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The great “email follow up” feature and how we find replies

email followup
  1. Merci beaucoup pour cet article ! Ton blog ​GMass m’apporte toujours de super conseils pour ​sur la fonctionnalité de «suivi des e-mails» ​!
    J’ai aussi suivi ce programme de 20 techniques implacables qui permettent de ​maîtriser l’art de vendre par email, ​ rapidement et sans effort : ​https://lc.cx/mrNz

  2. Hi Gmass

    Under the advanced tab, if you have a ‘Reply-To’ email that is different from the email that you sent the original email from it appears the auto follow up feature ‘if no reply’ doesn’t work.

    This is a bit of trouble. As I have email bob@dogs.walk for sending campaign. Then set recipients of campaign who reply to auto “Reply to’ my email bob@dogs.com

    However, I am getting many instances where after I have an email communication with recipeitn on @dogs.com email, they get an auto-follow up from the campaign, and now I look silly.

    Any fix?

    1. Hi Bob,

      Unfortunately, since the Reply-To address is different than the origin of the email when your recipient replies, GMass won’t be able to detect the reply since it’s sent to a different email address.

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