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Apply to use OUR SendGrid account and overcome Gmail’s limits

Last year GMass introduced the ability to send unlimited emails by connecting a third party SMTP service to your account. This allows you to effectively break Gmail’s sending limits.

If you’re sending strictly opt-in email, you might be eligible to use our SendGrid account as your SMTP service, rather than setting up an SMTP service on your own.

We are selective about who we let use our SendGrid account, so please don’t take offense if we deny your request. Additionally, it can take a couple days for us to review your request, since we manually review every user’s sending history to determine if you are eligible.

Still, if you’d like to request to use our SendGrid SMTP account, please fill out this Google Form. There is no extra fee if you qualify for our SendGrid account.

We’ll be notified of your request and will email you as soon as we complete our review.

If approved, your account will be linked to our SendGrid account.

We won’t provide you with the username/password to our SendGrid account, but behind the scenes, your account will be linked to it, and you’ll now see the choice to send either with SendGrid or with Gmail in the GMass Settings box for your account.

Note that sending over SMTP is subject to usage-based billing, outlined here.

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  1. This is a great idea but how can we authorize sending through SendGrid if we are using DMARC? Can we have SendGrid sign with a DKIM signature that we can authorize if the SendGrid account is managed by GMass?

    If we put the IP addresses assigned to this account in our SPF, how will SendGrid use our domain on the Return-Path in the header of our email so it will be properly aligned with the From: domain for DMARC?

    1. Hi Dan,

      Please contact our support team directly at https://www.gmass.co/blog/how-to-get-support-from-the-gmass-team/

  2. i do coredge mailing. it either comes from a buddy of mine who we do revenue sharing through his coregistration data feed or through my own coreg subscription. so what do you think
    / my spreadsheet has the following info on each recipient EmailAddress FirstName LastName MailAddress1 CityName ProvinceStateName PostalZipCode GenderID BirthDate LeadIPAddress LeadURL

    1. Hi Joel,

      Unfortunately, we aren’t able to outright respond to this request as you would have to submit your request via the instructions in this article. Your request will be forwarded to the designated team members who handle approvals for using our SMTP.

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