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Create Rich Content for an Automatic Follow-Up Email Sequence

  1. is there any way to change the message I picked as Auto-Follow up after I sent it to myself via Gmass?

    Or Do I have to create a new one everytime?

  2. Hi NP,

    You can edit the draft to change the message and all auto follow-ups using that draft will change as well.

  3. Marvin – Sorry but where can I access the draft you are referring to? it is in the Gmass system as a sent email but not as a draft!?

    1. Hi Nitin,

      If you want to update the auto follow-ups for a campaign already in progress, you can find the draft in your GMass Auto Follow-ups label which is found listed on the left hand side of your Gmail right below the compose button.

  4. How do I save multiple campaigns for automatic follow up campaigns? Do I have to retype every time? Will the system only save on campaign?

    I will have multiple campaigns, looks like it will only store one.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Once you send a campaign, the follow-up settings are saved from that campaign into your GMass settings. If you’re sending campaigns that use the same follow-ups then you can just enable each stage for each succeeding campaign. If, however, you’re using a custom HTML follow-up, you can simply select the follow-up from the dropdown list.

    1. Hi Chris,

      You can still use the test email button as long as the auto follow-up is in the HTML format and not the plain text format.

  5. Hi,

    How does Email Personalization work with Customized Autofollowups?
    As I tried using the same Personalized tags in the Customized message but, it doesn’t work.

    Is it possible or not?

    1. Hi Roy,

      Yes, it should work using the same merge tags as the initial email campaign. Please contact our support team (gmass.co/g/support) so we can assist in identifying what’s causing the issue you’re encountering.

      1. I am experiencing the same problem. I’ve already escalated this to support but have not received a reply.

        1. Hi Gwendolyn,

          Could you provide us with the campaign ID of the campaign that has the follow-ups where it isn’t using your merge tags?

  6. Is there a way to change/edit/add to the subject line of one of your “auto follow up” emails? I.e. for my third email, I want to add a word to the subject line, how do I add to the subject line of only the 3rd email ?

    1. Hi Scott,

      Auto follow-ups that are sent will always use the initial email’s subject line unless the auto follow-up is sent to “ALL”. Since other triggers for auto follow-ups will send the follow-up as a reply, it will be threaded to the original email, thus use the original email’s subject line.

      If, however, you have auto follow-ups set to send to ALL, it would send a new email on a new thread and will have its own subject line.

  7. How do I add an attachment to a later stage follow up? Say I want to include a pdf in stage 4, how do I manually add that before stage 4 sends?


  8. I’m currently looking into getting an email marketing service provider. Being new to this, I don’t know yet which one to choose. Is GMass able to do what others (Moosend, GetResponse, SendInBlue, etc.) are able to, like: complicated workflows, triggers, conditions, if-yes/no, delays, etc.?

    I’ve heard GMass could provide the highest CTR and least spam risk. If GMass can do this, I’d choose it over others.

    1. Hi Troy,

      We don’t have much of a complicated workflow with if yes/no conditions. We do have auto follow-up stages based on certain triggers (or lack thereof) that you can set if you would like to continue onto the next stage or stop based on those triggers. You can view our different features here: https://www.gmass.co/#features

    1. Yes you can. Just type a left curly bracket ( { ) to get the dropdown menu of personalization options to show up. Alternatively you can choose from the Personalization dropdown in the Settings box.

    1. If a Google Sheet is connected to the main campaign, then it will also be connected to your auto follow-up messages. You can personalize the auto follow-up messages just like you can the original message.

    1. Just type a left curly bracket ( { ) character when composing, and you’ll get the same dropdown of mail merge variables that you get when you’re composing the original message.

  9. I have an Opt In Monster pop up on my website and I’m wondering if I can use Zapier to connect Opt In Monster with Gmass to create an automated email marketing campaign.

  10. Gmass is sending follow ups mail To those as well who replied on earlier mails even after selecting no reply in the follow up section. Why is this happening please reply asap

  11. can I put personalization attribute like {Name} {Location} to the follow up field? (like we used to do on the original mail body)

  12. You can’t edit an existing auto-followup template, you will have to save it as new and then reuse it.

    Let’s say AF Template Stage 1 has already been saved. You can add it to additional follow ups (from drop down selector). You can preview it (eyeball icon). But, you cannot edit it. To edit, you will have to save it as a new auto-follow up message and it will be added to the drop down options (among the other AF messages)

    Let me know if that’s a correct understanding.

  13. Hello,

    1. Can we add a hyper link (just be clear, a link with the blue text) to an auto followup.

    2. Can GMASS record the click of that hyperlink as indication of not to send the next Auto Followup?


  14. Hi, do I need to wait for at least 1 day to test and see if the auto-follow-up with rich content is correct?

    The auto-follow-up settings requires at least 1 day… it will be great to do testing to see how the auto follow-up looks like so we can change in case something is wrong or not working in terms of links…

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