How to make changes to a campaign that has already been scheduled

After you’ve launched a campaign, you may wish to edit it either before it actually sends or perhaps in between batches of sends.

To edit a mail merge campaign:

  1. Find the campaign under the GMass Scheduled Label.
  2. Open up the Draft for the campaign.
  3. From here, you can edit any aspect of the campaign, including the Subject, Message, or any of the campaign settings under the GMass Settings arrow, like Open Tracking, Click Tracking, the send time, and auto follow-up settings.
  4. After you’re done making changes, click the main GMass button.

If you can’t find the campaign under the GMass Scheduled Label, that means it has already finished sending. However, it is possible that the campaign’s associated auto follow-up emails have NOT finished sending. If you wish to modify the auto follow-up settings for a campaign but the original message for the campaign has already finished sending, you can also edit the campaign’s settings under the GMass Auto Follow-ups Label.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I see the Draft for my campaign in both the “GMass Scheduled” Label and the “GMass Auto Follow-ups” Label. Does it matter from where I make changes to the campaign?

A: No, it does not. You can make changes to your campaign from either Label. GMass stores a campaign’s data in a Draft, and you can make changes to the campaign wherever you find the Draft. Based on the type of campaign, that may be the GMass Scheduled Label or the GMass Auto Follow-ups Label. You can also find the Draft just in the Drafts folder of Gmail.

Q: Can I change the spreadsheet that is associated with a campaign?

A: No, you cannot. If you want to do this, you’ll need to cancel the campaign first, and create a new campaign.

Q: If I connect to a spreadsheet and then schedule a campaign, and then later on, I add email addresses to the spreadsheet before the campaign sends, will the new addresses be sent to?

A: No for a regular non-repeating campaign, and yes for a campaign that repeats daily. When you connect to the spreadsheet, GMass pulls the recipient list at that time, and for a non-repeating campaign, even if you schedule the campaign to send later, it will still only send to the recipients it initially pulled. However, the rest of the data, used for personalization, is pulled only at the time of sending. So, for example, if you connect to a spreadsheet with 10 rows of email addresses, and you schedule the campaign to send tomorrow, and then before tomorrow, you change the value of a FirstName cell from “John” to “Jon”, then Jon is the value that will be used for personalization.

But, if you add 2 more rows to the campaign before the campaign is sent, those 2 rows will still be ignored. However, if you use the recurring campaign feature with Google Sheets, the the two new rows will be sent to when the campaign runs next. A campaign connected to a Google Sheet that is set to repeat daily will pull the new addresses from the spreadsheet at the time of sending.

Q: I accidentally deleted the Draft associated with my campaign. Can I still make changes?

If you deleted the Draft associated with a campaign, that accomplishes the same thing as canceling a campaign. Meaning, the campaign will cease sending emails. It will not, however, cease sending auto follow-up emails to anyone that has already received the campaign. Therefore, if you accidentally delete the Draft, you will no longer have a means to edit the campaigns auto follow-up settings, and auto follow-up emails may still go out. We are working on a method to allow you to restore a campaign’s Draft if you accidentally deleted it.


9 Replies to “How to make changes to a campaign that has already been scheduled”

  1. Camilo Lopez

    Hello, I have been following the instructions above, to change the scheduled time for sending a remaining of a campaing. but it does not change.
    it is scheduled for 10PM and I need it to send the email to the remainding contacts in my list at 6AM instad.

    How can I change the sheduled time?

  2. islam

    I have been trying to add gmass to my chrome browser and is refusing to add. If try to install chrome extension is not installing what should i do ?

  3. Brian

    Sorry, am I able to delete an email address from the To field if already scheduled and connected to sheet. You mention the consequences when you add above.

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