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New fast SMTP sending option

Speed has never been one of GMass’s strengths. Until now.

If, for example, you need to send 1 million emails in an hour, then GMass isn’t the right software for you. If, however, speed can take a backseat to optimal deliverability, then GMass is likely a winner for you.

There are two ways to send with GMass — natively through your Gmail account, or via a third party SMTP service like Sendgrid. In both cases, GMass “acts” like you’re sending the emails directly from your Gmail account. All emails show up in your “Sent Mail” folder, so they can be searched, and you can still use auto follow-ups.

We have now introduced a way to send faster, when using the SMTP option. You can choose to skip the logging of emails to your “Sent Mail” folder which more than doubles the sending speed.

Just how fast is fast?

There are too many factors to give you average speeds, because the speed at which a 5 KiloByte email sends over SMTP is far greater than the speed at which a 5 MegaByte (MB) email sends over SMTP. Rest assured, though, if you’ve been annoyed at how slow GMass sends over SMTP, you’ll be thrilled with this new option. Just check the “Fast sending” option when selecting to send via SMTP.

Here’s a screenshot:

Check the “Fast sending” box to skip logging to your “Sent Mail” folder and send emails by SMTP super fast.

Consequences of fast SMTP sending

Because sending fast skips logging emails in the “Sent Mail” folder, you can’t use reply-based auto follow-ups when this option is on. You can still use open and click based auto follow-ups, but your auto follow-ups can’t be based on whether the recipient replies. This is because the primary way GMass detects whether a recipient has replied is by examining the “thread” of an email. Without the original sent email in your “Sent Mail” folder, replies can’t be “threaded”.

  1. the only issue I see with this is deliverability. We tried to speed this up using Sendgrid + other outreach software, and we end up getting blocked on the MBP/ISP side.

  2. on 26/jan/2019 I pay to you for gmass minimal account, please explain and how many emails send per day
    i know very little english

    i send 2000 email per day if it is possible?or not , how to send it

  3. Hi,

    I am wondering with each account I setup with your platform, how many different email accounts can I add to send from?
    For example, can I send emails from 10 different gmail accounts with one user on your platform?

    1. Hi James,

      GMass subscriptions are per Gmail or G Suite account, and GMass doesn’t care what alias addresses are connected to a single account. So if you have all of your aliases on the various domains set up in a single Gmail account, and that single Gmail account is subscribed to GMass, then you are able to send from all of those different alias addresses with a single GMass subscription.

      If, however, those aliases are spread across multiple Gmail accounts, then you would need a subscription for each of those Gmail accounts.

  4. Such a great article about fast smtp sending. This article is very informative for everyone. Thanks for Sharing.

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