Auto follow-up email enhancements

We’ve launched a few enhancements to our popular auto follow-up email feature, which allows you to automatically send follow-ups to people until they reply to (or click, or open) your original message.

1. There’s often been confusion between canceling a campaign versus canceling its auto follow-ups. Now, if you cancel a campaign in progress, but it still has auto follow-ups applied, you’ll be shown a warning so you’re aware.

2. Sometimes users accidentally delete the DRAFT for a campaign, and once the DRAFT is deleted, it’s difficult to cancel auto follow-up emails, because you have to restore the DRAFT and then cancel or modify the auto follow-ups. Now, there are additional ways to cancel auto follow-ups, if you don’t want to find the campaign DRAFT first. You can also apply an emergency stop to all auto follow-ups for your account.

3. Finally, if GMass detects that you’ve deleted a campaign DRAFT where the campaign still has pending auto follow-up emails, you’ll be proactively alerted within a few hours.

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