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You can now toggle GMass Report notifications on and off

When you send a Gmail mail merge campaign with GMass, reports are generated and placed under the GMass Reports label. Everytime an email is opened, an “open” notification goes into the Opens label, every time an email is clicked, a “click” notification goes into the Clicks label. Additionally, campaign reports with detailed campaign analytics are placed in the [CAMPAIGNS] label. In most cases, GMass Report notifications are tucked away in these Labels and won’t clog up your Inbox. In rare cases, however, like if you’re using an email client like Apple Mail that doesn’t respect Gmail’s Labels, GMass report notifications may fill up your Inbox and you may wish to turn off GMass report notifications.

In the Gmail inteface, GMass Reports are tucked away under sub-labels of the GMass Reports label. Categories include Opens, Clicks, and the main [CAMPAIGNS] area that stores detailed campaign-level reports.

To turn off GMass report notifications:

You can turn GMass Report notifications off if they clog up your Inbox.

  1. Launch a new Compose window in Gmail.
  2. Set the To field to notification@gmass.co.
  3. Set the Subject to either “off” to turn notifications off or “on” to turn them on.
  4. Click the red GMass button. Do not click the Gmail Send button. You must click the red GMass button.
  1. Hello. Can the send reports be set to go anywhere other than my inbox? I have multiple campaigns running with constantly updating google sheets so I am sending hourly. I end up with hundreds of sent reports in my inbox everyday.

    1. Hi Mike,

      You can set up a Gmail filter to filter out those send reports to skip the inbox (archive) or to forward it to a different address.

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