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New auto follow-up option to stop email if anybody at company replies

  1. What exactly will be the mail body in the auto follow-up mail ?
    Will it be the exact same body as in the original mail or something else? Please specify. Thanks!

  2. I like this.
    2 question stacks

    how do i use this for specific campaigns?

    do i just turn it on and all of my auto-followups move to domain based replies?

    do i need to relaunch old campaigns for this to work?
    how can i send auto-response to an existing thread (of normal, non-Gmass emails) without sending a new message?

    1. No, they will not. Since unsubscribing adds their email to your unsubscribes list that prevents future emails (main campaigns and follow-ups) from being sent through GMass.

  3. It is unclear to me regarding the number of days in the follow-up stages. For example:

    Stage 2 – after 2 days if no reply (this is clear)
    Stage 3 – after 3 days if no reply

    Is stage 3, 3 days after stage 2? Or is it 3 days after the original email was sent? So 5 days later? I’ve tried to find this in the blog to no avail.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Irene,

      The days will always be based on the original email.

      For example, your original email was sent March 1 and a 2 day follow-up was sent on March 3. For Stage 3 – it would be sent on the 4th. (3 days after when the initial email was sent).

  4. Hi,

    Is there a way to turn off auto-replies to “similar” matching domains, such as if a recipient uses a helpdesk to reply?

    E.g. I send an email to [email protected], and then receive a reply from [email protected].

    Currently (even with domain matching ON, and the reply I received from the help desk) does this mean that my campaign will auto-follow up to [email protected]? –


  5. This is awesome and I didn’t know I could do this.
    1 question – if I get one response from @gmail.com will all the @gmail.com recipients stop getting them? Too many people have gmail 😛

  6. Can anyone tell me how to remove a particular person from auto-follow up list? Do I need to remove the credentials from the Google Sheet manually or some setting has to be done on Gmass? Please help me.

  7. Hi
    In my email campaign
    If I DONT want to send email to one of people, how do i set ?
    IN Advance-Suppression: Don’t send to:xxx and then write into the email address which i don’t want to send ?

  8. What if I add and remove emails from my spreadsheet several times a day?
    – Will the new leads be added to the campaing automatically
    – will the removed leads stop receiving the remaining emails in their sequence if I take them off the spreadsheet?

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