How to track clicks in your Gmail Mail Merge Campaigns

Mail merge campaigns sent via GMass can now be click-tracked. To turn on click-tracking for a mail-merge campaign, just check the box in the Settings box before clicking the main GMass button. Note that click-tracking is turned on by default.

All hyperlinks will be converted to trackable hyperlinks in the following format:

Certain links will be left alone and not tracked, including “mailto:” links and “tel:” links. All other regular web hyperlinks will be converted to trackable links if click tracking is on. Additionally, previously tracked URLs will not be tracked again. For example, if you track a link in one campaign, and that URL is converted to:

and then you copy/paste that tracked URL into another campaign, it will be left alone and not converted again.


When someone clicks on a link in an email campaign, a report will go into the GMass Reports –> Clicks label in your Gmail account.

Not all links are tracked

In order to prevent your links from looking like phishing links, we do NOT TRACK links where the anchor text itself is a URL.

45 Replies to “How to track clicks in your Gmail Mail Merge Campaigns”

  1. Unknown

    Hey Ajay, I am currently having a problem with a Gmass Reports label on the gmail, it simply doesn't appear neither in the gmail bar, nor in the settings. Tried to search it up on the Internet, but didn't succeed. Would you please tell the possible reasons for this problem?

    Best regards,

  2. Ajay Goel

    Nandin – The "GMass Reports" label only shows up AFTER you have at least one reporting event take place, like an open, or a click on an email sent via GMass. You can send yourself an email with GMass, and open it, and then the labels will show up on the left.

  3. Unknown

    Are there any plans to create a user-friendly dashboard to follow email tracking? It's awesome to see who's opened emails, but quite difficult to manage and make business decisions when the data comes in the form of a ton of emails.

  4. Ajay Goel

    Karolina — yes, GMass tracks opens to all recipients of a mail merge campaign. Make sure your emails are HTML emails. You can do that by making any word bold or adding at least one link. Gmail will sometimes default to plain text instead of HTML, if nothing in the body of the email requires HTML. Feel free to email me at if you need more help.

  5. Ajay Goel

    Yes, I know our Reporting isn't the greatest right now. We won't be creating a dashboard, because my software development philosophy for GMass is to create a UI-less experience, but I will improve the email notifications that you get when there is an open or a click. Stay tuned for that.

  6. Greg

    Hi Ajay I need help with none of the buttons working in my Settings. Have emailed you a screenshot and video to show that each click does nothing. Have re installed and disabled all other Extensions etc. Still no buttons work. Please help.

  7. Steve

    I just installed and tested Gmass with 11 test emails. I used my own gmail accounts and those of my coworker.

    I checked the opens in the Gmass reports and it shows 3 of my gmail accounts opened the email when in fact, they did not.

    What's the cause of this and how can I fix it. This is worthless to me if I'm getting phantom "opens" and possibly clicks that aren't taking place.


  8. Nagy Utazás

    Hi Ajay! Gmass is so cool, I love the daily report of my campaign. Will you send us a final report to after the whole campaign ended? thanks for the info, just i need to know what to expect.

  9. shweta joshi

    Hi Ajay! While we're loving the GMass for the personalization, it's really not showing up any track reports for emails opened, unsubscribed or link tracking. What exactly to expect? Is there anyone we can write to, in the team?

  10. Ajay Goel

    Steve – it's likely that you opened those messages yourself from your Sent Mail folder. That is the one flaw with open tracking right now. If you open the messages yourself, then it will count as the receiver having opened it.

    • Dimitri

      Hello Ajay,
      Would it be possible to not count the sending address as opener of the email ?
      I just realized that if i open a bounce (which arrives at first in the inbox), it does count as an OPEN, making it quite confusing.
      Declaring one or even a couple of adresses (for testing) which should not count as open would be a very neat feature.

  11. Ajay Goel

    Right now, there is no final report that is sent, but I'm working on that feature. Right now you get real-time reports after any event (open, click, unsubscribe).

  12. Ajay Goel

    It's likely that you're not looking in the right place for reports. Be sure to click the expansion triangle to the left of the "GMass Reports" label to drill down and see the sub-Labels.

  13. Gregory Kell

    Hi Ajay! Playing around with using GMass, particularly for click tracking, but when I send an email using the Chrome extension, I do not see any reports for clicks. I have Campaigns, Opens, Replies and Sent Copies.

    What am I missing?

  14. G.Om Kumar

    Hi Ajay,

    I have a campaign to run where I have 10 different email templates to email but all have got only one link to track. I will be using the same link in all my 10 campaigns. How to track this, please explain ?

  15. Unknown

    If I send a campaign and I am tracking the opens, I have noticed if I forward it to my CRM software and the email is opened it counts as an open email. Anyway to check where it was from?

  16. Steve

    I am seeing the email I sent to one person is being opened on multiple times. Does this indicate the orgininal email I sent was forwarded to others who are now opening it?

  17. dov

    Hello, I would like to know ,
    I need to use the same URL at 2 different campaigns, and to track this URL for each campaign.
    (it’s a landing page URL which I need to use in 2 campaigns or more)
    is it possible ?

  18. Marie

    Hi Ajay,

    I’m still on the testing phase. I have tried sending emails to 2 different email addresses and see how fast I should receive it. So far I have not received the emails on both accounts.

  19. Alan

    Is it possible to retrieve a full list of clicks on all campaigns. Can I get a list emailed to me? Or is there a way to retrieve a whole list of all of them?

  20. Ajit Vahadane

    How do you know who has clicked on UNSUBSCRIBE button in the emails sent through Gmass? How do you track those people who do not wish to recieve our emails from gmass?


    I was curious about if you ever considered changing the page layout of your site? It is well written; I really like what you have got to say. But maybe you can create a little more in the way of written content so people could connect to it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two photos. Maybe you can space it out better?

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Thanks for your feedback and will be taking that into consideration in the future as we are trying to continue to improve not only the content but also the aesthetics of our site to ensure ease of use and readability.

  22. Nidhi

    Ajay Goel

    Hope you are doing good!!

    As discussed, we can draft unlimited Emails per day.there are only 490 emails per day are working…May I Know what is the reason for 490 emails working only per day.

    Can I get a explanation of SendGrid tool extension for GMass.

  23. BillEBobb

    Hi Ajay,
    I’m getting many clicks from different IP addresses but same email.
    If someone forwards my campaign email is that what would happen?

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Bill,

      Yes. The way tracking works is GMass attaches a 1×1 pixel to your emails that are unique to each recipient on each of your campaigns. When an email is opened, this pixel is downloaded and an open instance is recorded.

      Now for example, you sent an email with the said pixel and he forwards it to 2 other people who also opens the forwarded message, this will trigger 3 different open instances from different IPs (assuming the other 2 were not using the same internet connection). 1 for John plus 2 more for the forwarded message.

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