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Announcing the GMass Affiliate Program

GMass Affiliate Marketing

GMass now has an affiliate program, making GMass the only mail merge system for Gmail that provides its 500,000 users the opportunity to make money by referring more users to GMass. As of August 2022, GMass has paid out over $80,000 to affiliates. If you refer a paying subscriber to GMass, you will earn:

  1. 50% of the first year’s base monthly fees for any new individual plan subscriber.
  2. 20% of the first year’s base monthly fees for any team plan subscriber.
  3. 20% of the second and third year of the subscriber for both team plans and individual plans.

So to run the math on one example for you…

If you find a new customer who subscribes to our (most popular) Premium plan at $29.95/mo. and they maintain their subscription for three years, you’ll receive $179.70 for their first year and $71.88 for years two and three — a total of $323.46!

It’s easy to sign up and start referring new users!

GMass affiliate signup

  1. Make sure you already have a GMass account, whether it’s free or paid.
  2. Compose a new message in Gmail
  3. Put [email protected] in the To field
  4. Type the word activate in the Subject line.
  5. Then hit the main GMass buttonDo not hit the Send button.

Your GMass affiliate code, linking instructions, and other program information will be sent immediately to your Inbox.

How to get credit for GMass users you refer

There are two methods by which you can claim a new user signup:

  1. The new user clicks on a link containing your affiliate code. If your affiliate code is 2f87b89368894da3bd32zad434fdb8a3 for example, the link would be in the format of: www.gmass.co/?a=2f87b89368894da3bd32zad434fdb8a3. We’ll then cookie the site visitor for 90 days. Note that the visitor must be a first-time visitor to the GMass website.
  2. You can manually let us know that a user you referred has signed up, if you do so within seven days after the user creates their account. To manually let us know:
    1. Compose a new message in Gmail
    2. Put [email protected] in the To field
    3. Put the Gmail account email address of the user you referred in the Subject line
    4. Then hit the main GMass buttonDo not hit the Send button.


Unlike most affiliate programs, GMass will handle all payouts internally and without the use of a third party. After you sign up, we will work with you to determine the best method of payment. Possible options include: PayPal, Amazon gift card, and other online payment services. Generally, payments will be made to you once a quarter.

Payouts will only be made when an affiliate is owed $20 USD or more.

Keeping you informed

We’ll notify you by email whenever someone you refer takes an action, including:

  • Signing up for GMass
  • Subscribing to GMass
  • Canceling a GMass subscription

That way you’re always in the know. We used to be able to notify you when your referral merely installs the Chrome extension before creating an account, but we can’t do that anymore since Chrome disabled the ability to do inline extension installs.


GMass affiliate report

At anytime you can get a report of all the accounts that have signed up with your Affiliate ID, and whether they are free or subscribed accounts. To get a report:

  1. Compose a new message in Gmail
  2. Put [email protected] in the To field
  3. Put the word report in the Subject line.
  4. Then hit the main GMass buttonDo not hit the Send button.

The report contains the financial details of all of your referrals, including the revenue generated by each referral and the portion that will be paid back to you. The data updates every Sunday afternoon, so that you can get updated data on how much you’ve earned every week if you like.

The Rules

  1. The paying subscriber you refer must visit the GMass website by clicking a link with your unique affiliate code so that we can track the referral, OR you must let us know within seven days of someone signing up that you are the one who referred them, using the method above.
  2. If using a link with your affiliate code as the source of your referrals, we will cookie your referrals for 90 days. That way, even if they don’t immediately install the GMass extension and connect their account, they will have 90 days to do so for you to still be credited with the account.
  3. If you let us know manually within seven days of a signup that you referred that new user, we may choose to conduct additional research to verify that you do indeed have a relationship with that user. This aspect of the GMass affiliate program is subject to abuse since it’s dependent on you the affiliate, being honest.
  4. You cannot refer yourself or others at your own G Suite domain. Meaning, if you have a GMass account [email protected], and you refer [email protected], that does not qualify. If, however, you refer [email protected], that does qualify.
  5. Only accounts that are new GMass users can count as an account that you refer. Meaning, you cannot take credit now for a GMass user that signed up last month.
  6. You may not promote GMass in any way that portrays GMass negatively, including sending spam to promote GMass.
  7. We do not compensate for just new users. A new user has to subscribe to a paid GMass plan in order for us to pay you, the affiliate.
  8. Any new subscribers you refer must be legitimate subscribers, meaning they can’t be spammers or phishers or use GMass for any nefarious activities.
  9. Any new subscribers you refer must have created their GMass account after you created your own. As an affiliate, you are not required to have a paid GMass subscription yourself, but you will need to maintain an active free GMass account at a minimum, so that we have a way to tie the accounts you refer back to your information.
  10. 95% of subscribers pay via Stripe, and 5% pay via PayPal. Unfortunately, due to PayPal’s antiquated system, we can’t calculate referral fees from subscribers that pay with PayPal. Please encourage your referrals to pay via Stripe so that you get credit for them.
  11. GMass, Inc. reserves the right to terminate the affiliate program at any time, including termination of all payouts, for any reason. In general though, as an affiliate, you can expect to be treated fairly and compensated appropriately for referring paid subscribers.
  12. The rules are subject to change at any time, and when they do, we will update this blog post with those changes.
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  1. Can we reach out to prospects with targeted, professional emails that include an opt-out if they are not interested. Spam is “unsolicited usually commercial e-mail sent to a large number of addresses.” Reaching out to individuals in person to get referred seems the only viable option to affiliates, but if we targeted organizations that may be in need and send an introduction in a professional manner, it would allow us to make more introductions. Is this allowed?

    1. Hi Jordan,

      Yes – what you described is fine. The concern we were trying to address is spamming of the affiliate link. Thanks for the question!

  2. I am your affiliate marketer keep on mailing you from last 9 months not getting any response. May I know when can I expect my affiliate income of last 1 year?
    Believe me, I didn’t expect it from you. You can’t imagine, how aggressively I promote your product.

      1. I said I am an affiliate marketer with Gmass and there is nowhere mentioned to connect with Affiliate Dept. of Gmass.

        1. Hi Hrishikesh,

          Actually, there is no “Affiliate Department”. Though we do have a team member that is dedicated to handling affiliate payouts.

          My previous comment was requesting for you to contact our support team directly via email so we could assist you in resolving your concern.

  3. Anyone else also having issues getting credited for this affiliate program? I have been trying to get credit for one of my clients I signed up for GMass for the past few months without any luck from GMass staff.

    1. Hi Nicole,

      As mentioned in the ticket you submitted, we’ve already submitted your request for manual override. Affiliate payments are done every 3 months. Your affiliate signed up on November 18 which means your affiliate payments will be released on February 18.

    1. Hi Manuel,

      You would need to request for payout for your affiliates. It’s not done automatically as some affiliates want to get credit for a specific amount of time before requesting for payouts. This is also required to confirm the payment method you want to receive your payout for (i.e. transfers or via Paypal).

      Please contact our support team (gmass.co/g/support) to request for your payout. Please include the method you want to receive your payout to.

      1. for the payouts — an affiliate has to send a separate request , and why that thing is NOT mentioned on your https://www.gmass.co/blog/affiliate-program/ anywhere ??

        and why people need to send comments here and wait and bag for the affiliate commission this way ? is this any specific policy of gmass ?

        please state the reason for this hidden agenda.

        1. Hi Ketan,

          It’s not a hidden agenda as when affiliate payments are to be sent, an email notification is sent to the affiliate which also has a request to confirm the method that you prefer to receive your affiliate payout to.

    2. Hey buddy,

      just wanted to know were you able to get your affiliate share after you got in touch with the CS team?

      1. We have just sent an email to all affiliates regarding details for quarters Q2 2018 through Q2 2020. Payments will now be automatic and paid after every quarter. We had substantial delays over the last couple of years because the person who used to manage our affiliate program left the company. But now, we are back on track, we have overhauled how the system works, and now it’s a lot easier to see how much you’ve earned and get paid.

    1. Hi Joseph,

      Please contact our support team (gmass.co/g/support) so we can assist you directly. Please include the last 4 digits and expiration date of the card where you are receiving a charge for GMass on so we can do a reverse lookup.

    1. Hi Dnesh,

      Yes, we’ve recently paid out affiliate’s payments this past month. If you would like to request for payout, please contact our support team (gmass.co/g/support)

  4. Hey buddy,

    just wanted to know were you able to get your affiliate share after you got in touch with the CS team?

    1. Hi Sandeep,

      Unfortunately, we do not have such an option. At this time, the new user must provide your affiliate ID when subscribing.

    1. Hi Glen,

      Please contact our support team (gmass.co/g/support) so that we can assist you directly regarding your affiliate program inquiry.

  5. On this page or anywhere there is NOTHING about — how a gmass affiliate can get promotion banners and other materials for gmass promotion !! please update this web-page. its is updated long in 2020. and never after that. put the information on this page or elsewhere on gmass site about the thing i mentioned earlier.
    help the affiliates and affiliates will help a lot to the site to grow more.

  6. Can I signup on behalf of our client as part of a consulting service I already provide regarding email marketing? Pay for their 1 year subscription and then give all control over and remove my credit card associated with the account at the end of the implementation of them getting started with GMass?
    In order to do the above do I need access to their GMail?
    Lastly, would that count as a referral?

    1. Hi Nasha,

      Can I signup on behalf of our client as part of a consulting service I already provide regarding email marketing? Pay for their 1 year subscription and then give all control over and remove my credit card associated with the account at the end of the implementation of them getting started with GMass?
      Yes, you can. When subscribing you’ll be prompted to input the email address you wish to subscribe.
      In order to do the above do I need access to their GMail?
      No, you wouldn’t.
      Lastly, would that count as a referral?
      Yes, but you would need to make sure that you’ve used your affiliate link to subscribe your client to get credit for the referral (https://www.gmass.co/blog/affiliate-program/)

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