Just launched! World’s best SMTP server testing tool.

I just launched the world’s best web-based SMTP test tool.

With my new tool, you can see the exact SMTP conversation between the client and the SMTP server. You can use it to test your SMTP connection to Sendgrid, Mailgun, Amazon SES, or any other SMTP server in the world.

SMTP Test Tool
The world’s best SMTP testing tool

You don’t even have to be a GMass user to use it. This is a general SMTP testing tool that anyone can use for free.

Uses of the SMTP test tool include:

  • GMass users troubleshooting the connection between GMass and your SMTP server
  • Developers troubleshooting code that connects to an SMTP server
  • Consumers troubleshooting the SMTP settings for an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird

Ready to try it? Go to the SMTP Test Tool now.

Have questions? Check out the FAQ for the SMTP Test Tool.

2 Replies to “Just launched! World’s best SMTP server testing tool.”

  1. Michael

    I did the test and get the same error you do in the screen shot above “ERROR: The SMTP server has unexpectedly disconnected.”

    How do you correct this?

    • Maya Quijada

      Sometimes the Sendgrid server acts funny – you should have received a re-queue link in the email where you see that error. Click that link and you should be able to re-send without the error.

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