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How to send high volume cold email [beyond Gmail’s limits]

High Volume Cold Email

If you’re a cold emailer using any cold email platform other than mine, you’re likely subject to limits in the hundreds of emails per day. For most people, that allowance of a few hundred emails/day is enough, since it’s quite hard to find more than even 100 targeted prospects’ email addresses per day, where your message is relevant enough to the prospect that it doesn’t seem spammy.

But, let’s say you’re just that good at finding leads and capturing email addresses. Let’s go crazy here for a second and say you’ve fine-tuned a process that brings in 5,000 new email leads per day, and every day, you want to email these 5,000 email addresses and set a follow-up sequence that sends every few days until they reply. Now you’re in deep, because not only do 5,000 new email messages need to send every day, but once the follow-up schedules start to kick in, you’ll actually be sending more than 5,000 emails/day, when you take into account the original message volume and the follow-up email volume.

So, given G Suite’s limits of 2,000 emails/day and most cold email platforms’ own limits, how can you accomplish this?

You could set up multiple G Suite accounts and eventually send 2,000 emails per day per account. However, as years of experience has shown, it doesn’t always work so smoothly, and often times G Suite caps an account’s sending volume at a level much lower than 2,000 emails/day. This can work for some users but won’t work for most.

Last year, I invented a way to integrate an SMTP service into a high volume cold email process such that you can send as many emails as you want through an SMTP server like SendGrid, while preserving the ability to detect replies and send follow-up emails to non-responders. We do this through a little bit of inventiveness in how we relay the emails through an SMTP and sync the data back to your G Suite account.

Recent High Volume Cold Email Campaigns

Here is a sampling of recent large cold email campaigns sent by our platform in the last few weeks. Included are the number of auto follow-up stages and the open and reply rates. Some of these were distributed in daily batches via Gmail and some were sent via a third party SMTP relay.

This cold email campaign data is updated daily.

From AddressSubjectFollow-up StagesRecipientsOpen RateRepliesDate
[email protected]S______: E_____e Y__r P______e w__h an I___C d____r c_______y a_______e f_r i_______e w___!22,23399.8%306/28/24
[email protected]I__________n {____} / F____e B____e22,38399.7%2406/26/24
[email protected]W_____e d__e f_r $_!02,78499.1%906/24/24
[email protected]E____e S____y in Y__r E______r I___________s w__h C_______d A____r T__t P____s12,87297.5%4706/26/24
[email protected]2__4 V_P C____b22,68683.7%106/28/24
[email protected]B___d C___________n | L____y E_______e B___d x {________}32,11383.0%73006/24/24
[email protected]H_y T___e13,76960.2%6206/26/24
[email protected]h________h s_____p r_____t f_r f______k13,29659.0%1706/25/24
[email protected]A__X C________: 1 W__K16,87258.8%006/26/24
[email protected]{____________t N___} - s____d d_____s a_e t_e w_____t p____s in c___r s_______. Do y_u h__e a________________________________t N___} - s____d d____e l____s a_e o_e of t_e b_____t s______y r____. We h__e a s__________________________t N___} - a_e y_u o_________d w__h o________g a_d p______d r______n f_r n_w e_____________d s____}42,22855.0%306/25/24
[email protected]n_w c___r c________e32,34054.1%1406/24/24
[email protected]l____t r_________s32,34052.9%1906/24/24
[email protected]R_: W___e s____d c_______s p___t y__r d______?23,50051.3%2606/25/24
[email protected]{____________t N___} - s____d d_____s a_e t_e w_____t p____s in c___r s_______. Do y_u h__e a________________________________t N___} - s____d d____e l____s a_e o_e of t_e b_____t s______y r____. We h__e a s__________________________t N___} - a_e y_u o_________d w__h o________g a_d p______d r______n f_r n_w e_____________d s____}42,24447.5%106/25/24
[email protected]P__e D___y C____s N_____a S__n T_____y W__d Is T_e O______l “_____k M__e Me B_y I_” P______. W___e G_t T_e V____s To P___e I_…12,02046.7%1306/24/24
[email protected]{____} C__R N_T P________: N__d P__n B?39,79344.5%006/23/24
[email protected]{_____} x M_P W______E S__5 // M___N S______M I________N33,13143.0%5006/26/24
[email protected]T_______l A______s c_____s t______d f_r y__r t__m or j__n o____s in L____n16,94742.6%2906/25/24
[email protected]Do Y_u B______? T__e Y__r H____h To T_e N__t L___l W__h T_e T_____d L_______l B_______r S__. H________g T_e W____m of N____e a_d T_e I________n of S______.12,58142.3%1206/25/24
[email protected]📣 J__n u_, F_r P______g C__h L___s W__h C__________e T__h22,24938.3%006/28/24

Steps to sending high volume cold email:

  1. Set up your G Suite account, and connect it to GMass.
  2. Set up a SendGrid account or any other SMTP service and subscribe based on the daily volume of emails you want to send. When determining daily volume, take into account the original message plus follow-up emails that need to go out per day.
  3. Connect SendGrid, or your alternate SMTP service to GMass.
  4. When you launch your cold email campaign in GMass, set the SMTP option instead of Gmail.
  5. Configure your auto follow-ups.
  6. Hit the GMass button to launch the campaign.

What happens next?

Even though your emails are being sent by SendGrid, you’ll still see a copy of each individual email in the Sent folder of Gmail. When someone replies, the reply will still be threaded to the same conversation as the email in the Sent folder. And if someone doesn’t reply, and a follow-up email sends automatically in a few days, that follow-up will also be threaded to the same email conversation.

But wait, I’m not technical enough to set up SendGrid!

If setting up your own SMTP service is too complicated, and you don’t want to bother with the implications of DNS records, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and all the subtleties that are recommended for deliverability, you have a couple of options:

  1. Sometimes we allow users to use our SMTP service — but typically for cold email that isn’t opt-in, we don’t.
  2. There’s a fiverr gig these days where someone will help you configure a SendGrid account for use with GMass.
  3. You sign up for SendGrid and subscribe, and then send us your credentials and we’ll link GMass to SendGrid for you.

By the way, if you’re an advanced web developer and this all sounds to easy for you, you may want to read my technical review of SendGrid to take a look under the hood and see if you want to customize your SMTP process. That review is written specifically for advanced web developers. 

How high is our volume?

When you’re shopping different cold email platforms, ask them how much email they send. Then check our real-time counter for how much email we’ve sent. We’ve sent over 1 billion emails through Gmail and G Suite accounts. Not all of them were cold email campaigns, but a lot of them were.

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  1. Do I need the paid version of SendGrid? If so what particular feature is it that is not available on the free version that I am paying for? Is this something that would be resolved if I simply use HubSpot or MailChimp?

  2. Great article. Do you think the age of the domain and/or the email address affects the results when using GMass
    and SendGrid?

    1. Hi Peter,

      Yes, it could affect deliverability. Even though the emails are being sent using an external SMTP, the from address would still be tied to the email address’s domain. So the email address and domain’s reputation would still play a part on deliverability. However, we couldn’t say how big of a part it does play.

  3. i have a single gmail acount
    i want to send more than 5000 emails per day,
    can you suggest me in a easy way how can i send?

  4. Hello GMASS,

    Could you please provide me with alternative methods to pay my credit card? I’m experiencing some buffering issues and it’s not giving me any results.

    If you provide me GPAY option or UPI option that will be easy for me to make payment.

  5. Hi, I read the different posts on SendGrid account for use with GMass. I have the free GMass
    and I want to send more than 50 emails a day. How many emails can I send with the $25 a
    month with the GMass? Is there a fee for the SendGrid too?

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