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New Feature! Check a spreadsheet hourly for new addresses and send an email sequence

I’ve modified our “recurring campaigns” feature so that you can have your spreadsheet checked hourly, in addition to daily, for new addresses, which would trigger a single email or a sequence of emails with auto follow-ups.

You’ve always had the option to set a daily recurring campaign, based on new addresses in your Google Sheets spreadsheet, but now you have the option to set an hourly recurring campaign.

GMass Hourly Recurring Campaign
Now in addition to “daily”, you set a campaign to repeat hourly.

What can you do with an hourly recurring campaign?

I’m using the new hourly recurring campaign feature to ask free GMass users to subscribe to a paid account. In GMass, if you’re a free user and you attempt to send more than 50 emails, you get a popup asking you to subscribe. Each time that happens, your account is logged to a table in our database. Every few minutes, the data from that table is copied over to a Google Sheet, via an internal tool we wrote. Then, every hour, GMass checks that spreadsheet for new addresses, and sends an email asking the user to subscribe.

What else can you use it for?

  1. Continuous lead flow: If you update your spreadsheet throughout the day with new leads, and don’t want to wait for the next day before your next batch of emails are sent, you can set up an hourly recurring campaign which will send to any new addresses every hour.
  2. After-purchase coupon offer: If you have everyone that has purchased from your website synced into a spreadsheet, you can send them a coupon for their next purchase. Sending these emails about an hour after the purchase can be advantageous, because if you send the coupon immediately after purchase, the shopper will wish they could have applied it to the current purchase. Delaying the email by an hour or so, however, will make the coupon more attractive.
  3. Asking for reviews: Whether you’re a restaurant with a Yelp review page, a mobile app company, or even a Chrome extension developer, there’s likely a place online where users can post reviews. Setting up an hourly recurring email asking for a review after a user has taken some action (downloading your app, taking an important step in your software onboarding process), can greatly increase the chances of a user writing a positive review. Ask them when you’re product is top of mind and when they’ve just had a pleasant experience with it, but don’t ask them immediately after. An hour or so may be the perfect delay.
  1. Hello Ajay,

    Is it possible to set a custom time for daily repeat. As I want the emails to send daily at 12 am everyday from google sheet.
    I am referring to Birthday Dates.

  2. Hi Ajay,

    Really loving this feature.

    However, is there a way to ensure that an email is always sent to a new row that is added to a sheet, even if the email in this new row is a duplicate & has already been sent to under the same ‘repeating’ campaign.

    My understanding is that current functionality would not support this.

    An updated, that would support this would be ace or if there’s a workaround you can think of it would be appreciated.

    Cheers & thanks for all your hard work.

    GMASS rocks!

    1. If you have Keep Duplicates selected, then this would work. If you do not have Keep Duplicates selected, GMass would not send to the new entry if it is a duplicate.

  3. Ajey,

    I have 450 emails under group Indian Volunteers in Gmail In the past I could send 240 emails at a time. Now with GMass there is a limit of only 100 at a time. I tried to merge with Google sheet but I am having problem. Is thers a way I can send all 450 emails at one time?

    1. Hi Pramod,

      The limits you’re encountering is a Google imposed limit. We recommend that in situations like yours, users ‘warm up’ their account by sending smaller campaigns over time to establish a reputation for the account and the domain. The more you use your email account to send and receive adds to your account’s reputation thus resulting in Google slowly increasing your sending limits.

  4. Updating the list by removing dead email addresses?

    Hi, I have campaigns which last a long time and during the campaigns some addresses are already dead even before having been sent an email too. I am using bulk testing tools which clean a running campaign spreadsheet and give me a new spreadsheet of addresses cleaned again (dead addresses are removed). How can I substitute the spreadsheet of running campaign?

    1. Hi Antoine,

      You would need to cancel the running campaign and start it over again using the new sheet. Please note that in your current campaign, if the email was bad (i.e. it bounced due to something permanent such as the account was disabled or the email address is incorrect) then those emails are already in your bounce list which are suppressed from being sent future emails. This is done so that you won’t repeatedly have bounces for the same bad email addresses in your list you may include in other campaigns.

    1. Hi Bryan,

      No, there isn’t a max number of rows for paid subscriptions. Free GMass accounts are limited to a maximum of 50 rows.

      1. Hi Marvin,

        And what happens if you have more than 50 rows on a free GMass account?

        We’ve tried to schedule an hourly check of our Google Sheet and have GMass send an email when/if there is a new address. But every time I set it in “Schedule the email”, when reopening it the schedule isn’t saved. Also, the draft email to be sent hourly is not being stored in the GMass Scheduled folder.

        We’d love to utilize this feature but can’t seem to get it to work.

        Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


        1. Hi David,

          Please note that the free version’s limits also apply to the total number of rows you have in your connected Google Sheet. Since GMass uses the entire Sheet as a reference list, if the sheet goes over the 50 emails limit, GMass would prompt you to subscribe.

          Please contact our support team (gmass.co/g/support) so we can assist you directly regarding the issue you’re encountering.

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