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Understanding the Gmail Labels that GMass uses

When you create a mail merge campaign in GMass, the campaign is temporarily saved as a Gmail Draft, and based on the state of the campaign, it will have one or more Gmail Labels applied to it.

  • If the campaign is set to send in the future, but does not have any auto follow-ups, it will have just the GMass Scheduled Label applied to it. This is the most common scenario.
  • If the campaign is set to send in the future and also has auto follow-ups, it will have BOTH the GMass Scheduled and the GMass Auto Followups Labels applied to it.
  • If the campaign has finished sending but has pending auto follow-ups, it will have just the GMass Auto Followups Label applied to it.
  • If the campaign has finished sending and also does NOT have any auto follow-ups, the Draft will be deleted.

What do the Gmail Labels mean?

If a Draft has the GMass Scheduled Label, that means it’s a pending mail merge campaign and emails will still be sent. If the GMass Scheduled Label is removed, the campaign will fail to send.

If a Draft has the GMass Auto Followups Label, that means the campaign has auto followups attached to it. This Label is simply for organizational purposes, so you the user, can easily see which campaigns still have pending auto followups. Whether this Label is applied to the Draft or not has no bearing on whether the auto follow-ups send or not.

Use your own Labels

In addition to the Labels that GMass uses to manage your campaigns, you can also apply your own custom Gmail Labels to organize your emails.

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  1. I just sent an email merge of 237 addresses and it went my draft folder, when will they be sent? will it be sent automatically or do I need to do something on my end?

    ps -I just updated my account 30 mins prior to sending

  2. How do I delete GMass? It requires payment or less than 50 bulk mailing, and we do not need this, so how do I delete?

  3. None of my replies are going to my reply label and i have to sort through all the gmass updates. How in the world can i just see when a living breathing speaking human replies to my emails. Its the one feature that has never worked for me. And i miss emails. So it defeats the purpose and i am about to have to close my 5 gmass accounts because if it. Please Help

  4. Hi – when do labels update? I sent my first mass email 5 hours ago and all the bouncebacks and replies are all still in my inbox uncategorised and not reported on.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Categorization is not instant. It may take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours for labels to be applied and added to your reports.

  5. How do I re-create the Gmass labels on my gmail account ?

    I have already reconnected using the extension and can see the Gmass red button but don’t see the labels. How can I recreate these ?

    1. Hi Howard,

      Those labels are recreated when there are new emails that belong to a certain category that currently does not exist.

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