How to unsubscribe a domain

You can now unsubscribe an entire domain from your Gmail mail merge campaigns sent with GMass. Unsubscribing a domain is similar to manually unsubscribing a list of email addresses.

How to unsubscribe a domain

This is how I would unsubscribe,, and from future mailings.

1. Launch a regular Gmail Compose Window.

2. Set the To field to

3. Leave the Subject blank.

4. Paste in a list of domains to unsubscribe as the Body of the message, with each domain on one line.

5. Click the GMass main button.

That’s all. You will get a confirmation that your domains have been unsubscribed. Future campaigns will be cross-checked against your domain unsubscribe list and matching recipients will be suppressed from the campaign.

Resubscribing a Domain

To remove a domain from your domain unsubscribe list, also known as resubscribing a domain, follow the same instructions above, except set the To address to instead of

Viewing your Domain Unsubscribe List

To see which domains are currently unsubscribed, go to any campaign report, and click the download all unsubscribes link. This will download a CSV report of all of your unsubscribed email addresses and unsubscribed domains. Your unsubscribed domains will appear at the top of the list.


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