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You can now use custom Gmail Labels to organize campaigns

You can now create and apply your own custom Gmail Labels to campaigns, to help you keep your mail merge campaigns organized. For example, if you’re sending emails on behalf of different clients, or different projects, you may wish to create a Gmail Label for each individual client or project.

Let’s say I’m launching several email marketing campaigns for 3 different¬†clients from my one G Suite account. I can create the following Labels: Client A, Client B, and Client C.

I create a Label called “Client A” in my Gmail account.

While I’m composing my email, I can apply one of my custom Labels to the message.

Important: In order for the Label setting to be saved you must make one more change to your campaign, either in the Subject or Message, after applying the Label. If need be, you can just type some text and delete it after applying the Label. This is a quirk of how Gmail and GMass work together.

I apply the “Client A” Label to my email while I’m composing it. I must make one more change to the campaign after applying the Label in order for the Label to apply to the message.

That Label will then also apply to all of the individual sent emails. Or, if I’m using the Just create Drafts option and not actually sending emails right away, all of the generated Drafts will have the custom Label applied.

After my emails are sent, I can see that the Label “Client A” has been applied to each sent email.

Doing so allows me to search by a custom Label if I want to quickly see the emails related to a particular client or project.

I can quickly see all the emails for “Client A” by clicking the “Client A” Label on the left.

You can take this one step further and now build a new email list for a new campaign based on the messages in the Client A Label. Perhaps I want to further refine the Search criteria to include a Subject filter. Then I can use the GMass “magnifying glass” button to build an email list based on this Label and the search criteria.

I can refine my search criteria along with the Label filter, and build a new email list for a new campaign based on the search criteria.

More information on Gmail Labels

While this article teaches you how to use your own custom Labels to organize individual sent emails, you may also be interested in learning about the GMass-specific Labels that get created and applied automatically as you create and schedule email campaigns.

  1. Thanks so much for organizing this and taking the time to enlighten me about your Google products. I am a fanatic & I use nothing but the best, and you are it!
    Once again thank you.

  2. May you please review why our message was sent twice to our current leads?

    It shouldn’t happen since I also deleted the other contacts populated from Google sheets before the message was sent.

    Our paid account email address is sales@markedforgood.com.

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