How to stop GMass from sending emails from your Gmail account

There are lots of reasons why you may need to stop GMass from sending emails from your Gmail account: GMass may have started sending a multi-day campaign, but then in the middle, you decide you want to stop. You may have set auto follow-ups on a particular campaign, but you can’t handle the volume of replies you’re getting, so you may want to stop GMass from sending any more auto follow-ups. Your account may have been hacked, and the hacker installed GMass and configured it to send emails over time.

Here’s how to stop GMass from sending emails.

To cancel a particular mail marge campaign

If you have a scheduled mail merge, it will show under the “GMass Scheduled” label. To cancel and prevent it from sending at its scheduled time, just remove the “GMass Scheduled” label from the Draft, and that will prevent GMass from seeing it. The scheduled job will error out and prevent the mail merge campaign from sending.
This also applies to a large campaign that has been set to send over multiple days. If after a couple of days, you decide you don’t want the rest of it to send, just remove the “GMass Scheduled” label, and further sending will be prevented.

To stop auto follow-ups from sending for a particular campaign

After you’ve launched a campaign with automatic follow-ups, you can edit the auto follow-up settings by finding the campaign under the GMass Auto Followups Label. Open the Draft, click the GMass Settings arrow, and click the Clear all auto follow-ups button. Then hit the GMass main button to save your changes. Also see this detailed guide on canceling auto follow-ups.

To disconnect GMass from your Gmail account and prevent GMass from sending any emails in the future

Go to:

Find GMass listed here, and click the REMOVE button.

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  1. raj

    No Phone support!

    No online chat to answer any question! Keep up the great job!!!

    Ajay sends 5 junk mail, but not have the courage to call or respond!

  2. English Coach

    I Have deleted the email under GMass Scheduled label.

    But the campaign is still sending.

    How can I stop it now? I want to cancel the campaign.

  3. Til

    Hi. I get nearly every day 8 openings from an old campaign email which was send to myself (alternative email adress). How can I stop this?

  4. Afshin

    After using Sendgrid it seems like all emails land on SPAM. You guys suggest me to use Sendgrid. i like to remove my self from it. i like to use gmass or gmail to send email can you guys help? all of my clients are telling me my emails land on spam only!!!! and i checked with you spam program and all go to SPAM as well. HELPPPP i discontinued with Send Grid how can i email my clients>? without getting spam? how many emails a day can i send to my clients to not get spam? Please stop sending me to your support website. SOMEONE JUST HELP ME!!!

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