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How to unsubscribe a domain

You can now unsubscribe an entire domain from your Gmail mail merge campaigns sent with GMass. Unsubscribing a domain is similar to manually unsubscribing a list of email addresses.

How to unsubscribe a domain

This is how I would unsubscribe amazon.com, fb.com, and spamcop.net from future mailings.

1. Launch a regular Gmail Compose Window.

2. Set the To field to unsubscribe@gmass.co.

3. Leave the Subject blank.

4. Paste in a list of domains to unsubscribe as the Body of the message, with each domain on one line.

5. Click the GMass main button.

That’s all. You will get a confirmation that your domains have been unsubscribed. Future campaigns will be cross-checked against your domain unsubscribe list and matching recipients will be suppressed from the campaign.

Resubscribing a Domain

To remove a domain from your domain unsubscribe list, also known as resubscribing a domain, follow the same instructions above, except set the To address to resubscribe@gmass.co instead of unsubscribe@gmass.co.

Viewing your Domain Unsubscribe List

To see which domains are currently unsubscribed, go to any campaign report, and click the download all unsubscribes link. This will download a CSV report of all of your unsubscribed email addresses and unsubscribed domains. Your unsubscribed domains will appear at the top of the list.


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