How to cancel a scheduled mail merge campaign and stop it from sending

If you have a scheduled mail merge campaign, it will show under the GMass Scheduled Label. To cancel the campaign, find the campaign under the GMass Scheduled Label, open the Draft, click the GMass Settings arrow, and hit the Cancel button.

This also applies to a large campaign that has been set to send over multiple days. If after a couple of days, you decide you don’t want the rest of it to send, follow the same procedure to prevent further sending.

If the campaign is in the process of sending right now, then hitting the Cancel button will attempt to stop the current send and prevent future emails for the campaign from sending. If sending is in progress, up to 50 emails may send before sending is stopped.

Important Note: If you have auto follow-up stages assigned to a campaign, then canceling the campaign after it has partially sent will NOT prevent auto follow-ups from going out for people that have already received the email. To also cancel auto follow-ups, set each Auto Follow-up Stage to 0 Days, and hit the GMass button to save it.

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  1. Gyuri

    Hi Gmass! Hi Ajay! I've started a mass e-mail campaign (8000 addresses) recently with Gmass. It worked well for 10 days, but somehow stopped at 3/3/2016. Status message says: "This campaign has sent 4071 emails so far. It has been processed 10 time(s). It will send next at 3/3/2016 7:32:41 PM GMT time."
    Please help me what to do. How can I continue my campaign, or how can I send a new campaign without the 4071 e-mails who received the previous letter.
    Thank you for your help!

  2. arash

    have not paypal and visa or master card, my friend should payment for me.
    u can ur email paypal account for direct payment
    please ,
    thank u
    best regards

  3. Amina Ijaz

    Hello Ajey sir,

    I have just subscribed yesterday for the minimal GMASS subscription. But, I put in the wrong email address which does not exist. it is a mistake. Can you please cancel that subscription form the following email address: I added a new subscription for the correct email address which is

    Thank you for you.
    Please solve my problem.

  4. Matteo

    I cancelled the subscription and they continued to charge me the monthly fee, I tried to contact them several time by email but no one is answered me. This is not very professional and serious. Please can some one tell me something?

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