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  1. Oscia Wilson

    Just got Gmass and I'm about to use it for a Kickstarter campaign. It's great! I SO wish it could give a report on who has actually replied to an email campaign so I can get those people segmented onto a special "inner circle" list. Any chance this is coming soon?

  2. Ajay Goel

    Hi Oscia — you can get a fairly accurate list of those who replied to a previous campaign by:

    1. Searching your Gmail account for "Re: [Subject]". For example, if you sent out an email campaign with Subject of "Support my Kickstarter campaign", then to follow up with people that replied to that, search for "Re: Support my Kickstarter campaign".

    2. Then use the GMass "build email list" button (the magnifying glass next to the Search field) to launch a Compose window of email addresses that match that criteria.

    That will give you a pretty accurate list of just the people that replied.

  3. Josh

    How about for emails that don’t get sent to? I have a campaign that errored out about 30% through. How do I get the 70% sent?

  4. Dana

    Can you send this type of email in drafts, then go to drafts and delete a few emails (those who have purchased/scheduled meeting, etc) so they don’t get a follow up if they don’t need one?


  5. Rob


    How can I send manual follow-ups on top of the last email in a thread, instead of starting a new email thread with a new subject line?

  6. ephraim

    I tried this but I’m getting an error message that I’m using at least 1 link that. has…… I can’t read the rest. But the links are fine. How do i send?

    • Maya Quijada

      That message pops up if you’re using a link that has been click tracked before. You probably copied/pasted text from your Sent – just delete the link and replace it with a “clean” URL, copied from your browser. That will solve the issue for you.

  7. Yorgos

    Hi, I am doing a manual follow-up. I followed the steps. The earlier email is not created. It looks like I am sending an entirely new email. Is this how it is supposed to be? I have a paid account.

    • Maya Quijada

      Manual Followups will launch a new Compose Window – that is normal. Open the GMass Settings Box and set the Campaign to Send as: Replies if you’d like to send in the same chain of emails as your last Campaign.

  8. Leong

    Hi there, how can I personalize my auto-follow up emails? As in I want to include “Dear {First Name},” when doing follow ups.

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