You can now manually request a detailed campaign report

As a GMass user sending mail merge campaigns from your Gmail account, you are likely aware that campaign-level reports are sent to the [CAMPAIGNS] Label, which is a sub-Label of the GMass Reports Label. Campaign-level reports are updated every 10 minutes, as new campaign activity is recorded, like opens and clicks, however, if open-tracking is turned off, then a campaign report may never appear.

Therefore in certain situations, you may want to manually request a campaign report. These situations include:

  1. You haven’t received a particular campaign report, because you had open-tracking turned off.
  2. You have turned off GMass report notifications, in which case you will never receive a campaign report.
  3. You wish to see the campaign report for an old campaign that was sent before GMass campaign reports existed.
To request a campaign report on demand, follow these instructions:
I’ve set 552127 as the Subject, since that is the Campaign ID. After hitting the GMass button, my campaign report will be generated.
  1. Launch a new Compose window in Gmail.
  2. Set the To field to
  3. Enter the campaign ID of the campaign whose report you would like in the Subject field. If you do not know the campaign ID, you can find it in the email confirmation you received after the campaign finished sending. This email message will contain the campaign ID or a “Schedule ID”. Either ID is acceptable.
  4. Click the red GMass button. Do not click the Gmail Send button. You must click the red GMass button.
  5. Go to the [CAMPAIGNS] Label under GMass Reports and you will see your new report.

13 Replies to “You can now manually request a detailed campaign report”

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for this!
    If I want to request many campaign reports, can I send the request in one email with the IDs separated by commas, or will I have to send them all in separate emails?

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Lam,

      Could you take a screenshot of any error messages or notifications you’re receiving when processing your request your campaign report and send it to our support team, please?

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Saurabh,

      Unfortunately, if you’re not on a Team Plan, you would have to log into each account to request for campaign reports for that particular account.

  2. Tyler Lance

    I’ve tried manually requesting a campaign report, but it isn’t sending (nor have I received any automatic reports every 10 minutes). Suggestions?

    Campaign ID: 3130925
    Scheduled ID: 2031925

  3. ApoLCue

    How can I backtrack a campaign I do not have the number? Where can I request to have all the campaigns I already sent with campaign report numbers?

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