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New pay-per-incident VIP support

VIP priority service

We are trialing a new VIP pay-per-incident support program. If you need help urgently or are experiencing a crisis, you can request VIP support at a cost of $100 USD per incident.

How much is it?

The cost is $100 USD per incident.

Why are we doing this?

Over the years, we’ve witnessed frustration from users who were in an urgent situation and needed help quickly, but immediate help wasn’t available because our business model didn’t allow for instantaneous problem resolution. We’ve also worked with a bunch of third-party email delivery vendors like SendGrid, Mailjet, and SendInBlue, and we’ve seen first-hand just how terrible support from many email service providers can be. We’ve personally encountered lengthy delays, wrong answers, and support personnel that know less about how email works than the average email marketer.

$100 seems expensive. Why so much?

GMass is a service for which most users pay around $10-$20/month. It’s difficult to make a profit when we also provide free support to users within that low monthly cost, especially when a support issue requires a deep investigation. For example, if we spend 30 minutes helping a user who’s paying $10/month, then we’ve already taken a loss on that customer’s account. By charging a premium price for this option, we can resolve issues quickly for those users that are in mission-critical situations by providing priority service without straining our regular support team.

What happened to “regular” GMass support?

Regular support is still available and unchanged. Given the volume of users we have though, sometimes users may have to wait a day or two before receiving a response through regular support. There is no charge to use our regular support service.

Why should I pay for VIP support?

When you submit a request through VIP support, the issue is handled by a lead engineer that has the power to alter system settings in a way that regular support staff cannot. The VIP support team consists of experts in all of GMass’s internal operations who can resolve issues quickly. They’re intuitive and will understand the issue you’re facing with minimal explanation from you. The lead engineer that handles your case will have the ability to:

  • Alter internal settings to diagnose and resolve an issue
  • Step through source code to simulate the issue
  • Release new code to fix an issue
  • Route emails through different servers if there’s a sending issue

Who is eligible to receive VIP support?

Any user with an active subscription can request VIP support. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the Minimal, Standard, Premium, or Team plan — as long as you have a subscription of some type, you’re eligible.

How quickly can I expect a resolution of my issue?

It varies by the issue. You should expect to receive a response from an engineer acknowledging your request within 15 minutes of your request. The engineer will then work with you to resolve the issue.

What if the issue I’m reporting is a bug?

Like all complex software, GMass isn’t bug-free. Even popular consumer tools like Google, Facebook, and Netflix have bugs. Please don’t expect GMass (or any software) to be bug-free. If you use the VIP support system, you should expect to pay the $100 USD fee, even if you’re reporting a bug. The benefit, however, is that we’ll likely fix the bug on the spot for you.

What issues can VIP support handle?

Our team can help with almost any issue related to GMass.

Examples of issues are:

  • account-level issues
  • campaign sending issues
  • Gmail limit issues
  • Google Sheet issues
  • tracking domain setup with your DNS account
  • setup with an external SMTP relay to send beyond Gmail’s limits

One area that we cannot guarantee resolution, however, is deliverability. While we can address technical aspects of deliverability like SPF, DomainKeys, and DMARC issues, if your emails are going to the recipient’s Spam folder instead of their Inbox, there usually isn’t a quick fix. We can, however, point you to our own tools to help you get to the bottom of the issue.

I need VIP help! How do I submit a request?

Go to the VIP support form.



  1. We need to send 150K email per days , Current we are using gmail smtp gateway for sending email, But in gmail maximum we can send 2K email per days, Please suggest how to go about this


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