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How to Send a Drip Campaign From Your Gmail Account

  1. Thanks Ajay, this is a clean solution at a fraction of the price of other methods. The majority of people don’t need much more than this level of complexity.

    PS: is there a clean way of acquiring the email address OR what sort of form/widgit stuffs into google sheets?

  2. Hi Ajay

    How can I delete old campaigns? I simply use ‘Meeting’ as a subject header on a sequence of 3 emails as it elicits a good open rate.

    Now when loading content, I have a number of emails titled ‘meeting’ and I can’t distinguish between each stage of the sequence. As it’s the new year, I have a new campaign/content but I wish to use the same subject header.

  3. Hi Ajay,

    If we have a sequence of say 3 emails, using a google sheet for personalisation of name, company, email, city.

    When I attach a google sheet, I currently only get personalisation on the first email in the sequence.

    ie: first email says “Chicago”, second and third email says “{city}” (the actual token, not the city name)

    How do I ensure that the personalisation occurs on all 3 emails in the sequence.


  4. Scenerio:

    I’ve connected a multi-email campaign to a google Forms Responses sheet.

    I send part one of my 3 part series using gmass.

    Meanwhile, Someone fills out the form (thus adding their answers to my responses sheet) Note: this is AFTER i’ve connected the sheet to GMASS & initiated the campaign.

    Will they receive the second & third messages in the series?

    1. Hi Dave,

      You can set your succeeding forms to only send the next email in your series IF they clicked the form or send to all recipients regardless of if they’ve clicked, opened, or responded. If you’d like to not have them be sent the next email in the series, you can also use your responses sheet as a suppression list so that those that have filled out your form will no longer be sent succeeding emails in your series. Please see https://www.gmass.co/blog/use-a-google-sheets-spreadsheet-as-a-dynamic-email-suppression-list/

    2. Umm sounda a little complex to me. If you see this can you reach out to me @tishamalakooti on insta or online

  5. Hi,

    We wanted to setup AutoFollow-up if we haven’t received a reply and use a different subject line for the customized follow up message. How do we do that?

    1. Hi Lea,

      You would just need to pause the campaign, edit the subject of the draft for the follow-up and re-send to yourself. Then go back to your auto follow-ups and select the new draft with the edits to the subject field.

  6. Hi Marvin,

    How do I personalize the follow-ups emails? I have tried what Ajay mentioned as sending myself emails, I want to see part of the series, and unfortunately, you can personalize them.

    Let me know what to do. I just subscribed without having the option of a free trial, and I will need a refund if there is no way for me to personalize my follow-ups emails.


    1. Hi Nadine,

      To personalize follow-up emails, you can use the same merge tags (based on your connected spreadsheet’s column headers) that were used in your initial outreach.

      For example, if you have a spreadsheet with the following columns: name, email, phone, and address; you can use {name} {email} {phone} and {address} for both your initial outreach and any follow-up emails you’ve set up.

  7. Can my follow-up emails be as such:

    – Reply to the original email
    – New email
    – New email
    – Reply to the above email
    – New email
    – Reply to the above email

    Not sure how to go about this

    1. Hi Bryan,

      Unfortunately, no. Follow-ups are set together so you can only choose the follow-ups to be sent as either all replies or all as new emails.

  8. I want to know if I can use Gmass to send out a sequence to potential clients that I’ve already sent a proposal to. I don’t have a Google Sheet. I was wondering if I can just build a sequence on top a current email chain which already exists in my inbox.

    Is this something that can be done? Or do I need to take the clients name and email, create a form on Sheets and then start a campaign from there?

    1. Hi ZS,

      You would need to start a new email campaign. You don’t have to use Google Sheets, you can manually just input your intended recipients’ addresses in the compose window’s TO field. However, we recommend using a Google Sheet to give you more options with your personalization/mail merge.

      If your potential clients’ emails are in a label, you can actually build an email list using GMass from a specific label. To learn more, please see https://www.gmass.co/blog/build-email-list-from-gmail-account/#glabel

  9. Hi there.

    What happens to auto-replies for OOO or rejected and bounced emails.

    For Out Of Office. Will Gmass still continue to send to them or are they counted as a reply.
    For Rejected, bounced undelivered, and all those. Will they be removed from the list and not emailed anymore or are we not yet that advanced?


    1. I’m currently testing this feature as part of a Zapier automation. Quick question, where do I find the email templates once scheduled? I can only find and edit the first message.

      Would I need to find the original email in my Sent items and edit before resending via GMass to update the template?

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