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Salon Email Marketing Made Easy with Gmail Automation

salon email marketing made easy

Why is Email Marketing Important for Salons?

As a salon owner, developing strong client relationships is critical to your business’s success. If you’re like most salon owners who only use Facebook or Instagram to communicate with existing and potential customers, you understand why social media campaigns aren’t always effective.

Facebook and Instagram algorithms are designed to control users’ news feed to filter what they see and share. This means that even if you have a large following on Facebook or Instagram, your posts will reach only a fraction of them. On the other hand, emails can reach a much larger audience than social media. Furthermore, if you use a tool such as GMass, you may send personalized emails to many recipients at once and improve email response rates significantly.

In this post, we’ll discuss ways to effectively market your salon business using emails and how GMass makes it simple to run email marketing campaigns inside Gmail.

Limitations with Salon Marketing Softwares

Many hair salon owners rely on CRM and salon marketing tools to run their operations. Some of these softwares include built-in email marketing capabilities, but they lack critical features and have low deliverability rates. These softwares aren’t intended to be used for email marketing, and provide unsatisfactory results.

Some of the problems with salon marketing software include:

  1. Lack of personalization:  The vast majority of salon marketing softwares allow you to send newsletter-style promotions without any real personalization. Since such emails are not personalized for recipients, they have poor response rates. Salon owners should concentrate on engaging customers with personalized emails to improve retention rates.
  2. Poor deliverability: Most salon marketing softwares have low email deliverability and open rates. These emails often end up in recipients’ spam/promotions folders.
  3. No Automation: Typical salon marketing solutions do not provide extensive email automation capabilities. Many hair salons avoid email marketing due to the time involved in sending campaigns manually.
  4. Limited / No Email tracking: salon marketing softwares don’t have sophisticated email tracking tools, making it difficult for salon owners to track and analyze their email marketing performance.

When you personalize your emails, they’re more likely to be read. If you want email marketing to play a significant role in the success of your salon business, Gmail and GMass are essential. GMass enables salons to send personalized bulk emails in Gmail with ease.

GMass simulates user behavior in Gmail, as if someone manually composed and sent each email. For that reason, the emails are more likely to go into people’s Inboxes than SPAM/promotions. As a result, GMass boosts deliverability rates and response rates for salon email campaigns considerably. GMass also provides tools that let you see how many people read and clicked your emails.

Salon Email Marketing Tips

  1. Avoid email newsletter softwares: Generic newsletters aren’t as effective these days since they get caught in spam filters, and recipients barely read them.
  2. Build and maintain a clean email list: Do not buy email lists from the internet, as they are often filled with SPAM traps and rarely result in any business. Anyone who has not allowed you to send emails to them is probably not interested in reading them.

    Here are some suggestions on how you can build an email list. Before asking for personal information, make sure that your clients are comfortable giving it to you:

      • When clients make a booking or visit your salon, gather their email addresses. It would help if you offered incentives to entice customers to join your email list. If they join up for your email list, you may give them a birthday discount, for example.
      • You may advertise a unique offer/coupon only accessible via email on your website or social media handles.
  3. Segment your customer list: Emails relevant to the user’s interests will have a higher chance of being opened and read. It will help create different email lists based on your clients’ preferences, services provided, and past bookings.
  4. Personalize your emails: Establishing a relationship with potential salon customers is the most important thing you can do when initiating your email strategy. For that reason, you should send hyper-personalized emails tailored to each customer.
  5. Track emails open and clicks: It’s critical to measure essential indicators in your campaigns, such as email opens and clicks. With this data, you can track the effectiveness of your salon’s email marketing campaign and improve it over time. GMass can provide you with detailed reports on who opened and clicked on a link in your emails.
  6. Automate your campaigns: Running an ongoing email marketing strategy takes a lot of time and effort, so you should use an email marketing tool that has email automation features. Email automation is beneficial in repetitive campaigns such as:
      • Email campaigns to notify customers about a future appointment; you may also include extra information such as the salon’s address and directions in your emails.
      • Emails for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.
      • If a certain amount of time has passed since their last visit, an automated “we miss you” email with special discounts.
      • Feedback collection emails with a link to rate you once they’ve completed their visit. Positive feedbacks on your Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook profiles boost your credibility and SEO.

Salon Email Marketing is Easy with GMass

GMass is a Google Chrome extension that allows salon owners like you to send bulk emails within Gmail. It’s easy to use, so you don’t have to be tech-savvy to create professional email marketing campaigns. Why not download the GMass Chrome extension today and try it yourself?

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