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Register your own tracking domain for use with Gmail mail merge campaigns

As I mentioned a few days ago, GMass is sunsetting the program where we register domains for our users, but you can still register your own and take advantage of maximum deliverability.

Please note that you are still ENCOURAGED to set your own tracking domain up based on your organization’s domain. If you are unable to modify the DNS for your existing domain, you can register a new domain from scratch and set it up to be a tracking domain for your GMass account. Here is how you do that:

  1. Choose a domain name registrar. Our favorites are Namecheap and Hover, but feel free to use a more popular service like Register.com or GoDaddy if you’re more familiar with them. In my experience, Hover and Namecheap are simple, have intuitive user interfaces, are inexpensive, and provided good support. I would avoid Gandi.net.
  2. Pick the domain that you want to create as your tracking domain. If your organization is ABC Company, and your existing company domain is abccompany.com, you might pick abccompany.net (if it’s available), or abccompany.us. If the exact name isn’t available, you could pick a name like abccompanyemail.net. You can really pick any domain name that you like. While you can certainly pick a cheaper alternative like a .us domain, I recommend choosing a .net name because it’s shown to have the least issues with blacklistings.
  3. You don’t need any supplemental services offered by the domain registrar, like email hosting or a website. You just need the domain. You can choose the WHOIS protection if you want to protect your contact information, and most domain name registrars offer this for free.
  4. Once your name is registered, you are ready to set a CNAME record for your domain. You will find this in the “DNS Settings” of the registrar you’ve chosen. It’s easier than it sounds! You’ll need to choose the “host”, which is the word before the domain you just registered. For example, if you choose a host of “view” and you registered abccompany.net, then your tracking domain will be view.abccompany.net. Whatever host you choose, set its CNAME to point to x.gmtrack.net (it used to be track.gmass.co but we’ve changed this now to x.gmtrack.net). After you’re done, your tracking domain will be host.yourdomain, or in this example, view.abccompany.net. You can test the tracking domain by going to it in the web browser, and it should immediately redirect to the GMass homepage.
  5. The final step, once you know your tracking domain is working, is to apply it to your GMass account.
  1. I can understand till this point “For example, if you choose a host of “view”

    Can I make the host anything or does it need to be something specific like your used view?

  2. Hi, I use gmass with a normal gmail, but now I need to use gmass with a domain email connected to gmail client. Is it possible?

  3. I registered one subdomain and set a value for CNAME to x.gmtrack.net. Also I get email for tracking domain which has been assigned to my account.

    In this moment I can’t see any changes. In my campaigns sender is mail gmail account not email from my tracking domain.

    What I missunderstood?

    1. Hi J.J.,

      A tracking domain does not change the account from which you are sending from. If you’re click tracking your links in the body of your emails, the links are altered so that the GMass server is hit first to record the click, and that’s done by way of the tracking domain. Unless you’ve set up your own custom tracking domain, GMass uses shared tracking domains across accounts.

  4. I’ve just integrated with Sendgrid and setup custom domain tracking, all is good there. My question is: If I already had a campaign running with auto-follow-ups, will my tracking domain be applied to those upon sending, or have they already been assigned the standard Gmass tracking domain, in which case I would need to cancel the campaign?

  5. Your tutorials are cryptic, typical of web developers! You need bullet points, steps, one by one. Not just a vague paragraph with small text and screenshots….

    Get a pro to make tutorials properly, and post them on youtube, I assure you, you will get many more subscribers!

    1. Hi Neeraj,

      Unfortunately, no since the CNAME record forwards that subdomain to x.gmtrack.net for the tracking, you wouldn’t be able to use it as a normal subdomain that points to a different host.

  6. ajay please help,

    i don’t understand how to implement: host of “view” and tracking domain will be view.abccompany.net?

    i have these entries already:

    Type: CNAME
    Name: gmass1
    Value: x.gmtrack.net
    TTL: 1 Hour

    Type: CNAME
    Name: mass
    Value: x.gmtrack.net
    TTL: 1 Hour


  7. I have my NameCheap set up as follows:
    Type: CNAME
    Host: email
    Value: x.gmtrack.net.
    TTL: 60 minutes

    And it is not working. Can you help with what I have done wrong?


    1. Hi Sungnyin,

      You can register a new domain with a domain registrar (GoDaddy, Enom, FastDomain, etc).

  8. Your support is awful!!! Where is live chat??? I have to wait days now just to get the same question answered because your staff doesn’t feel like answering my questions and just sends me to links of articles I have already read and that DO NOT make sense. What the hell is host or view???? Just tell me the exact settings i need to add for my CNAME record on my own domain. And then tell me how to connect it to my gmass account. This is ridiculous that I have to keep asking the same questions!!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      For your CNAME record, you would need to add the values as follows:

      Host or Hostname can be any alphanumeric string that would serve as the subdomain to your tracking domain. (i.e. if you use track as the host, then your tracking domain will be track.yourdomain.com)
      The value or points to should be x.gmtrack.net with TTL set to max or auto.

      This CNAME entry must be added to the DNS records where your domain’s nameservers are handled to function. Upon checking, your domain’s nameservers are handled through Cloudflare so the CNAME entry must be added there to function correctly.

  9. I just signed up for gmass. I want to send about 500 emails once a month, I guess from my personal gmail account. Is that a bad idea?

    I would like to do whatever this article is telling me to do in order, but I literally don’t understand it. Is there an easier tutorial?

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