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  1. Oscia Wilson

    Just got Gmass and I'm about to use it for a Kickstarter campaign. It's great! I SO wish it could give a report on who has actually replied to an email campaign so I can get those people segmented onto a special "inner circle" list. Any chance this is coming soon?

  2. Ajay Goel

    Hi Oscia — you can get a fairly accurate list of those who replied to a previous campaign by:

    1. Searching your Gmail account for "Re: [Subject]". For example, if you sent out an email campaign with Subject of "Support my Kickstarter campaign", then to follow up with people that replied to that, search for "Re: Support my Kickstarter campaign".

    2. Then use the GMass "build email list" button (the magnifying glass next to the Search field) to launch a Compose window of email addresses that match that criteria.

    That will give you a pretty accurate list of just the people that replied.

  3. Josh

    How about for emails that don’t get sent to? I have a campaign that errored out about 30% through. How do I get the 70% sent?

  4. Dana

    Can you send this type of email in drafts, then go to drafts and delete a few emails (those who have purchased/scheduled meeting, etc) so they don’t get a follow up if they don’t need one?


  5. Rob


    How can I send manual follow-ups on top of the last email in a thread, instead of starting a new email thread with a new subject line?

  6. ephraim

    I tried this but I’m getting an error message that I’m using at least 1 link that. has…… I can’t read the rest. But the links are fine. How do i send?

    • Maya Quijada

      That message pops up if you’re using a link that has been click tracked before. You probably copied/pasted text from your Sent – just delete the link and replace it with a “clean” URL, copied from your browser. That will solve the issue for you.

  7. Yorgos

    Hi, I am doing a manual follow-up. I followed the steps. The earlier email is not created. It looks like I am sending an entirely new email. Is this how it is supposed to be? I have a paid account.

    • Maya Quijada

      Manual Followups will launch a new Compose Window – that is normal. Open the GMass Settings Box and set the Campaign to Send as: Replies if you’d like to send in the same chain of emails as your last Campaign.

  8. Leong

    Hi there, how can I personalize my auto-follow up emails? As in I want to include “Dear {First Name},” when doing follow ups.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Ben,

      You can still use BCC with the regular send button. With GMass, you won’t need to use BCC since GMass will send an individual email to each of your recipients in the TO field. You can test this out by adding a couple of email addresses in the TO field and sending out a test email to addresses you have access to. You’ll see that each email will be addressed only to a single person. Add in the merge capabilities of GMass, and you can essentially write hundreds of personalized emails with just a single compose window and an attached Google Sheet. To learn more, please see https://www.gmass.co/blog/mail-merge-personalization/

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