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Auto follow-up email enhancements

    1. Hi Antoine,

      Unfortunately, at this time the max is 6 months. Though we’ll keep your feedback for our roadmap ahead.

  1. Hello! Can you please help me. I’m writing an email campaign in our business. I’m using GMASS for adding an auto followup but I do have problems in the content of the text area. In google docs I include in my content a hyperlink but once I loaded it to the textarea in the GMASS auto followup it will be converted into text. The hyperlink is not clickable anymore. Please help me to fix it.

  2. Do the personalized fields work in the auto-followup as well? (i.e. {FIRST NAME} or {COMPANY NAME})

    Because I was not able to insert a link, I was wondering if this would work

  3. Hello, I love Gmass and everything I can do with it for my business, especially at its pricing.. unbeatable. I do have one questions though. I have a recurring campaign in motion, I would like to modify the text in one of the auto follow up templates I have created and added, how do I do so? thank you

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