We are now hiding the Gmail Send button

I’ve just addressed an issue that has frustrated GMass users since launching almost a year ago…accidentally clicking the regular Gmail Send button instead of the GMass button. Clicking the Gmail Send button by accident can expose members of your email list to each other and breaks personalization.

Numerous GMass users have at some point accidentally clicked the blue Gmail Send button when they meant to click the red GMass button. I have just updated the GMass Chrome extension so that the regular Gmail Send button hides itself in certain situations.

Specifically, if there are more than 20 email addresses in the To field, or if there’s a GMass alias address in the To field, the Send button will be hidden.

If, however, you have more than one Compose window open, then the Send button will NOT be hidden. Therefore, we advise that you only have one Compose window open when working with a GMass campaign.

We do this because it is assumed that if you have more than 20 addresses, it is likely that you mean to use the GMass button to send individual emails to each email address rather than the Send button where all of the email addresses would be exposed to each other.

Update on June, 30, 2016: The threshold at which the Send button is hidden is now 20 email addresses rather than 10.

If, however, you want the Send button back after it has been hidden, you can easily make it re-appear. Just add the special email address ShowSend@gmass.co as the last address in the To field, and within a second or two, the Send button will re-appear and will persist in that specific Compose window. You can then remove the ShowSend@gmass.co address if you wish.

Update on June, 30, 2016: The threshold at which the Send button is hidden is now 20 email addresses rather than 10.

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  1. Shubham Jain

    The ShowSend@gmass.co technique to have the send button reappear is so user unfriendly. Isn't there a better way? Maybe just have a button called "Show Send" right where "Send" button is supposed to be? That would make a lot more sense in my honest opinion. That way you don't even need to have the <10 display send criteria. You can just remove it altogether and have it displayed if the user clicks "Show Send". Do give it a thought. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    Why not just leave the send button there but make it display a message saying 'are you sure you want to send it the Google way?' with a Yes or No button when you click on it when there is more than 10 emails in the To field. This way it reminds you that you might of clicked it by mistake. (yes sends the email no will not allow the email to be sent and email stays open) personally adding that email address is painful as I now need to remember this email address when I have 10+ users in the To field.

    • rich tallman

      Thank you Ajay! I was afraid to use Gmass because I was sooooooo scared I was going to send all of my private clients each other’s emails! So now with this new dumb dumb proofing, I am ready to go! Thanks so much!

  3. fred

    Manually entering 100 emails from a copied spreadsheet column manually or via google spreadsheets shows desired emails in TO field but clicking on GMASS button has no effect. Confused about show send, which when added brings back the blue GMAIL send button but while recipients be visible to each other if I click it? I really want and need this great tool to work for me, but need to make it happen soon since I have already announced a "june sales." Thanks.

  4. Ajay Goel

    Because I couldn't figure out how to manipulate the Gmail Send button to add that confirmation message. That was my initial idea, but changing the behavior of that button proved to be too difficult. Hiding it, on the other hand, was easy.

  5. Ajay Goel

    I agree it's not the ideal user experience. Getting a button to do what you're suggesting was proving to be more difficult than the technique I chose. Perhaps down the road I'll re-visit this.

  6. Anonymous

    I've just disabled Gmass until I need it to get the blue send mail button back. I send a lot of mail daily that has more than 10 people – I only use Gmass occasionally. I never had a problem keeping the blue and red send mail buttons straight previously.

  7. Jeremy Horn

    This is the worst user experience ever. Please find another solution to this. Every time I send out a large email wo/ wanting to use gmass I have to look up how to get the send button back — and then add and remove the email from the to. 🙁

  8. Ajay Goel

    Sorry — I know it's not the best user experience. "Hacking" the UI for Gmail is complex, so it's hard to provide a truly elegant solution. When the Send button disappears, the yellow message up top tells you how to get it back, so you shouldn't have to "look up" each time how to get it back.

    • Timothy Dickey

      The “yellow message” flashes then disappears before I have a chance to click on the link to activate the Send button. There has to be a better way to have the “Send” button available in case I don’t mind sending to more than 10 people at a time. I have 14 board members that I want to send a email to and I don’t want to use GMass

  9. Ajay Goel

    You were in a rare group then. Lots of users accidentally hit the Send button when they meant to hit the GMass button. I've now changed the threshold to 20 addresses instead of 10, so that should help with your user experience. I hope you will consider re-enabling the GMass extension.

  10. Max

    Hi Ajay!

    I'm really digging Gmass 🙂

    I just wanted to ask – what would an example of a Gmass alias be?

    Sometimes I send to smaller lists than 20, but I still want that blue send button hidden if I'm gmassing.

    If there's a Gmass Alias I could own, I'd just chuck that at the top of every list so I could idiot-proof my gmassing.

    Let me know if there's something that could work here – essentially a way to make the blue button go away with a list of any size.



  11. Daniel Hunter

    Please undo this.

    I like the suggestion of those who make a pop-up message “Are you sure?”

    But I regularly send notes to dozens of my colleagues at a time and this is a real waste of effort and time. It’ll make me have to disable GMass if it’s not undone.

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