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The great “email follow up” feature and how we find replies

email followup
  1. Merci beaucoup pour cet article ! Ton blog ​GMass m’apporte toujours de super conseils pour ​sur la fonctionnalité de «suivi des e-mails» ​!
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  2. Hi Gmass

    Under the advanced tab, if you have a ‘Reply-To’ email that is different from the email that you sent the original email from it appears the auto follow up feature ‘if no reply’ doesn’t work.

    This is a bit of trouble. As I have email [email protected] for sending campaign. Then set recipients of campaign who reply to auto “Reply to’ my email [email protected]

    However, I am getting many instances where after I have an email communication with recipeitn on @dogs.com email, they get an auto-follow up from the campaign, and now I look silly.

    Any fix?

    1. Hi Bob,

      Unfortunately, since the Reply-To address is different than the origin of the email when your recipient replies, GMass won’t be able to detect the reply since it’s sent to a different email address.

  3. What you described here happened to me today.

    I had done some prospecting and got a few replies some of which I replied to and a couple I had not. To my surprise today Gmail sent out the alert about getting ready to email. Because I was not aware of the new auto reply feature, I did not act on the alert and went on with my business. Later in the day, I checked my email and found these sent email and one was to a prospect I was getting ready to follow up with and of course he was angry and asked to sending him any more emails.

    I am reading up on this feature now to get a better grasp on how to use it.

  4. If the follow up emails are sent as replies and they are personalized with {FirstName} will they fill in my name since the email is a reply to my email address?

  5. I have 5 replies in my Gmass campaign report, how can i view the repllied emails contents? when i click and download the report only can see the email address…please help!

    1. Hi NC,

      The actual replies are in your GMass Reports -> Replies label found in your labels just below the “Compose” button.

  6. Hi! Is there a way to manually tag a reply as “Gmass – replies” so when we do the Follow up campaign, we can exclude those leads?

    Back story, I have responses where it is not tagged under Gmass replies because it has “RE: subject line”.

  7. How do I remove a prospect from recieving future follow-up emails in the sequence if they directly call or text me instead of replying to my inital GMASS email?

    For the 1 or 2 out of every 50 who do this, GMASS might think they haven’t replied, because they haven’t… yet after speaking with them on the phone, it would look bad to have them get an auto-reply message 2 days later. Happy to go in and manually remove these guys, just not sure how.

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