Common GMass Support Issues

I’ve gone through my support emails recently, and these are the most frequently asked tech support questions, so if you’ve experienced any of the following, now you’ll know why and how to resolve it:

1. Open tracking reports aren’t showing up

If you had “Open Tracking” checked and still aren’t getting Open Reports, it’s likely because your email was sent as Plain Text rather than HTML email. This can be adjusted in the lower right corner of the Gmail Compose window here:

We recently discovered a bug where if you started by connecting to a Google Sheets spreadsheet or by using “Build Email List” button, then the Compose that launched defaulted to Plain Text mode. Unless you set it to HTML yourself or you took an action in the editor, like making text bold, adding an image or hyperlink, then your email might have been sent as Plain Text and opens wouldn’t have tracked.

We’ve now resolved this, however, so that the Compose will always load in HTML mode, so you won’t need to adjust this yourself.

Some users have reported they can’t find the Reports, even though they are present. There is a tiny expansion arrow to the left of the “GMass Reports” label. Be sure to click that to see the sub-Labels, which include Open Tracking, Click Tracking, and Unsubscribes.

2. Mail-merge personalization didn’t work

If you used personalization variables in your Subject or Message like “FirstName” or “LastName”, surrounded by of course, and the right value wasn’t substituted, there are two likely causes:

a. You used the wrong personalization buttons. If you connect to Google Sheets, then two sets of personalization buttons would show under the Settings arrow: the Google Sheets personalization buttons and the standard First Name, Last Name, and Email Address buttons that you can use even when you don’t connect to Google Sheets. If you used one of those buttons instead of the Google Sheets buttons, personalization could fail or default to the fallback values. We are about to improve the user experience, however, so that these buttons won’t appear when you connect to Google Sheets.

Update Feb 1, 2016: Only one set of personalization buttons will now appear.

b. You connected to Google Sheets, but the column containing email addresses had a space or “newline” character before or after the email address. That would have prevented personalization from working because it prevented our code from matching that row in the spreadsheet to the actual email recipient.

Update: We’ve corrected for that now, however, so go ahead and fill your cells with whitespace, because GMass will still elegantly handle it.

c. You connected to Google Sheets, but your spreadsheet wasn’t formatted properly. The first row in your spreadsheet should contain column headings, like “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email Address”, “Company”, etc. The actual data should start on the second row.

3. Emails take too long to send

Our system was just too busy.

Update December 2015: This issue has been resolved. a) We re-architected a portion of our code so that sending is super-fast now. Now, your campaign should always start sending within 60 seconds, unless of course you’ve scheduled it for the future. We’ve also disabled the “Save list as” function, because it is slow, and because we’re developing a feature which will eliminate the need to save a list entirely: you’ll soon be able to choose the recipients of any past email campaign to load into the To field.

4. The GMass buttons disappeared

If you’ve experienced a disappearing GMass button, it’s likely due to:

a. Extension has become disabled. In rare cases, the GMass extension may have become disabled. Type “chrome://extensions” in your address bar, and make sure the checkbox is checked next to GMass.

b. Conflicts with another browser extension. Several users have reported that they had Sidekick by Hubspot installed, and that prevented the GMass button from showing. Go to chrome://extensions and try disabling other extensions, but leave GMass enabled, and then reload Gmail in Chrome.

c. Failure to reload Gmail after installation. If you installed GMass but then didn’t re-load Gmail in your browser, the buttons may not show.

d. The GMass server is down. If the GMass server has gone down, the buttons will also disappear until the server comes back up. This is rare, but be sure to check the GMass Twitter feed for any reports of outages.

e. A network issue between your computer and a resource upon which GMass relies. Try accessing both and in your browser, and make sure both websites load.

5. Clicking the GMass button has no effect

It’s likely that you accidentally disabled GMass by clicking a checkbox disabling JavaScript for GMass. This post details this issue, but it can be corrected by shutting down Chrome and restarting and reloading Gmail.

Stay tuned for our announcement later this week! We’re releasing a feature that will let you send email campaigns to up to 10,000 people at a time!

209 Replies to “Common GMass Support Issues”

  1. Brian Quach

    Hey Gmass! Personalization still doesn't work for me. Wondering if you can help me out. I'm using a test google spreadsheet – super simple 3 columns: Email, FirstName, and LastName. When using Google Sheets personalization buttons on compose email box, I'm still receiving my test emails with the default fallback value (e.g., "{FirstName}"). Any clue?

  2. Ajay Goel

    Brian – see my email to you and my response to your other blog post comment. If you're still having an issue, email me again please. I'm sure whatever it is, we can get to the bottom of what's going on.

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  3. Ajay Goel

    The reports are on the left of Gmail under the "GMass Reports" label. Be sure to click the expansion "triangle" to the left of it to see the sub-labels underneath, like Opens, Clicks, and others.

  4. Ajay Goel

    The reports are on the left of Gmail under the "GMass Reports" label. Be sure to click the expansion "triangle" to the left of it to see the sub-labels underneath, like Opens, Clicks, and others.

  5. Marco Sterling

    When I try to link a google sheet for mass email outreach I get the following:

    GMass: System.Data.Entity.Validation.DbEntityValidationException: Validation failed for one or more entities. See 'EntityValidationErrors' property for more details.

    I don't know what to do?

  6. Jason Osmond

    Personalization is not working for me. It's just white space. The emails are inputing, just not the first names. I get "Hi ,"

    I've checked the spreadsheet, column one, First Name, no white space. There is even a button on the options for First Name, but when I click on that or input {First Name} manually it still does not work.

    Please help.


  7. Lucy Greenway

    I don't get any reports in the campaigns sub category of gmass reports. I was getting them daily that showed a neat summary of my campaign so far but they have just stopped. Any suggestions?

  8. Cory Thomas

    I'm having the same issue as Jason

    When I select one of the columns of the sheet that it's linked to, such as {URL}, nothing appears in the email when it's sent.

    I've created multiple spreadsheets trying to fix the problem, uninstalled gmass and reinstalled, shut down my computer and reinstalled, and nothing is fixing it.

    Please help

  9. Kevin Arbogast Jr

    I'm using the new Verizon ellipsis tablet installed with chrome.
    I'm trying to download Gmass but when I click on the 'Add Gmass to Gmail' button nothing happens. Is Gmass configured to be downloaded on a tablet or is something else wrong?


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  10. Arvind

    Another Question – On the reports, does Gmass provide IP address of the recipients who opened or clicked. I see that the report format contains IP address but it states Unknown in all cases.

  11. Arvind

    I sent an email to 10 Recipients – 9 bounced. The report however shows the same 9 opened the emails also. The mailer deamon message says, 550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. I checked the email and they all seem valid.
    Another important thing – at 12.07 the mailer deamon message says that email bounced and at 12.47 the recipient opens the email. This is confusing. Can you please explain why this is happening and how to fix it. Thx

  12. Unknown

    Hi. I love GMass. It is excellent for sending out multiple e-mails at once! There is one issue I have. Whenever I send an e-mail, I get about 100 e-mails from saying so and so opened the e-mail and stuff like that and I do not want to receive these e-mails. Is there a way to shut this function off? Thank you!

  13. Unknown

    Hi. I love GMass. It is excellent for sending out multiple e-mails at once! There is one issue I have. Whenever I send an e-mail, I get about 100 e-mails from saying so and so opened the e-mail and stuff like that and I do not want to receive these e-mails. Is there a way to shut this function off? Thank you!

  14. Unknown

    Hi i am not getting sent copy any more. previously i used to get sent copies for the mail that are sent through gmass but now it doesnt show. But i can check the sent mail in normal sent item but not on sent copy. Please help

  15. Marsha Havens

    One of my recipients reports that he is receiving five duplicates of each email for the last few days. Any clues why this could be happening?

  16. Anirudh

    Although a lot of mails have unknowingly bounced back, GMass has shown that some of the bounced mails have been opened. Is this because the mails were delivered to the recipient at a later time (if this is the case, when were/are they delivered) or because of someone at Zoho opening it?


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  17. johanna holcomb

    Hey Gmass! Personalization still doesn’t work for me. Wondering if you can help me out. I’m using a test google spreadsheet – super simple columns: Email, FirstName,. When using Google Sheets personalization buttons on compose email box, I’m still receiving my test emails with the default fallback value (e.g., “{FirstName}”). Any clue?

    • Maya Quijada

      If you’re seeing the Personalization Tag itself in the test email (not just a space), then it means you’re pressing the Gmail Send button, not the GMass button.

      If you’re using the GMass button and GMass doesn’t detect a value to put in place of the tag, GMass puts in either 1. a blank space or 2. if you have an Alternative after a vertical bar (like {FirstName|friend}), the Alternative that you put in after the vertical bar (in this example, ‘friend’).

      Does that make sense? If you would like me to look at your campaign, send me an email at


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  18. Mike N

    Wanted to know if we can include Personalization in the Subject Line? This is not working for me! Please advise. Too, will hyperlinks work in autoreplies? In testing so far have not been able to do so. Would appreciate instructions!

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Toller Streifen, damit sollte Herr Bilgil dann wohl auch abgeräumt haben. Erschrecke allerdings immer wieder ob der Erkenntnis, wie wenig Ahnung in ich von den Grundlagen des Internets habe…

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    "Everyone has a "religion" of some sort." False – a set of principles is not a religion. I am an atheist and of course I have my beliefs and principles, but there is no atheist system, no atheist dogma, no hierarchy or divinity of any sort. I hold no allegiance to any "holy" text or institution. I've never understood why religious people have such trouble grasping this concept.

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    Well, that’s just plain ‘dumb’. I mean, lighting the tree and all is nice – but people want to see and hear Bette Midler perform a song.

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