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New Feature: Use a default value with mail merge personalization

You can now substitute a default value (a fallback value) to fall back on when using personalization fields like FirstName and LastName. The default value will be used when a FirstName or LastName doesn’t exist. Use the following format:

{FirstName|default value}

For example, if you’re addressing the top of your email message with the recipient’s first name, you could use:

Dear {FirstName|Friend},


Hey {FirstName|there},

If a first name is present, it will be used; otherwise the email would say “Dear Friend” or “Hey there”.

  1. Ajay,

    I can’t get this feature to work. When I have a Google Doc with a mix of people’s first names, and empty cells, and I put {FirstName | there} in the body of the email, it ends up defaulting to “there” for everybody. Even the people that have a first name in the Google spreadsheet.

    Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if there’s a bug.

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