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What email marketing features do you want in 2019?

2018 was a busy year for email marketers, and especially for GMass users. Before digging into what’s coming for 2019, let me tell you about the slew of enhancements made to GMass in the last few months.

Is your email address on the list?
Now you can see a list of active users who are currently sending through GMass on our real-time System Status page.

Have you made embarrassing personalization mistakes?
We now warn you if we think you’re about to make a grave personalization mistake, resulting in blank spaces or worse.

Set different campaigns to have different Reply-To addresses
A long-awaited feature, you can now set the Reply-To address individually for each email campaign you send. Why this will make your life easier.

Check your favorite domain
Have you seen our new Domains Tool? Plug in any domain, including your own, and see how our deliverability is to that domain.

I hate SEO
Sometimes NOT trying to SEO the heck out of something is the best way to succeed at SEO. Check out this little gem, where GMass outranks Google on Google.

What’s coming in 2019? You tell me.

That’s up to you. We have some plans, like a killer Salesforce integration, a built-in HTML code editor, and a soon-to-be-released link checker, but I really want to know what YOU want to see in GMass. If you have a thought, please comment on this blog post (no registration required).

I have one of the fastest dev teams on Earth, and when we set our minds to a particular feature, we build it in days, not weeks or months. I look forward to your feedback, and I hope you look forward to seeing your idea built by us.

Comment below. Tell me what you want to see in 2019.

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  1. Hi Ajay,

    One of the features I love to use is the ability to schedule emails, not necessarily for email marketing. For example, I want to send an email to 2-3 persons (in To line) with cc to may be 3 other people and I want that email to go at a particular time. Gmass warns that the emails will be sent out each person in the To line separately. It will not go as a regular email…
    Give someway to just schedule sending out …

    Now, with the current gmass I can’t do this.

    1. Thanks for this suggestion. This is an interesting request. There are other Gmail extensions that can do this, but I suppose it would be nice if the GMass button could handle this also. Then the GMass button could become a complete replacement for the regular Send button.

    1. Thanks Nick. Let me consider this. There’s a whole industry of email verification services, but I’ve never done a deep dive into how it all works. I know how companies verify an email address on a basic, SMTP level, but that method isn’t foolproof. Anyway, more to come on this later.

      1. Ajay if you can recommend a good way of service to run a check on emails BEFORE we email them instead of getting the bounce after which affects our email reputation…?
        Into you implement a service into gmass please let us know if you can suggest a great safe tool to use.
        By the way, many times we get emails like
        [email protected]
        Or [email protected]
        These are usually person mistakes of people who signup and write the wrong sharp by mistake
        Maybe a common domain names typos? This can be great!

  2. Can you reply all through GMass to an individual email thread of maybe 2-3 other recipients instead of generating separate email through for each recipient?

    1. Hey John – sounds like you’re asking for something similar to what Gopal asked for above. I never thought about doing this until now. But now it’s on my roadmap.

  3. I would really love to see a very easy to implement feature.
    I would love to see gmass being used more than just mass-marketing but also automatic follow up manager.
    All is needed to implement this is the ability to send an email and an automatic follow up to a number of receivers rather than sending individual emails to many receivers

    1. Zohar – are you saying you want the initial email to go out to say, 5 people, where all 5 people are in the TO field, and then the auto follow-up goes out to everyone that hasn’t replied in a subsequent group email?

  4. Schedules email “campaign”. A prescheduled series of emails to go out at present intervals after the initial start date of a campaign.

  5. Email ‘sequence templates’ please. So, instead of going in every single time to add the exact same follow-ups, create a template of commonly used ‘sequences’.


  6. Please update the PAUSE A FEW SECONDS BETWEEN EMAILS option with an option for US to choose how long to wait between emails.
    A few seconds isn’t enough when sending a lot of emails.
    I want to wait 10 minutes or one hour or a day between emails.
    This really looks human to Gmail when we can send out crucial emails with a big delay between one another. Or even a RANDOM time within each 24 hour.
    Scenario :
    I have 4900 leads I got in a tradeshow.
    Imagine I can send 100 emails a day, in random times within a time window (9am to 5pm) for the next 2 months not including weekends (weekends skip already exists)
    This would be awesome and if leads returns our emails it’s really spread throughout the day. Not everyone together if we simply blast all, waiting a few seconds like the current option, resulting in poor customer service.
    Something like that… 🙂

  7. iPhone app for gmass. We use our phones nowadays more than our laptop/desktop and like to add someone to a campaign quickly using our phones.

  8. I would like to be able to download all the recipient who opened an email during a period of time

    1. And it would be helpful to know when do you think the integration is going to be ready.
      Thank you

  9. I recommend two separate buttons between the GMASS and drop down arrow. I can’t count the number times while trying to select another field I hit the Gmass button and prematurely send an email.

  10. I would like a keyboard command to send and setup etc… i use Cirrus insight which like a lot of extension takes over the button send overlapping the Gmass button. Keyboard would avoid me to have to disable Cirus when I use Gmass.

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