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Performance Improvement: Much faster sending now

We’ve implemented a concept into the GMass sending engine that software developers call “parallelism”, and in the context of GMass, that means our software can now send multiple mail merge campaigns simultaneously.

Previously if one user sent an email to 500 addresses at 1:43 PM, and another user sent an email to 700 addresses at 1:44 PM, the latter sender would have had to wait a few minutes for the first user’s emails to finish sending before his would begin sending. This behavior was fine when we first launched GMass a couple months ago, but as usage has grown, the frequency at which multiple users would initiate big campaigns within seconds of each other has increased.

By re-architecting our back-end, now both mass email campaigns will begin sending within 30 seconds of hitting the GMass button, and both will run simultaneously. I hope this increase in speed and efficiency leads to even greater user satisfaction!

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