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Hit Gmail’s sending quota? We’ll still send your campaign

Gmail daily send limit

If you’re a reputable sender, GMass will now automatically push your campaign over our SMTP server if your campaign pauses because of a Gmail sending limit issue.

A brief history of how we’ve overcome Gmail’s limits

For a long time, the biggest frustration amongst GMass users was hitting Gmail’s sending limits and receiving a flurry of “You have reached a limit for sending mail” bounce messages in the Inbox. To address this, we built the distributed scheduling feature, where you can send large campaigns of 10,000 recipients or more, and GMass will spread it evenly over a number of days, so as to not exceed your daily sending quota.

This technique proved to have its limitations, however, because Gmail doesn’t always allow you to send your full account limits.

To further address this, GMass added the option of being able to set an outside SMTP server with your account, such that you could still use GMass and Gmail to launch your email campaigns, but the emails would actually be sent via a third party sending service rather than by Gmail directly. From the user’s standpoint, however, everything would still look and feel the same: the emails would still show up in your Sent Mail folder, and everything from opens and clicks to bounces and replies would still be tracked.

For our non tech-savvy users, however, signing up for a third party SMTP service and connecting it to GMass was frustrating and difficult. To address that frustration, we made it possible for users to use our internal SendGrid account. We created an application process for “good” senders where we would connect their GMass account for them to our internal SendGrid account, so the user could skip the technical details and just send.

Still though, this requires “work” on behalf of the user, because the user has to

  1. Apply to use our SMTP server.
  2. Wait for approval from us.
  3. Remember to choose the “SendGrid” option instead of the “Gmail” option in the GMass Settings box.

An easier way going forward

Starting a few days ago, we have our most simplest option yet to circumvent Gmail’s sending limits.

Now, if your campaign is under 10,000 recipients and exhibits the qualities of a legitimate sender and not a spammer, we’ll automatically push the remaining portion of the campaign through SendGrid after you hit Gmail’s limits.. You won’t have to wait for your Gmail quota to reset, and you won’t keep getting flooded with “You have reached a limit” bounces.

How will you know if we’ve “pushed” your campaign?

If your campaign is selected by our algorithm to be pushed to our SendGrid server, you’ll get an email notification like this:

The Subject will clearly indicate that we’re pushing your campaign through our SendGrid server.

Shortly after, you’ll receive another notification like this, confirming that the email is now sending through SendGrid.

What’s the secret formula to getting pushed through SendGrid?

We can’t say, but we have a pretty sophisticated and accurate way of determining whether a campaign is opt-in.

What about the deliverability advantage of Gmail?

When GMass automatically pushes a campaign via SendGrid rather than Gmail, the email is no longer going through the Gmail’s deliverability servers, but our recent data shows that the IP of the sending server is less relevant than it used to be for email deliverability purposes.

Inbox placement has more to do with the actual sender, the domain’s reputation, and the content of the email, rather than the sending IP. Meaning, we’ve been noticing that if half of a 5,000 recipient campaign sends through Gmail, and the other half sends through SendGrid, the open rates for each batch of 2,500 are around the same.

However, to ensure that we’re not compromising your campaign’s deliverability by re-routing it through SendGrid, we’ll show you your campaign’s open rates, broken out into TWO groups — the chunk of emails sent natively via Gmail, and the the batch sent via SendGrid.

Here’s an example of what you’ll see in a campaign report:

I don’t want my email campaigns automatically pushed to SendGrid

No problem, just let us know, and we’ll set your account to never use this new capability.

  1. The service is excellent and I really appreciate the capacity of GMass.
    However, I am not sure about Sendgrid option. I may have this in my account. How do I check to see it. thanks

    1. Hi Gary,

      Thank you for your kind words. To check if your account has SendGrid attached to it, open a new compose addressed to SMTP@gmass.co with the subject line status and click the GMass button.

      1. I got this message:

        “Your account is NOT set to send via SMTP right now. It sends only through Google’s servers.”

        Why my PAID account not set to send via SMTP?

        Kindly set it to send via SMTP too.

      2. I did this and it says my account is not set up to use SendGrid — how do I change this so that it is? I have less than 400 contacts and a paid GMass account (the least expensive one). I have sent 380 emails in one day and it is fine, and then the next week I get the you’ve reached your limit message. I do have the contact grouped alphabetically so I never actually send more than 90 at a time. — Thank you! Yvonne Coren at TeamBernieUkiah2020.com

        1. Hi Yvonne,

          Could you send us a ticket by going to gmass.co/g/support and emailing our support team directly so we can see what we can check to see what we can do from our end?

  2. This is a great upgrade, thanks GMass! To clarify,

    1. If I have an email contact list of 5,000 separate emails, can I email my contact list in one batch of 5,000 emails rather than relying on GMass to evenly distribute it so I don’t breach the Gmail (2,000) limit?

    2. How can I confirm I have access to this capability and it will be completed before I start the 5,000 email campaign?

  3. Hi,

    I went through the article, got pretty much the idea about how it works (not the technical part) but want to go a little deeper into it since I always run out of sending capacity of Gmass.
    It would be great if we could connect over phone or have a details conversation over the email. We would very much like to go ahead with this service.

  4. I don’t know how many people are not receiving the emails I am sending through gmass but I do know that Cox.com is blocking them as well as others…there message says “suspecting spam”.. any suggestions???

  5. I have a subscription to recieve 100 leads a day for business opportunities. what is the daily limit for G suite accounts using Gmass?

    Will Gmass or gmail have an issue with sending 2000 emails a day?

  6. Hi – I’ve been enjoying this service for over a year and would really like to benefit from these campaigns. However, it seems that my campaigns are still being split into multiple days. Please let me know if there’s anything I need to do to get this set up on my account, would be a big added benefit. Thanks!

  7. Estimado,

    Favor de responder la siguiente inquietud.

    Tengo Gsuit, 2000 correos por día.

    Contrato gmass y hago campaña de 1500 correos al día, pero al sr google, se le ocurrió bajar mis envíos de gsuit de 2000 a 1000.

    Entonces, gmass a través de sus propios servidores me envían los 500 restantes.

    Por estos 500 que envía gmass ¿hay un costo? o este servicio esta incluido dentro de la suscripción de gmass.

    La idea no es abonar gsuit + gmass + empujada de gmass.

    Ya que esto se da para la picardía de decir, que google limita a 100 envíos para vendernos las empujadas de gmass.

    Saludos y aguardo respuesta.

    1. Hi Gustavo,

      No, there are no additional costs when we push your campaigns through. That is an included feature of GMass.

    1. Hi Jirawat,

      Not sure what you mean by not having support as we responded to your inquiry Jun 17 15:10 GMT to which we did not receive a response. We’re unsure what you mean by “don’t have any buy”. If you have any concerns or have questions regarding your 3 subscriptions, could you clarify them by replying to the email we sent to you in response to your ticket?

  8. I am using my own SMTP to avoid exceeding gmail sending quota. But my SMTP allows 200 emails/hours. To overcome this issue, I used “pause between email” but it is not serving the purpose because of the fact that Gmass is pausing for 4-5 seconds whereas the safe pause required is 20 seconds. Kindly add the option to adjust pause duration as different users even different campaigns may have different requirement for ‘pause between email’.

  9. I sent a mail to 1200 receiver 3 days ago.
    Gmass only sent 480. My biggest concern is that it does not even show that it wishs to send to the rest of them.
    The report shows as if they were only 480 address. I double checked the original message and the 1200 addresses are there.
    What shall I do?

  10. Hello

    Just need clarification on the process of your campaigns.

    I have a list of 1300 emails. I was only able to send around 500 last night then I got the over limit bounce message.

    What am I supposed to do now? Will GMass automatically continue sending the rest of the emails out on its own after the 24hour resets? Or do I have to process the campaign again?

    Also, those 20 or so bounces, will Gmass automatically resend those messages? Or do I have to individually resend the ones that bounced back.

    Please reply so I can understand the process

    Thank you

  11. Yes, I am interested in SendGrid mass email system. How can I upgrade as I need to send thousands of emails in one go. GMass gives offer upto 50 emails in one go and this limit is very small. Pls connect mplacementindia@gmail.com or call 8383854328.

    1. Hi Abhishek,

      You would need to subscribe to one of our paid subscription plans. Please note that our paid subscriptions do not have the 50 emails per rolling 24 hours sending limit. Please visit gmass.co/pricing

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