How we optimize email deliverability for non-commercial senders

If you’re sending non-commercial, low-volume emails to an organically developed list, let our Support team know and we can apply a few settings to your account to give you 100% email delivery. Example scenarios include:

  • A school sending emails to parents of students.
  • A leader of a club sending emails to only members of the club.
  • A church sending emails to its congregation.
  • A production company coordinating schedules with its crew.
  • A couple planning their wedding and sending wedding updates to invitees.

If your emails are selling anything, you don’t quality for this, but you can certainly optimize on your own.

We can make the following optimizations for your account to ensure nearly 100% delivery with no blocking:

  1. We’ll assign you our cleanest tracking domain, to ensure that there is no domain-based blocking.
  2. We’ll connect your account to our Sendgrid SMTP service, so you can send beyond Gmail’s limits.
  3. We’ll set your account so that bounces aren’t filtered from future mailings. This way, you can address each individual bounce with the actual person whose email it is. This is the “ignore bounces” setting under Bounce Management.

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