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Did your Google account get suspended or did Gmail bounce your emails?

With a recent increase in GMass’s popularity has come an increased number of reports of Google accounts getting suspended after having used GMass. In most cases it’s spammy behavior that leads to an account suspension. It’s important to note that:

  • GMass can’t control whether Google suspends an account, nor can it help re-activate a suspended account.
  • GMass is simply a conduit to unleashing the power and full sending capabilities of your Gmail account. GMass doesn’t have the ability to skirt Gmail’s rules or give you greater sending ability than you already have.
What happens when your account gets suspended or your emails get bounced?
We’ve found that there are different levels of bounces and blocking, ranging from Gmail bouncing your outgoing emails because Google determines they’re spammy to a suspension of an entire Google account.
At the most basic level, Gmail might bounce your outgoing email with this bounce message, when you try to send:
You may also see this warning the next time you log in to your account:

Lastly, if your account gets suspended, you may get this email sent to your recovery email account:

How do you prevent your account from getting suspended?
The basic rule to prevent your account from getting suspended is to not violate Google’s Terms of Service. These are some general guidelines that will help:
  1. Don’t use GMass to send spam from your Gmail account.
  2. Don’t set up a new Gmail account and immediately send hundreds of emails with it. Despite Google stating that you can send 500 emails/day from a regular Gmail account, you can’t do that from a new Gmail account that you created minutes ago. If that was possible, spammers would certainly take advantage by creating hundreds of Gmail accounts and sending 500 emails through each account.
  3. If you’ve never sent a mass email from your Gmail account before, start by sending a lower quantity of emails and then ramping up.
  4. We’ve found that Google Apps account have greater flexibility with sending than regular Gmail accounts. We’ve noticed that even a new Google Apps account has substantial sending ability, allowing almost the 2,000 email daily limit, whereas a new Gmail account won’t have immediate mass emailing abilities.
Ultimately each individual GMass user is responsible for his or her Google account. In most cases, if you’re a responsible sender sending emails to people who want your emails, you shouldn’t encounter any of these issues. Of course, there are exceptions. In rare cases, we’ve seen reports of legitimate senders getting temporarily suspended for sending a relatively low quantity of mass emails.

What should you do if your account is suspended?

Follow Google’s instructions by filling out this form to request account reinstatement.

  1. ajay i have been trying to connect with you for 4-5 days. my emails were getting delivered properly before, but now that you have given us a new tracking domain , all our emails are going in spam.and now i am not getting any reports for the campaign too. please connect with me at michael@aoneapps.com , have sent you 2 mails before

    1. I need help! I was just locked out from my gmail account last Saturday despite having the 2-step verification AND Security Key. i.e. USB. I want my account back. Please help.

  2. I need help! I was just locked out from my gmail account last Saturday despite having the 2-step verification AND Security Key. i.e. USB. I want my account back. Please help.

  3. The gmail account where I had Gmass was disabled. I tried to cancel my subscription following your instructions, but I can’t. I get a message saying Gmass can’t find my email.
    I also tried to transfer my subscription to another account, but I get the same results. How to I cancel or transfer my Gmass subscription after the account has been disabled?

    1. Hi Dien,

      Please use the link to the form in the article above to request for Google to reinstate your account.

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