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How to send a follow-up email campaign manually

Manual followup campaign
  1. How to delete sent emails from the dropdown? I had a few test ones with the same subject lines. Just trying to make to dropdown tidy. Thanks!

  2. Do my follow up emails count as a part of my daily limit? I assume so and if it does, I’ll need to develop a system to keep track.

    1. Hi Tom,

      Yes, it does. All emails sent through GMass is counted. You can check to see how many emails have been sent from your account by opening a new compose and opening the GMass settings. Under the Schedule section, you’ll find a link to Show Usage so you won’t need to manually count the number of outgoing emails.

  3. Hi there,

    Will my merge tags in the manual follow up campaigns align with the original campaign? Since when I hit GMASS, I received a message saying that this (Follow up) campaign is not connected to any Google Sheet?

    Thank you for your help.

  4. Hi, I followed these steps but received a message that said the following:

    “Uh oh, something went wrong while sending. Here is the detailed error:

    General Exception It appears that your Subject is blank. If we are wrong and you actually do have a Subject set, please try this: make a change to your Subject, then change it back to how you want it, then wait a few seconds, and then try GMass again.

    In many cases, pressing the GMass button again will fix this.” \

    I tried pressing the gmass button again as well as deleting the original draft and starting a new one, but I got the same error. How do I fix this?

    1. Hi Karen,

      Please contact our support team (gmass.co/g/support). Please include a screenshot of the error notification you’re encountering.

  5. Hello,

    I am unable to send to the campaign specified. It only sends as a reply to the last email conversation I had with the recipient.

    Steps taken:
    1. Click button next to gmail search bar “Choose a past campaign to send a manual follow-up campaign”.
    2. Choose previous campaign and recipients. Hit accept
    3. Add content, then select “Advanced:” > “Send as: Replies” > “Choose campaign to reply to: {last campaign}. NOTE: I DO NOT SEE “Reply-to set” tagged in the Advanced section of Settings at this point.
    4. Click “GMass” send button.

    Expectation: Campaign sent as replies to the selected previous campaign
    Result: ALL emails sent as replies to MOST RECENT CONVERSATION.

    Please note, I’ve already sent a support request but I have not gotten a definitive answer to this in 10 days. Your timely assistance is greatly appreciated.

  6. When manually sending a follow-up email on a previous mass email campaign it will not insert the first name after setting that up the same way I did in my initial email. So 100 prospects just got an email that started like this… Hi ,. Instead of Hi Dave,. Can we not personalize the follow-up emails?

  7. When I use this secondary follow up tool to a previous campaign, the drafts don’t get created, in the Gmass Notifier, subject line: GMass Drafts have been created — take action, the notification says “Drafts remaining to be created: 10” but the drafts don’t get created even though they are not on a delayed schedule. The campaign was set up to send “Now” Would someone please help me understand what may be going wrong?

    Thank you!

  8. If I send a follow-up to a certain group but then delete certain email addresses from the “to” field, will GMass send the emails to the remaining people correctly? Thanks!

  9. Hi
    Under yr basic pricing at $12.95, it states that sequences/follow-ups are excluded. Does it mean that the auto/manual followups listed here are omitted fr this plan? Thanks


    1. Hi Bob,

      We’ve just ran tests creating a manual follow-up and we’re not showing any issues. Can you send us support ticket (gmass.co/g/support) along with any notifications or error messages you’re encountering so that we can assist you in troubleshooting this.

  10. Sure thing- the send test certainly does not work and I want to verify the format of the Gmass pasting of the original email- does not seem possible

    1. Hi Bob,

      Please contact our support team (gmass.co/g/support). You can submit a support ticket via the link on top of that page. Please include screenshots of what you are trying to copy and paste and what is showing in your compose window so that our support team can assist you in troubleshooting the issue you’re encountering.

  11. I would be good to add to this blog that it is necessary to have ‘saved’ messages in the sent folder – or GMass will not have anything to reply to.

    Otherwise, good product, helped me immensely.

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