsubscribed — of course.

    I just depersonalized my relationship with all these personal connections.

    Now I've blown my one opportunity with these LinkedIn connections I've built up over the years.

    Do you have any GOOD ideas about HOW I can recover with these hundreds of contacts, and HOW I can prevent this from happening ever again using Gmass?

    Thank you,


  2. And here's some further news from one person who asked to be unsubscribed:

    "…it also had a bunch of names in the CC area which meant if people started hitting "Reply All" I was worried that I was going to get a flood of emails/etc."

    So in this case the 100+ emails that went out not only had {FirstName|Friend} in the subject and body, but also had every other email address in the CC.


  3. Hi Chris – I'm sorry about all this. I've located your account, figured out your email address, and am pretty certain I know what happened. I will email you separately, but the gist of it is that one of your mass emails wasn't connected to your Google Sheets spreadsheet. Therefore, GMass couldn't personalize it, because it didn't know where to pull the data from. Email coming shortly. We can also address the CC issue there. You do get a warning when you put addresses in CC, because each address in the CC will receive a copy of every email that's a part of that mail merge. That's by design. If you're saying, however, that addresses appeared in CC that you never intended, that's a separate issue that we'll need to investigate.

  4. I'm not able to get my email to send. I sent an email using gmass a few days ago and it worked great. Today it lets me send the test email, but I can't send the email to the rest of the recipients.

  5. Hi Phantom – what happens when you try to send? If you can email me at [email protected] with your email address, I can look into this further for you, but we haven't experienced any issues in recent days.

  6. Just trying gmass out and can’t see how to send a search list by BCC rather than by the To? Only want to send info to less than 50 people, but do not want each one to see all the other email addresses.?

    1. Hi Cliff,

      When using GMass, all addresses in the TO field will be sent a separate email addressed only to a single recipient so none of your contacts will see each other’s addresses.

        1. Hi Joe,

          Unfortunately, no, not directly. You would first need to save the groups contact list to something GMass can pull from such as a Gmail contacts label or a G

    1. Hi Joe,

      Unfortunately, no, you would need to first save your contact list for the group to a Google Sheet or in a Gmail Contacts label.

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