How to set your custom tracking domain in GMass

I’ve written extensively about the importance of having a dedicated tracking domain for your GMass account. Now, you can set your tracking domain all on your own after you’ve implemented the DNS setup for it.

Set your dedicated tracking domain in GMass

Compose a new message in Gmail, put in the To field, and put the tracking domain you created in the Subject. Then hit the main GMass buttonDo not hit the Send button.

In this example, my G Suite email address is, and I’m setting as my tracking domain. I must hit the GMass button, not the Send button.

Note: For instant approval, your tracking domain must contain the domain of your G Suite email address. Meaning, if you are, your tracking domain should be something like If your email address domain and your tracking domain don’t match, your request will be accepted but will be held for manual approval.

To clear your tracking domain settings

If you want to clear your custom tracking domain so that your mailings revert to the system shared tracking domain, do the same as above except put the word “clear” (without the quotes) in the Subject line. That will clear the tracking domain for your account, and if your account is a G Suite account, it will also clear the tracking domain for any other GMass accounts of the same domain name.


33 Replies to “How to set your custom tracking domain in GMass”

  1. Tania

    Hi Ajay, this may be a bit of a noob question but would there be a risk that our tracking domain could be used by anyone else? I guess my concern is that IF someone could then this could be severely harmful to our businesses domain.

  2. Ajay Goel

    This isn't possible, because we would have to manually approve the assignment of a tracking domain to an account, when the domain of the tracking domain doesn't match the domain of the Google Apps account.

  3. John

    Hi created new CNAME & got approved by GMASS that I have custom tracking domain but all my emails are still ending up in spam folders when sending. Please help

  4. John Sevigny

    It’s a bit irritating that after paying for GMass I have to do this to make it actually work. It really should have been mentioned up front. And “one simple step” is plainly a lie. This is my first moth using gmass and will likely be my last.

    • Maya Quijada

      Hi John,

      I’m sorry you feel that way. We try to make it as simple as possible (and even offer to set it up for you if you don’t feel technically able) – we developed this feature to ensure the deliverability our users prefer. If you want me to set up your CNAME record for you, Please contact our support team through

  5. Shawn Harmon

    3D cart set up my tracking domain CNAME:

    I sent it to you all as instructed and you approved it.

    Now what do I do? Do I have to embed the CNAME into each email that I compose or how does it work?

  6. Colleen Cross

    I have purchased a Gmass for one of my business emails set up through my website. I am curious if a bundle package exists for other email accounts under the same domain? We have a total of 5 accounts. Does gmail offer any type of package deal. Even for 3 of us that need it the most. Thank you

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Colleen,

      GMass subscriptions are per Gmail or G Suite account, and GMass doesn’t care what alias addresses are connected to a single account. So if you have all of your aliases on the various domains set up in a single Gmail account, and that single Gmail account is subscribed to GMass, then you are able to send from all of those different alias addresses with a single GMass subscription.

      If, however, those aliases are spread across multiple Gmail accounts, then you would need a subscription for each of those Gmail accounts.

  7. Виталий

    Адрес не найден
    Сообщение не доставлено, так как адрес не найден или не принимает входящие письма.

    Что делать? Может адрес изменился?

  8. Mari

    Guys! Does this tool still work ? I have set up the SMTP server with sendgrid, created a Cname and pointed it to >> , however the emails that i send as a test to my other emal adress are landing in the spam folder. What am i missing ?

  9. Angie Killian

    I have a standard gmail address, and I sent up my CNAME on my domain, but when I try to send the email, I keep getting this error notice: “Uh oh, something went wrong. Here is the detailed error: We couldn’t find a CNAME entry for pointing to If you need help resolving this, please contact support at”

  10. Fayaz Ahmad

    I have Subscribed for two emails with gmass. Now to create a tracking domain can i make two CNAME in the same domain & would it work perfect. or i have to purchase two domain for my two emails.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Fayaz,

      No, you can use the same domain for both subscriptions. You can have each one to use different hostnames.

      For example, you can use something like and both pointing to so you won’t have to purchase another domain.

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