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Networking Email Subject Lines (5 Tips & 18 Examples)

networking subject lines

Looking to craft the perfect networking email subject line?

You’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll give you tons of email subject line examples to use in your networking emails. We’ll also give you some emailing tips to ensure that your networking emails convert!

The networking email subject lines I will show you can be applied in a variety of situations, such as:

  • To build a relationship before pitching your products or services
  • As a precedent to sending your resume
  • To explore a partnership
  • To pitch a guest post
  • To ask for advice from an industry expert

Here’s what the article contains:

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Let’s get started.

Why Are Email Subject Lines So Important?

Everyone’s heard that an email’s subject line is incredibly important.

But why?

Here’s what the research says:

  • 69% of email recipients send an email to their spam folder based on its subject line.
  • 47% of email recipients opened an email based on its subject line alone.
  • Personalized subject lines are 22% more likely to be opened.

Your email’s subject line plays a massive role in whether networking email is successful or not. Your subject line can be the difference between making a valuable connection and getting blocked by a recipient.

It’s no surprise that people like email marketers and sales folks spend hours writing email subject lines. Luckily, you won’t have to – as we’ve compiled a list of great email subject lines that you can use right away.

Introductory Email Subject Lines

Writing introductory emails can be tricky.

The person you are trying to connect with doesn’t know you yet. So why should they invest the time to open your email?

Your subject line has to look authentic and valuable enough for them to open your email.

Always try and personalize an introductory email’s subject line. You want to make a connection, introduce yourself and set the base for your future interactions. And all of this starts with your subject line.

Introductory Email Subject Line #1:

Reaching Out For Some Expert Advice On (Topic)

Why this works:

Everyone loves compliments. Being referred to as an industry expert on a topic is something that your contact is bound to love. Usually, people are happy to offer helpful advice – provided you ask correctly.

Also, as you’re asking for something, there’s a sense of urgency about it – which increases the likelihood of a quick response. It’s an easy way to get the conversation going and (possibly) gain some valuable insights about a topic.

Introductory Email Subject Line #2:

Loved Your Recent Article In (Publication)

Why this works:

A lot of introductory emails come across as inauthentic and spammy. “I really love your blog and I have been following you for a while” is now well recognized as a spam template!

However, referencing a specific piece of content that the recipient has written (as opposed to a generic comment above) is a great way to come across as genuine. It’s a great way to sound truly interested in your contact and hopefully get a response.

Introductory Email Subject Line #3:

Fellow (Common Interest/Qualification) Looking For An Opportunity To Connect

Why this works:

Common interests and qualifications are an easy way to connect with your recipient. This instantly establishes some common ground to build the discussion on.

When referencing common interests/qualifications, only use information that’s readily available to the public like their alma mater or industry. Don’t get excessively personal by digging through a recipient’s social media profiles and reference a picture they took at a party the other day!

Other good introductory subject lines:

“Just caught the interview you had with ”

“Fellow [city resident] that’d like to connect”

“I was asked to reach out to you by [Mutual Acquaintance]”

“Would love to know more about your article on [insert publication]!”

“I love that [insert thought, idea or opinion] you shared on [publication]”

Follow-Up Email Subject Lines

Chances are, you’ll have to follow up on your initial interactions with a prospect. Maybe you asked for an informational interview with them earlier, but there’s been no response since then.

Dropping the prospect at this point could be premature. Maybe they simply forgot to respond, or are waiting for some other information. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to politely nudge them and keep the conversation going.

To help you follow-up successfully, here are two simple subject lines:

Follow Up Email Subject Line #1:

Hey (Recipient’s Name), This Is (Your Name)

Why this works:

The goal of a follow-up email is to remind the recipient of who you are. This subject line accomplishes that. As you’re mentioning names, the recipient will know that this is a genuine email – even if they don’t remember you very well.

Also, by keeping the subject line slightly vague – you’re encouraging them to open your mail to see what it contains.

Follow Up Email Subject Line #2:

Hey (Recipient’s Name), Just Following Up On Our (Call/Meeting) The Other Day

Why this works:

This subject line directly references a past conversation, social media interaction or event with the recipient. It’s a great way to instantly jog their memory of the meeting and remember who you are.

Other good follow-up email subject lines:

“I really hope you enjoyed the [event]”

“It was great meeting you at [event]”

“Hey (Recipient’s Name), just checking in since we last spoke”

Number-Driven Subject Lines

Leading with numbers is a great way to interest a reader and show them what you’re offering. Quantifying the content on your mail, such as “3 ways I can…” or “The 5 Best…” is a simple way to get their attention.

You can add numbers to your introduction or follow-up email to make them look more enticing. Here are a few simple number-driven subject lines:

Number-Driven Email Subject Line #1:

The 5 Ways (Recipient’s Company) and (Your Company) Can Work Together

Why this works:

By mentioning “5 ways” in your subject line, you’re being specific and creating a lot of curiosity. This is bound to get their attention and convince them to open your email. Additionally, by mentioning the names of the companies involved, you’re adding a layer of personalization and authenticity to the email.

Number-Driven Email Subject Line #2:

3 Things I Loved About Your Article On (Publication)

Why this works:

This is a good example of using numbers to supplement your introductory emails. Sure, referencing previously written content is a great way to look authentic, but that’s not all. By adding a number to your subject line, you’re letting the contact know what specific things stood out. It shows them that you thoroughly did your research – which leads to interest.

Other good number-driven subject lines

“Loved these 3 insights from your recent article on (publication)”

“5 reasons why (recipient’s company) could benefit from better (topic)”

“7 things I learned from your interview on (channel)”

5 Tips For Networking Email Subject Line Success

1. Keep It Short

The goal of your networking email subject line is to simply get your recipient’s attention and encourage them to open your email. Just write specific and concise subjects.


  • Email recipients find long subject lines difficult to read – especially if they’re viewing your email on a mobile device.
  • Long-worded email subject lines come across as spammy and might trigger some automatic email spam filters.
  • It’s harder for the recipient to instantly gauge the purpose of the email. They’ll question the intent behind it and might even send it to their spam folder.

TipUse an online subject line checker to help hit the perfect word length for your networking email subject line.

2. Time It Right

Your email needs to reach your recipient at the right time. Your content can’t impress a recipient if they don’t see it in the first place, right?

A good rule of thumb for maximum reach is to only send emails during work hours (9 AM – 5 PM). This ensures that your email reaches the top of the recipient’s inbox when they’re going through their mail.

Avoid sending emails at the end of the workweek and right before a holiday. Chances are, your recipient won’t be checking their mail during this time and your email will remain unread at the bottom of their inbox. Or they might plan to reply later and just forget about it.

3. Personalize Your Emails

Personalizing your emails for each reader is a surefire way to get noticed.

Whenever you’re sending marketing emails, you can’t opt for a generic, bland email. You have to directly reference your recipient if you want to increase your conversions.

Mentioning a recipient’s name, company and needs is a great way to show your email recipients that you’ve handcrafted this sales email for them. This makes it easier to forge a connection with your reader and get a response.

4. Ask For Advice – Not Favors

Whenever you write a networking email, never directly ask the reader for a favor.


It’s obvious that you’re only emailing to get something out of them. Instead, opt for a slower, more organic approach where you ask them for advice and try to build a genuine connection.

5. Conduct A Quality Check

As your subject line is the first thing a reader will see, it better be perfect. There should be no spelling errors, no grammatical mistakes, no unclear information – your writing should be flawless.

You can always use an online subject line checker to help you write good subject lines. A subject line checker rates your subject line on a variety of different variables like word length, engagement, and readability to ensure that it’s perfect.

How GMass Can Help Your Email Marketing Campaigns

What Is GMass?

GMass is an email outreach tool that helps you send email campaigns from the comfort of your Gmail inbox. Used by employees from Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn, it’ll help take your email marketing and networking efforts to the next level. It’s got tons of features to boost your email click-through rates and email open rates in no time!

Anybody in the email marketing industry can easily use GMass to set-up a meeting, interview or friendly networking event in a matter of seconds!

Here’s how GMass can help you craft effective email campaigns:

1. Personalization

Networking emails must be personalized if you want them to work.

You need to tailor each sales email to cater to what each recipient relates to. If you don’t do this, your mail will come across as generic and will be tossed into their spam folder.

But what if you’re sending hundreds of networking emails? You can’t sit and personalize all the email templates individually, right?

Don’t worry, GMass does that for you.

It adds personalization variables to your email templates, such as:

  • {First Name}
  • {Last Name}
  • {Company Name}

It uses their email address and other data to determine these values and automatically adds them to each email. All you have to do is create some email templates and GMass will do the personalizing. Just add your email signature at the end of your sales email and it’s good to go!

networking email subject line 1

2. Analytics

GMass comes with detailed analytics reports to help an email marketer gauge how well their marketing emails are doing.

An email marketer has access to data on their:

  • Email open rate – the percentage of people that opened an email.
  • Click-through rates – the number of people who clicked on links in an email divided by total emails sent.
  • Unsuccessful email open rate- percentage people that didn’t open an email.
  • Replies – total number of people that replied to your emails.
  • Bounces – total email addresses that were invalid in a marketing campaign.

With GMass, an email marketer will have no trouble measuring different metrics like bounces and click-through rates to ensure that they’re getting the best out of their emails.

3. Automatic Follow-Ups

Everyone isn’t going to respond to your marketing emails immediately.

Say you emailed tons of people about a networking event or informational interview you were holding, but none of them got back.

What do you do?

Manually craft follow-up emails for each person?

That’s going to take hours and tons of effort!

Why not let a tool like GMass do it for you instead?

GMass can send automatic follow-up emails to any person who hasn’t responded to your mail. You have complete control over these marketing follow-ups where you can customize:

  • The number of follow-ups each person receives.
  • The time gap between your follow-up emails.
  • The follow-up message.

networking email subject line 2

With GMass’ follow-ups, you’ll have no trouble finally getting a response about that networking event or informational interview you set up!

4. Easy Scheduling

You want your marketing emails to reach the right people at the right time.

To help you with this, GMass can schedule your email campaigns and sending times in advance. You can choose one of GMass’ predetermined times or create custom date and time to send your emails in seconds!

networking email subject line 3

If you need to change the timings any emails you have already scheduled, just go to your “Drafts” folder and locate these emails to change their date and time. To make this easier, all scheduled emails are labeled as “GMass Scheduled.”


Crafting the perfect networking subject line isn’t rocket science. All you need is some personalization and you’re good to go.

In the meantime, why not sign up for GMass to streamline your networking email process? You can quickly send, manage and tweak mass emails to make the most of your email networking campaigns!

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