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Don’t make this copy / paste mistake with Gmail and GMass

If you’ve sent an email campaign with GMass, or even a test message to yourself, never copy/paste that message from your Sent Mail or Inbox into a new Compose window.


Once the email is sent, elements of it are personalized to each recipient, like the unsubscribe link, the click-tracked links, and the open-tracking pixel. If you then copy/paste that email, which has already been tagged specifically for one recipient, into a new GMass campaign, then everybody that gets the new campaign will get an unsubscribe link that unsubscribes just that one email address, and links to click that will make it look like that one email address is clicking (not the actual recipient) and all opens will be registered to that one address.

In fact, this rule doesn’t apply to just GMass. It applies to any email marketing system, even traditional ESPs like MailChimp and JangoMail. If you use a traditional ESP to send yourself a test email, never copy/paste that test email back into a new campaign to send to hundreds of email addresses.

GMass is now preventing emails that contain already click-tracked links from being sent. If you copy/paste an old sent campaign into a new campaign and use the GMass button to send it, you may receive a yellow status message error that looks like:

You will also receive a report in your Inbox listing the offending links that need to be removed or changed.

How do you fix this?

To correct the issue, you’ll need to modify your links, so that they link to the actual website you wish to send your recipients to, rather than the GMass click-tracked URL. If you encounter this issue, a report will be sent to your Inbox listing the click-tracked URLs and the original URLs they should be replaced with.

In the Gmail Compose window, hover over each link and click it. Gmail will display its destination. Find the offending links, and modify them to point to the original URL.

How can I avoid this issue altogether?

For loading prior GMass content into the Gmail Compose window, use the Load Content dropdown instead of copying/pasting content between campaigns.

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  1. It gives me this error message even when I just wish to reply to someone's email and click the Gmass button to send it. Even if I disable click tracking. Why is that? i'm not copy pasting anything, simply hitting reply as usual…

  2. Sorry about that. That was a bug — we shouldn't be checking for this situation on replies. I just fixed it. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it should work now.

  3. There was a PROBLEM sending your test email to [email protected]: You have at least one link that has already been click-tracked for a specific email address. Modify the link so that it links to the final destination URL, not the click-tracked URL.

  4. I am keep receiving the error message saying that I have at least one link that has already been click-tracked for a specific email address, even though I changed them!! I can't send the email now, can you give some advice?

  5. Hi everyone – just a note to let users affected by this issue know that GMass will now send a report to your Inbox if you encounter this issue, with a list of links that are causing the issue.

  6. after sending my gmass email, I got notification that it processed, but it read “0 emails sent”. Not sure what im doing wrong

      1. I have a similar issue. The notification was email will be processed in , “64 minutes”, “87 minutes ” etc from now but there is no trace of that campaign in sent copies even after a day. These email campaigns were nit scheduled. Can you please help?

      2. We are getting a similar problem with 0 stats – for 1 campaign only.
        A recent campaign to 124 recipients is not reporting at all.
        – It should say about 124 recipients.
        – Yet: 0 sent, 0 opens….

        It IS sending and we can see copies in the SENT folder.
        It isn’t showing up in the [CAMPAIGNS] folder, but is still in the ‘Drafts’ folder (perhaps as it is still sending).

  7. I cannot track the progress of staggered sent outs. I keep getting ‘account disabled’ messages. Why? What a waste of time!

  8. Hi,

    Do you bother to reply? Today I tried to send a campaign and it failed. When I tried to find out a reason, it says that I need to select the campaign from the Load content drop down and not copy paste a previously sent campaign, but the email I want to send is not at all visible in the drop down.

    What kind of service are you offering? and you don’t even respond to the queries?

  9. How can I remove all of the sent emails from my list of templates to choose from? Even if I send them to the trash, they still appear in the load content dropdown in gmass settings.

    1. Hi Vince,

      We’ve answered your ticket directly. If you run into further issues or have questions, Please contact our support team through http://gmass.co/g/support

    1. Hi Paul,

      Please contact our support team at https://www.gmass.co/blog/how-to-get-support-from-the-gmass-team/

  10. I just resubscribe, i sent emails but it doesnt deliver even to my self and it doesnt deliver.

    Sorry for y other comment

  11. Hi, i am very new to this. and i tied to send to my own official email for testing. but Symantec blocked my email. what to do get around?
    need your advice.

  12. Enviei um email teste para mim mesmo com o link do meu site.
    Eu apenas abri o e-mail e não cliquei no link. Mesmo assim, recebi uma notificação como se tivesse clicado no link do site.
    Isso está retornando uma informação falsa.

    Como fazer para ter certeza de que estão clicando no meu link?

    1. Hi Samuel,

      Please contact our support team at gmass.co/g/support. We would need for you to provide us with at least the subject line of the test email you sent that is reporting that false positive so that we can check on our end.

  13. Hi, I have a free account. And after sending every campaign – the campaign shows everything as normal – but the show sent emails:0 and doesn’t actually send out any emails.

    This is very frustrating?

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