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Upcoming price changes

2021 Price Increase

When I started GMass almost six years ago, it was just a simple extension for Gmail that let you send a few personalized emails at the click of a button. Today, GMass is a powerful email platform that rivals the biggest email companies in the world. To reflect this giant leap in the product’s evolution, we’re updating our pricing on November 15, 2021. Both the pricing plans and what we bill for are changing.

Hopefully you’ve kept up with all the investments we’ve made in GMass recently. In the last few months alone, we’ve added the following to your plan: A/B testing, sentiment analysis, The Gate, a stand-alone SMTP service, webhooks, a Zapier integration, and much more. In fact, over the last five years we’ve added over a thousand features, many of which we invented and are industry firsts.

Nobody likes paying higher prices, but in our case, GMass would not be able to sustain itself at our current pricing. Our current pricing was set over 5 years ago, when the world was a very different place and building apps on top of Gmail was much simpler. Much has changed during this time, including costly compliance requirements set by Google, worldwide wage growth, and just regular inflation. Many software companies adjust prices yearly. We haven’t done that. I really hope you’ll stick with us so we can keep building.

Individual Plans

For GMass to continue on this path, it’s necessary to adjust our pricing — our first adjustment in a 5.5 year history. You can read the details of the price adjustments here, but in essence, our Standard Plan will go from 12.95/month to 19.95/month, our Premium Plan will go from 19.95/month to 29.95/month, and we’re introducing a new Enterprise plan for 49.95/month that will include priority support.

The benefit of subscribing before November 15

Users who are subscribed to the Standard or Premium plans prior to November 15 will have the benefit of being legacied into their current feature sets, whereas starting November 15, certain features that were previously available on the Standard plan will only be available on the Premium plan or higher. These features include A/B testing, API access, and conditional logic.

Team Plans

Team plans will have similar adjustments.

Plan Old Pricing New Pricing Per-User Overage Savings
Team 5-user $89/month $125/month $28/user/month beyond 5 users $5/month/user
Team 10-user $159/month $225/month $25/user/month beyond 10 users $7.50/month/user
Team 25-user $348/month $500/month $23/user/month beyond 25 users $10/month/user
Team 50-user $597/month $900/month $20/user/month beyond 50 users $12/month/user
Team 100-user $994/month $1500/month $15/user/month beyond 100 users $15/month/user

Team Plan Overages

Additionally, for certain team accounts, we’ve had a long-standing bug where overages for team plans weren’t being billed. Meaning, if you’ve been on the Team 5-user plan, but actually had 7 users in your team, we weren’t billing for those 2 extra users. Starting November 15, we will be correcting that and billing for team overages.

Non-profit discount

If you have our 15% non-profit discount attached to your subscription, that same discount will still apply to the new pricing. As a reminder, that discount is automatically given to accounts with a .org or .edu email address.

Team Plans subscribed using PayPal

We’ve always offered subscribing via PayPal as an alternative to traditional credit-card based subscriptions which are handled by our payment processor, Stripe. The issue with PayPal though is that their APIs aren’t nearly as robust, and therefore we aren’t able to allow you to modify your subscription once you’re subscribed via PayPal. Meaning if you want to switch your plan from Standard to Premium, and you’re subscribed via PayPal, you have to cancel your Standard subscription and re-subscribe to the Premium plan. Another consequence is that we’re not able to bill for overages on the team plans. For this reason, starting November 15, users subscribed to a Team plan via PayPal won’t be able to add more team members than their plan allows.

Annual Plans

Just like before, going forward, all annual plans, both Individual and Team plans, will be priced at the monthly price x 10 instead of 12. Meaning, all annual plans offer a discount of 2 months off the monthly rate in exchange for pre-paying for the year. So, there are two benefits to subscribing or upgrading to an annual plan before November 15: a) locking in current pricing for up to a year and b) getting the additional savings of 2 months off.

Usage-based billing for emails sent via SMTP

We have some users who send millions of emails/month through GMass and an integration with a third party SMTP service but still only pay a nominal monthly fee on the Standard plan. This isn’t really fair because this type of account uses far more resources, both with storage, and handling heavy-load features like open tracking, click tracking and auto follow-ups. Therefore in addition to the monthly fees, we’ll also begin billing for high volume senders that send via a third party SMTP service or via our in-house SendGrid account. Regardless of which SMTP service you’re integrated with, we’ll charge a nominal $0.40 (40 cents USD) per 1,000 emails transmitted to an SMTP service, with the first 10,000 emails being free. For 95% of users sending via SMTP, this will have no impact on billing.

Super old legacy pricing

A small minority of users are on some of our very old plans that we no longer offer. These plans were at the price points of $6.95/month and $8.95/month. All of these plans will be migrated to the Standard plan of 19.95/month.

You’ll soon be receiving an email from us about the change to your specific plan.

You can always make changes to your plan by logging in to your dashboard. If you have any questions about these changes, you can reply to the individual email you’ll soon be receiving or comment below.

The price change only goes into effect with your next renewal after November 15, 2021. If you upgrade to an annual plan, such that your renewal does not happen monthly, then you can lock in savings compared to the monthly price and postpone the price increase for up to a year.

In addition to everything we’ve packed in this year, we’re soon going to be launching native Salesforce and HubSpot integrations. For GMass, 2022 will be the year of integrations, with the goal of making it even easier and faster for you to send an email campaign. Here’s to your future success with email!

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  1. You can always make changes to your plan by logging in to your dashboard. ….and then where I click???

  2. Good to know because I’m planning to subscribe this month. Thanks for the heads up.

    To be super clear – if I sign up to the Standard monthly plan at $12.95, will the price be legacied as well as the feature set? And if in a few months time I want to switch to an annual plan, would the price be $129, or the new rate?

    Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Hi – a quick clarification… will subscribers before Nov 15th be legacied into the current pricing as well as it’s feature set?

    1. You’ll be legacied into the current feature set for the plan but not the pricing. So if you’re on the Standard plan, the pricing will still go up on Nov 15 but you’ll have access to the features that are offered today instead of the restricted features that will become a part of Standard after Nov 15.

  4. It’s such a shame that you constantly keep upping the price, you keep pricing out the small business users with small lists. I’ve been a customer of yours for about 6 years and your prices are making me find alternative solutions. It such a shame because I’ve been so loyal to you but don’t feel it’s being reciprocated.

  5. Having 19.95 plan now (or $200 per year) – you mean that we will have to pay over 300$ per year for the 1 account now?

    $0.50 (50 cents USD) per 1,000 emails transmitted to an SMTP ? What do you even mean? We send campaigns via SMTP daily with like up to 2k messages per day. So now we will have to additionally pay for that $1 per day ON TOP of the $300 per year…. XD

    There are literally other Gmail extensions for $30 per year which are doing exactly the same as Gmass.

    This doesn’t make sense considering there are other Gmail services where we have the same functions for a $30 for a year.

    1. There are no Gmail extensions that even come close to the functionality and reliability of GMass, but if you think you’ve found one, then use that instead. I always encourage users to use the product that best suits them, even if it’s not GMass.

      Regarding the fee for SMTP-based messages, note that the first 10,000 messages/month are included at no additional cost.

      1. Gmass is not the only Gmail extension doing a mail merge with follow-ups and personalization. and taking into consideration the total lack of support (as opposed to other extensions) even when we paid $200 per year, then this change definitely will make us think about other extensions, especially since they are more affordable and providing the same.

        As for the free 10k messages – are you for real? You know very well that if someone is using SMTP then they are using it frequently. So we will have to pay not only $300 per year (which is a RIDICULOUS sum for the Gmail mail merge) + plus now a penalty for using more than 500 Gmail messages. No sense – YAMM offers the same for $24 for a YEAR.

        Tragic change and sad to see that you’ve went the greedy way, but we are already testing other Gmail mail merges, Not going to pay over $300 for such a simple thing.

        Sad that we’ve recommended and wanted to implement Gmass for business further – now we will have to resign. 99% of users just need some simple personalization, attachments, and follow ups – so that’s it. And this is provided by other Gmail mail merges for a fraction of the price you are asking. So thanks but we will cancel when our subscription will finish and move on to something better.

  6. It’s so unfair to provide only two weeks notice for such a huge price increase. If you had been planning this for awhile, it should have been disclosed long ago. You’re treating current users disgracefully and providing little time to find an alternative. This is not worth $20/month and I’m shocked you’re doing this with only two weeks warning. I will no longer be using Gmass and will use a service that values customers more and is transparent with them.

    1. The right thing to do would be the keep the rate for loyal customers (who helped you fund all the developments of the past) and charge a new rate for new clients.

      I like Gmass. But with this 2-week notice, you’re leaving a bad taste in your customers base. The one that helped you building the company.

      1. Gael: I could not sustain GMass as a viable business if I didn’t increase everyone’s prices. Our prices have been too low for far too long.

        Perhaps you’re right that 2 weeks’ notice is too short. We tend to think and act quickly as a tech startup, and while we’ve been wanting to make this change for over a year, we’ve been so busy improving the product that we haven’t been able to carve out time to do this, until now.

        For most customers, the change in price is in the range of a $7-$10/month increase. For those customers that are on old legacy plans that don’t exist anymore, the increase is higher, but for most the actual increase is not more than $20/month. I’m hoping that even with just 2 weeks’ notice, this increase isn’t significant enough to cause widespread panic.

        And like the P.S. in the email stated, if the increases causes you hardship, reply to the email and I’ll work with you on pricing.

    2. Laura: For most customers, the actual effect of the price increase will happen AFTER November 15, not on November 15. November 15 is when the change goes into effect, but the actual impact on current customers won’t be seen until your first renewal date after November 15. So if your monthly renewal date is the 22nd of every month, your first bill at the higher rate won’t be until November 22.

      It hurts me that you don’t feel GMass is worth $20/month. I certainly do, but perhaps I’m biased. Millions of dollars have gone into building the service. I personally feel like there’s nothing else like GMass. Still though, perhaps you’re right and the market won’t bare this price increase. Only time will tell.

  7. Hi Ajay,

    It is a very hefty increase which for example I will not be able to sustain and I planned of going forward with the 100x plan. I would encourage you to not go forward with this hefty increase. You’re going to loose a lot of clients.

    1. We do have to go forward with the increase, but did you see the P.S. in my email? Reply to the email or get a hold of me another way and I’ll see if I can work something out with you.

      1. Hi Ajay,

        Thank you so much for your response. I sent this comment from my non primary emaila address.Please send the email to [email protected] and I will respond asap.

        I would be more than grateful to work something out. I am using the 100x license by myself running my business which I wish to continue to do thought the new price is impossible for me.

        Let me know about the email

  8. WOW! You want us to pay now $300 + even MORE for using SMTP? Who thought it was a good idea?

    That’s a no from me. Been using this as the recruiter and I was sending up to 1k messages daily. I only stayed because I was using Gmass for long, LONG years – even when you had subscriptions below $10, so I was a fan for years but I’m not going to pay what you want for the basic Gmail sending service. It has gone way too high. If you want to punish people sending millions of emails – talk with them, not with people sending a few thousand max per day. Ridiculous explaination.

    1. Yes. I did.

      Understood, but if you think GMass is just a “basic Gmail sending service”, then you’re not realizing the value of GMass and you may not be a good target customer anymore.

      I certainly don’t want to punish anyone, but we do need to recoup our costs associated with higher volume senders.

  9. The problem is that for many small business users we don’t need all the extra features. You would probably be better to keep a low-level merging service for those that don’t want or use any of the extra developments. You are right, we are not ‘good target customers’ but maybe some will be eventually and those that have stuck with you so far are feeling dumped and not valued at all. It might be the right thing for you in the short term but you are risking your reputation in the longer term. It may seem like a small increase to you but it is one of many a small business has to contemplate and can’t afford or justify. I have just left Hootsuite for the the same reason. I have use for these apps but they don’t increase my income so when the price goes up I can’t afford to keep them. No doubt to you, people like me are natural wastage but it is not a good look.

    1. Most of the users need the basic version. Gmass has become too costly for a small business to afford. I get most of the functionality by using MailTrack @ $3 per month. Gmass is a good product but not at the current price point. For $14 per month, I can use my own VPS at OVHCloud as a mailing server and send thousands of emails per month. I hope, people behind Gmass rethink about the price point which should be less than atleast a basic VPS cost which is less than $8 per month.

  10. GMass not working again

    I’ve used the same sheet with GMass multiple times, but now when I try to connect it returns zero recipients and I can’t see the merge fields anymore.

  11. Hi Ajay,

    I just sent you an email about my wish to subscribe to the 100x gmass plan though I would need to receive 2 invoices as my credit card has a limit on one transaction. Let me know if we can get that done before November 15th as I wont be able to afford Gmass after November 15th.

  12. I will be moving my email campaigns to other solutions like Mailmeteor because Gmass is becoming too expensive for me as a small business owner… I enjoyed your software apart from that.

  13. Ajay, I found your responses to most customers to be somewhat rude and therefore, I won’t be subscribing to your service. Heard good things, but put off by customer ‘service’

  14. Namste Ajay ji !!!

    we are using your service to sent mail to our customer every Monday.

    we sent 4-5 mail to every 100 client so monthly Total 400 to 500 mail sent . we use your extension because of time saving and automation.

    but for that Rs.1500 ($19.95 * Rs.75) is not justify.

    Please think who are using ( less than 1000 mail monthly ) your service at low usage.

    Thank you.

  15. Hi Ajay, if I understand correctly, if I use standard Gmail’s gateway I won’t be charged for sending more than 10k emails a month?
    Assuming Workspace daily limit of 2k emails I could potentialy send 60k emails per month – is that correct?

  16. Hello Ajay. I have about 280 users with you guys on a team plan. I tried multiple times reaching out via email trying to upgrade to the yearly plan to keep the grandfathered price for the year. But got no response. I’m still willing to do it. Can someone help me!

  17. I was a subscriber in 2018 for a few months and recently re-subscribed. I remember GMASS primarily as an add-on for mail merges with some functionality around maximizing the number of emails sent without bumping up against gmail’s daily limits. Those were simpler times and the service delivered as promised. While setting up my account today, I was blown away by all of the new functionality added over the years. This is truly a total package for the email marketer.

    For those users that still only need to do simple mail merge, I can understand why you might be frustrated with any price increase, even if it’s only a few bucks after 4+ years of flat pricing.

    That said…it’s unfair to be critical of the price increase if you have any appreciation for how difficult things like IP reputation, web reputation, email engagement, compliance, etc. have made it to get your email(s) delivered. If you’re lucky enough to pass these tests, you’re now at the mercy of next-gen SEGs and AI, which probably won’t let you pass.

    Getting to the Inbox is hard and as far as I can see, gmass has put together an awesome all-in-one tool that helps neutralizes the aforementioned roadblocks to 1) getting delivered to remote mail server; 2) then getting to inbox; 3) then getting someone to actually read and engage.

    The price increase is more than fair…if anything, it’s still probably underpriced for all the features . Congrats on a great product.

    I see you’re still personally interacting in near real time with your customers, just like you did when you first launched 4+ years ago – equally impressive.

  18. Hi, I use SMTP but it is being reject, where will the billing for over 10k email via SMTP be billed ???

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