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Free email warm-up tool for Gmail: Increase Your Email Deliverability Quickly and Easily

GMass email warm up tool

You can now warm-up any Gmail or G Suite email address for free. Email warm-up has been a hot topic in the cold email community recently. One major frustration to creating a new email address, is warming up your email so that your emails do not get sent to the recipient’s spam folder. Attempting to do so on your own without a proficient tool, can be challenging, especially if you want to start using the Gmail send limits sooner than later. When a new employee joins your team in an outreach capacity, utilizing an email warm-up tool will help increase their deliverability more easily and quickly.

Warming up a new e-mail address, and especially a new domain, is important in order to:

  1. Be able to send your full limits, based on Google’s policy of 500/day for Gmail accounts and 2,000/day for Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) accounts.
  2. To get the best possible deliverability to the Inbox.
  3. Minimize the chance that Google suspends your email account, especially if you have a new Gmail account or new Google Workspace domain with no sending history.

An automated email warm-up system does the following:

  • sends emails from your account to other email accounts and vice-versa
  • examines where those emails land, marks them as “not spam” if they end up in Spam
  • marks them as “read”, and replies to them as well
  • marks emails as “Important” in some cases

Warm-up works by training Google’s algorithms to see that emails coming from your email account are desirable and highly engaging.

Several email warm-up services like Lemwarm and Mailwarm already exist, but I found flaws and room for improvement in these systems, and so our development team got to work. We believe our warm-up system is the best one on the market. GMass’s automated warm-up system is an improvement over others because of the following:

  1. One-click setup: Setup is a matter of just one click. No usernames/passwords to enter, and no Google security settings to alter. Our system works securely over OAuth, and not by authenticating over SMTP.
  2. Auto-detect the right settings: GMass auto detects what your daily volume and ramp-up should be by automatically analyzing your email account’s sending patterns.
  3. Multi-message threads: GMass’s warm-up conversations include several back-and-forth replies as opposed to just one reply, making each email thread seem more natural.
  4. Auto Inbox decluttering: No need to set up a Gmail filter manually (in fact, doing so harms the warm-up process). Our system will automatically archive any warm-up emails sent to your Inbox.
  5. Higher warm-up limits: The GWarm system sends up to 200 warm-up emails per day, depending on your warm-up settings. Other warm-up systems limit your sending to around 50 warm-up emails/day. This “limits” your Gmail sending limits.
  6. It’s completely free to the public.

Why do I need to warm up my new email account?

A new email account needs “warmed up” to assure increased deliverability and establish trust as a valid email account, not a spam account. When you set up a new Gmail account, you can’t immediately send the full 500 emails/day that Google eventually allows. That’s for good reason. If Google allowed every new Gmail account to send its full limits, then spammers would be setting up gmail.com accounts all day long. Instead, reputation needs to build over time, and that’s done is by sending slowly from the account, ramping up daily volume over time and making sure emails are read and replied to, and that’s what an automated email warm-up solution does. Our tool will “read” and “respond” to emails from your new email account, paced strategically to adhere to a normal cadence to Google. This email warm up process will increase you email deliverability and reduce your emails from ending up in Spam.

How do you warm up an email account for increased deliverability?

Don’t want to read anymore? Warm up any Gmail or Google Workspace account right here.

There are three ways to start warming up.

1. From the web

Even if you don’t have a GMass account yet, go here to warm up any Gmail account.

2. Using the Chrome extension

If you have the GMass Chrome extension installed, then just do this:

Start warm-up on your account using the GMass button.

3. Your dashboard

If you’re already a GMass user, just log in, go to Settings, and then go to the Warm-Up section and check the box to start the process. Here’s a direct link to the warm-up section in your dashboard.

Alias addresses

Alias addresses don’t need warming up — it’s just the primary Google account that you’re logged into that will be warmed up. Any aliases tied to that Google account should inherit the same warm-up “sauce” as the primary account, because when you send “from” an alias address in Gmail, the actual MAIL-FROM address used during the SMTP “conversation” is still the email address of the logged-in Google account.

What does it look like?

When our software warms up an email account, it sends emails from and to that account to simulate conversations. The text of the conversations is auto-generated by a sentence-generating algorithm. It often reads like gibberish but is still in the form of complete sentences. Here’s an example of what a new Google Workspace account that is being warmed up will look like.

The SENT folder of an account that’s in the process of being warmed up.

Note that every email sent as part of the warm-up process has the tag [GWarm] at the end of the subject line. That’s so our systems can easily identify these emails in your account so we can determine where they’re landing (Inbox, Spam, Promotions, or other folders) and so we can automatically archive them from the recipients’ Inbox to prevent Inbox clutter.

Stopping warm-up

If you decide that you no longer want your account warmed-up, stop it from your warm-up settings by unchecking the warm-up box.

Here’s a direct link to your warm-up settings.

How many emails will be sent?

When warm-up is first activated, the system analyzes your past sending volume to determine the optimal starting volume and the optimal number by which to increase volume every day. For a new email account with no sending history, the system will start by sending 2 emails/day and will increase that amount by 2 more emails every day. A schedule might look like this:

Day 1: 2 emails/day

Day 2: 4 emails/day

Day 3: 6 emails/day

Day 4: 8 emails/day

…until you achieve 200 emails/day, at which point warm-up will stabilize and continue sending that amount until you turn the warm-up system off.

Every email that is sent is marked as “read” by the receiver. Some of the emails will also be responded to.

Additionally, if your emails aren’t landing in the Inbox, this system can help with that. By sending emails that are automatically opened and replied to, you’re improving your domain’s reputation, which should result in better deliverability.

Live warm-up stats

There are 49,277 accounts warming up right now. This count is updated every hour.

Here’s a table of live warm-up stats across our entire system over the last 7 days. This data is updated daily at midnight GMT.

07/02/20222,579,4272,428,299 (94.14%)181 (0.01%)77,400 (3.00%)16,847 (0.65%)
07/01/20222,596,5082,442,878 (94.08%)207 (0.01%)78,186 (3.01%)13,902 (0.54%)
06/30/20222,550,2912,397,865 (94.02%)199 (0.01%)78,109 (3.06%)13,162 (0.52%)
06/29/20222,569,4162,417,022 (94.07%)203 (0.01%)77,103 (3.00%)13,810 (0.54%)
06/28/20222,526,0502,366,007 (93.66%)222 (0.01%)81,506 (3.23%)14,052 (0.56%)
06/27/20222,193,8552,045,611 (93.24%)160 (0.01%)78,943 (3.60%)12,393 (0.56%)
06/26/20222,557,5562,417,448 (94.52%)146 (0.01%)74,602 (2.92%)12,035 (0.47%)
Emails that land in Spam or Promotions are automatically moved into the Inbox by our warm-up algorithm.
If you’re looking for just your warm-up stats, here’s a direct link.

Why some emails go missing

Emails that end up in the “Missing” column do so for one of several reasons:

  • The receiving account was deleted or suspended by Google after your account sent an email to it but before GMass could retrieve it.
  • The receiving account removed GMass’s access to it after your account sent an email to it but before GMass could retrieve it.
  • In rare cases, emails sent by a new @gmail.com account are “ghosted” by Google and never actually sent.

What to expect

Some users end up in warm-up hell, because they didn’t realize what happens when warm-up starts. Let’s break it down step by step.

  1. Emails will start to show up in your Inbox with [GWarm] in the Subject line.
  2. Emails will start to show up in your Sent folder with [GWarm] in the Subject line.
  3. Emails in your Inbox should disappear from within about 30 minutes. Sometimes it can take a bit longer.
  4. You may get “nudge” reminders automatically by Gmail that looks like this:

    You can manually archive these “nudge” emails or you can turn OFF the Gmail nudge feature.

Switching from a different warm up service to GMass

If you’ve been using another warm-up service that you’re paying for, switching to GMass’s free warmup system is easy and can be accomplished with a couple clicks. Because GMass analyzes your sending patterns to determine the optimal volume and ramp-up settings, you won’t lose any time by switching to GMass. For example, let’s say you’ve been using Lemwarm, and you started at 2 emails/day and have now ramped up to 40 emails/day over the last 14 days. GMass will detect this volume and set your starting volume near 40 emails/day. Of course, you can always adjust the settings if you don’t like what our algorithm picks for you.

We’ve made switching warm-up systems as easy as cancelling your other service and activating the GMass system. No complex math required.

What addresses are used?

When you activate warm-up on your account, emails will be sent from and to your account. The other addresses with which you’ll correspond consist of other GMass users who are also warming up their accounts and additional seed accounts that we maintain internally. Our warm-up network doesn’t use any bot accounts or fake email addresses. All addresses that are part of our network represent real GMass users.

Checking your statistics

We’re working on building the results of your warm-up into the GMass Dashboard. Soon you’ll be able to see graphs and tables showing how warm-up is changing your Inbox placement over time.

Don’t set up a filter!

Once your account starts to send and receive warm-up emails, you will see emails tagged with “GWarm” in the subject line in your Inbox. They will only remain there for a few minutes before they’re auto archived. Other email warmup systems encourage users to set up a Gmail filter to prevent warm-up emails from flooding your Inbox, but in reality, this is a terrible practice.

If you set a filter to move warm-up emails immediately from the Inbox to another label, or to auto archive them, then this prevents Gmail from “learning” that these emails belong in the Inbox rather than the Spam, Promotions, or Updates folders. Please do not set up a filter, because if you do, you’ll reduce the effectiveness of warm-up for other users and you’ll be removed from the network.

After the email has remained in your Inbox for about 30 minutes, GMass will automatically archive the message for you.

If you find that emails are remaining in your Inbox for longer than 30 minutes, our archiving system may have gotten behind. Rest assured, it will eventually catch up, but if the emails are annoying you, you can manually archive them. Again, just don’t set up a filter to auto archive them.

If you create a Gmail filter for [GWarm] emails, you’ll be automatically removed from the warm-up system.

Network integrity is everything

Maintaining the integrity of the entire warm-up network is essential to make sure the warm-up process works for as many people as possible. Therefore, we automatically stop the warm-up or reduce it if the system detects any of these conditions:

  • If a receiving email address starts to bounce, that address is removed from the warm-up system.
  • If a sending email address goes over limit, warm-up is throttled back.
  • If a Gmail filter is detected on a receiving address that prevents warm-up emails from hitting the Inbox, that address is removed from the warm-up network.
  • If a phisher uses the warm-up system, their accounts are terminated and warm-up is stopped.

In all cases, we notify you of what’s happening.

A potential downside — exposure

One potential downside of using the warm-up system is that the account you’re warming up will be exposed to other GMass users. This is because all warm-up emails are sent between real Gmail accounts that are part of the GMass warm-up network. We don’t use any fake accounts or bots.

A malicious GMass user could harvest all the email addresses that have sent their account a warm-up email using our Gmail address extractor tool to build an email list of the other warm-up addresses and then sending their campaign to that list. If you notice this, please report that user per the instructions below.

Proof that it’s working

How do you know that warm-up is having a positive effect on your account? The most telling signs are:

  • You are able to to send more emails before getting Google’s “You have reached a limit” messages.
  • Emails from your account were previously going to the Spam folder and are now hitting the Inbox naturally.

It’s easy to determine if your sending ability is higher than it used to be. It’s harder to tell if the warm-up system is fixing a Spam problem. In time, we’ll publish sample charts illustrating what an improvement in Spam to Inbox placement looks like.

Please report abusers

Because this service is free, and because spammers and phishers still exist, occasionally a phisher with an account like paypal123456@gmail.com will sign up for the warm-up service. We try to catch these ourselves and terminate them, but if you see emails from/to a suspicious address in the account you are warming up please report it to our support team.

Additionally, we have restrictions in place such that only a certain number of accounts originating from the same IP address can opt in to the warm-up system. There are also limits in place preventing too many accounts of the same domain from joining the warm-up pool.

Finally, if you notice that a user is harvesting addresses of the other accounts being warmed up and using those addresses to send their campaigns (as noted in the “exposure” section above), please report that also.

Can I warm-up an Office 365 email address?

For now, our service only works with Gmail and Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) accounts.

Using the API for Email warmup

Using the API, you can retrieve your warmup statistics. You cannot, however, start/top warmup on an account using the API.

This method allows you to pull your warmup statistics.


Problem: If you’ve turned warm-up off but are still getting warm-up emails

Solution: You likely have warm-up turned on for a different address and that address is forwarding emails to your other Inbox. Check the headers of the GWARM emails and see who the emails are actually being sent to.

Problem: The warm-up emails are taking too long to disappear from your Inbox

Solution: The GMass warm-up system occasionally falls behind with archiving emails. This is due to the heavy volume of warm-up emails that GMass processes daily, currently more than 1 million. Feel free to manually archive them if they’re in your wary — just don’t set up a filter to do it automatically.

Problem: You keep turning warm-up ON but it seemingly keeps getting shut OFF automatically.

Solution: The email account you are warming up must be a valid, working email address. Note that just setting up a new Google Workspace account for user@domain.com does not automatically turn it into a real email address. MX records for your domain are required for your email address to work. We run a verification check on all accounts periodically and those that fail verification have their warm-up turned off automatically. We can’t even notify you in these cases, because…your address doesn’t work.

        1. Hi Teddy,

          Our warm-up service is free and can be used on all of your workspace accounts. Just be sure to spread out the enabling of GWarm on each account so that you’re not enabling the warm-up feature on too many accounts one after the other.

  1. Hello! Such situation. If I inadvertently sent a mailing list to 3 mailboxes and received a mailbox ban, but after 10 minutes I successfully restored it and started a test mailing according to the instructions, can I not worry about the mailbox? Or is it better to create a new one and do everything right from the beginning?

  2. how do I cancel the warmup? I accidentally did it with the wrong account (btw amazing feature, thank you!)

  3. Can I start my email marketing besides warming up the Gmail. Let’s say, daily email sent qty to clients = Warming up email quantity. Because 200 emails/day will take around 100 days as per given calculations.

    1. I too would like some guidance on how many emails we should be sending per day based on where we are in the warm up cycle. For example, if we’re at the 20 emails/day mark of the warm up cycle, is it okay for us to be sending up to 20 marketing emails as well?

      Thanks for your time. This is a phenomenal tool.

      1. I too would like an answer on this.. can you for instance start with 10 marketing emails a day when you get to 30 Gmass emails on warm up but leave the warm up running to get to 200?

        Previously when warming up emails manually I have found that subscribing to 10 blogs and sending and receiving 5 emails a day between accounts I own has been fine for an initial small number of marketing sends.

  4. Great feature, and very smart to share the pool of gmass users to do that. I’m only slightly disapointed that you decided to keep a very obvious word in the subject line to identifying these warm up emails. I would have thought that adding a much more discrete code inside the email would be better. Gmail is very smart right?

    1. I don’t think that placing “GWarm” in the Subject line will have any negative impact on warm-up. We need to tag the Subject lines with something so we can identify the warm-up emails later and remove them from your Inbox (archive them).

      1. Hey Ajay,

        None of the messages on either of the 2 accounts i had it running on ever Archived any of the messages.

  5. I love this feature but recently I have gotten a lot of “Delivery incomplete” messages. This morning 6:39am, I’ve already counted 5 of those messages.

  6. Can I send the same # of emails per day as the warm up is sending?

    I’m supposed to start emailing today, and just signed up for this service.

    1. If your stats show that the warm-up is placing emails mostly in the Inbox, and that the daily ramp up isn’t causing problems, then yes, you can try that.

      1. Hi thanks for the Free Warm Up feature. I loved this. You should also add the metrics of Sent cold emails and also sent replies similar to Lemlist

  7. This is sick as f–k. I’m serious dude, it’s like you read my mind when I think about what I need for my 1,000 websites. As always, Ajay, you are dominating this space.

  8. After we reach 200/day can we continue warming to keep up the results? Instead of being automatically shut off…

  9. This is not so good.
    Since starting I receive inappropriate emails at least now 10 a day and I only started 3 days ago, and I have to block and report as spam.
    How do I dis-enable this warm up system?

    1. If you’re reporting them as spam, you’re violating the spirit of the warm-up system. Please disable warm-up by going to gmass.co/dashboard?s=warmup and unchecking the box and saving the settings.

  10. I have initiated the warm up but the emails are in my inbox and they don’t go on archive, so I think I have clutter. Have I done something wrong? How could we fix that?
    Thanks for your services, I am really grateful

    1. They should be auto-archived within 30 minutes of hitting your Inbox. If they’re not, something is wrong. Please contact support at gmass.co/g/support and reference your comment here.

  11. I have my gmail account being used since years… now I don’t what the restriction of ‘2’ per day and restart.
    How will I be able to send more once I turn on the ‘warm up’

  12. How long do we have to warm up before using the account to send live marketing emails? Can we use this on multiple email accounts/addresses simultaneously? How can I warm up my own domains through this service? Can I warm up a Gmail account I’ve had for years and use daily… like can I continue to use my email normally while simultaneously warming it up? This sounds AMAZING! I’m excited to use it.

    1. Hi John,

      It does help the domain’s reputation but most of the benefits are mostly on a per-email account basis.

  13. LOVE this. Quick question for Ajay – let’s say I have a G Suite domain that I’ve been using with GMass for a year and since there’s an unsubscribe link (via GMass) in each email I send from that account, Google often dumps us in the promotion folder. If I warm-up this domain with your service, do you think since there’s a lot of back-and-forth replies from your service, would it ever encourage Google to drop our emails into primary inbox? Curious if you’ve tried this on existing domains. I’m testing it on a few different domains, just to see. Thanks!

    1. Hi DJ,

      Yes, the warm-up tool also helps with deliverability while improving your sending reputation.

  14. if warmup stays steady at 200/day. after that can we able to do warmup again?

    suppose if we can do then from where it will starts warmup again like 2/day or it will continue from 200/day

    1. Once you hit 200/day, it will continue sending 200/day until you turn warm-up off. There are, however, factors, that might reduce your daily volume, such as if your spam hit rate goes up.

  15. We have tried the automated email warmup services before and they got shutdown by Google and Outlook after a few days and our emails got suspended (We had to purchase new domains and set up new emails). It is very hard to outsmart Google/Outlook bots detection intelligence.

    I think the human/manual warmup services are still a viable solution when you try to send out a reasonable outreach volume.

    1. Manual warm-up is always an option, but of course it’s more work. So far we haven’t heard of any reports of accounts being shut down solely because they turned our warm-up service on. And as of right now, over 5,000 accounts have used it.

  16. What if I connect my free Gmail account to a business email hosted with Private Email by Namecheap, will it warm up both? Can this warm up tool automatically select to send emails as my business email address inside Gmail? Thanks.

    1. This warm-up tool will only warm up the email address associated with your actual Google account. It will not warm up any alias addresses you’ve connected to your Google account.

      1. I didn’t know it doesn’t work for alias accounts and now wish to remove my alias address from this warm up pool. But I can’t do it with the link to settings you provided here. Is there another way to do it?

  17. What if i have just 400 emails? do i still have to warm up? or is there any limits to use this you recommend? its gmass its for mass emails senders right? what if we have small email list can we still use this?

  18. How long will it take for a new domain to get to 100 then 200/day? (Starting at the 2 that you automatically decide)

    1. Well if you’re starting at 2 emails/day and incrementing by 2/day, then it would take about 50 days to get to 100. You can increase the daily increment value if you see that your emails are all landing in the Inbox and our algorithm doesn’t have to move them for you from Spam to the Inbox folder.

  19. As of this morning, all the GWARM emails are sitting in my inbox and have been for hours. I am warming up on multiple accounts and all have the problem. Is this a known issue? I can’t have them clogging up my inbox all day so hope it can be sorted or I will have to remove them manually without reading them and switch the warm up service off, which isn’t good for anyone.

    Please advise

      1. Hey Ajay – I’ve encountered the same problem on both of the email accounts I signed up with yesterday. Already submitted the support ticket, but still commenting here, as requested.

      2. If they haven’t moved out of the inbox after a few days can we move them or will this mess things up?

  20. Do you have to warm up a new domain/email if you are sending via SendGrid shared pool? If so, which process would you recommend? Thanks so much!

    1. Right now, this system won’t help with warming up anything over SendGrid. Right now it only warms up the account that you log into with Gmail/Google Workspace.

  21. Same here @Eithne Foley and @Paul Wilkin. Emails aren’t leaving my inbox either. Can I just archive them @GMass??

    1. This was an issue a couple days ago. I discovered a bug that was preventing about 150,000 emails from being archived. That was fixed two days ago, and now everything should be archived within about 45 minutes of hitting your Inbox.

  22. First of all, thank you for offering such great service for free. This is very appreciated.

    However, there is one annoying issue. Since I receive a Gmass new email every 5-10 minutes, my inbox always shows a notification and this is annoying because I think I received a non-Gmass so I go and check and in the end, this is a Gmass one. I used Lemlist in the past, and although I understand the issue around the the filter activation, it makes my inbox must clearer.

    @Ajay, may I ask you if you’ll tackle this issue in the future?


  23. I noticed that although the replies from Gmass auto-archive within 30 minutes, if a forwarding filter is on (i.e. “forward a copy of incoming mail to…”), the Gmass incoming replies that are forwarded to the recipient do not disappear from that forwarded recipient’s inbox.

    Is this intentional? And could I set up a filter that says: “If doesn’t contain words [Gwarm] > Forward to recipient” so that the Gwarm emails don’t get forwarded to a recipient and will reduce inbox clutter? Or would setting a “forward all except Gwarm” type filter be harmful to the effectiveness of the warmup process like an auto-archive filter would be?

    1. Good questions.

      1. If the email account that the main account is forwarding to is ALSO being warmed up, then GMass will find the forwarded emails in the account to which emails are being forwarded and auto archive those too. If, however, the account that the emails are being forwarded to is NOT part of warm-up, then GMass will have no way of accessing that account’s Inbox to archive those emails.

      2. This is the only way it’s possible to work. YES, you can set up a filter like that, if that’s how you’re forwarding emails. There are two ways to forward emails in Gmail — with a filter, like you mentioned, or by setting an actual forward-to address in your Gmail Settings. If you’re using a filter, then yes, do what you’re suggesting.

  24. OK, so I am using Gmass warmup on 15 domains, this morning Google disabled 2 of them citing ‘It looks like your account was being used in a way that violated Google’s policies’.

    Been chatting with other marketers on a couple of forums and it seems I am not the only one.

    I think Google AI is onto this and would urge caution for other users.

    Ajay… happy to forward emails and screenshots if it helps, maybe another iteration is needed.

    Good luck out there folks.


    1. Can you please email me at ajay at wordzen dot com? I want to hear more about this. I have indeed seen a very small number of accounts in warm-up get suspended, but it seems very rare. Digging in more, I’m also seeing that some accounts in the warm-up system end up with a higher Spam to Inbox placement ratio than before they started warm-up, but I haven’t been able to correlate it to the warm-up system alone. Meaning, it’s possible those accounts were sending other emails, outside of warm-up, while warm-up was going on, and that’s what caused the higher Spam placement. More to come on this topic.

  25. The warmup needs daily send limits setting – it’s getting too aggressive and results in this:

    “You have reached a limit for sending mail. Your message was not sent.”

    1. No matter what, it will never send > 200 emails/day, but just tonight, we added a warm-up setting called “max emails per day”, which is what I believe you are asking for.

      Additionally, we look for evidence of an account reaching its limits, and when we detect that happening, we bring the emails/day back down to the default value of 2 and start ramping up again from there.

  26. What does the “Missing” column represent?

    One of the gmails I’m warming shows a ton of these “Missing” ones.

    1. Hi Antoine,

      If you’re referencing the copies of the sent emails from GWarm in your Sent Folder, you can do so manually. However, this may affect the replying part of GWarm because removing the sent copies from the Sent Folder will cause replies to fail. This is because replies are threaded into the sent folder’s copy on the same email thread.

  27. By the way, it was working fine but this morning I think I am experiencing a set back. The Spam Solver says all of them (except one) go in the Spam.
    Good tool though!

  28. Hi,
    Ajay how do you remove the sent warming up emails?
    My inbox is self cleaning not the Sent inbox.

  29. Today i receive one mail with [Gwarm] service.
    But i noticed that the entire message is was custome message not a alogoritm genrared.
    So i have question can we use this service [Gwarm] with a custome message.

    1. Not sure exactly what you mean. All the warm-up emails are generated by an algorithm that takes as input a publicly available text, like a book. You cannot set custom content for the warm-up emails.

  30. Does Gmass allow to send warm up emails from my own IP address. Adding a Cname to my DNS records?

    1. No, right now the warm-up system only sends directly from your Gmail/Google Workspace account. You can’t control the IP that it sends from, but I might add that capability in the future.

  31. Hey Ajay – quick follow up question. What happens if you delete a gmail account that was used in a Gmass warm up? Since the account is deleted it’s not able to sign back into the dashboard. Will it stop sending or will it still attempt to send with errors?

    1. We verify all the accounts in the warm-up system every few hours, so if an account is deleted, that account will fail verification and warm-up will automatically stop on that account.

      1. Ok thanks – And does that similar effect apply if when an email is renamed (and becomes just an alias of the new email). The account will fail verification and then warmups will also automatically stop for renamed gmail accounts?

  32. A “premium pool” would make me feel a lot better about using this vs. a competitor. I’m not excited about being linked to spammy/free Gmail accounts that are more interested in a “churn and burn” approach vs. sending high quality outreach. I’m also not excited about them having my email address.

    Would be great if you could make a different pod of senders reserved for those who pay for a GMass subscription. +You could change the footprint (from GWarm to like “PremWarm” or something).

    1. Hi Nate,

      Thank you for your recommendation. We’ve forwarded it to Ajay to see if it’s something we can implement in our roadmap ahead.

  33. Hi,
    I am facing issues of not delivering emails. Also, after touching 104 emails around 2 weeks earlier, the daily emails sending is continuously decreasing.

    1. Hi – this is likely something that is account-specific. Please contact support (gmass.co/g/support) and reference your comment here and my response.

  34. Hi Gmass Team,
    I have been trying to activate the email warming service but there are some issues.
    I was able to activate the warming service (even received a confirmation email from Ajay) but then the warming emails are not sent and after checking the settings > email warming : the checkbox is unselected (not active).
    I have tried activating this several times but without success.
    Thanks for your advice

    1. Sometimes we do “silently” block an account from the warm-up system, if we think there’s a case of abuse. Of course, we can make mistakes also. Please send your account info to our support team (gmass.co/g/support), and reference your comment here and my response here.

      1. Hi Ajay,

        Facing the exact same issue as well, I’ve tried Marvin’s suggestion on using the link above to activate it to no avail.

        Was successfully using the Gwarm feature since July, but after October when I change the number of daily mail settings, the checkbox gets unselected after a while.

        I’ve sent a ticket to the support team.

        Thank you

  35. Hey Ajay, A quick bug I noticed. I’ve been using GWarm for a while and I’m recommending it to everyone. Considering it’s still relatively new there’s bound to be some growing pains but all in all, it’s an amazing service. I wanted to bring to your attention that the “Max emails/day” option is actually working. I tried setting my max to 40 per day on 4 accounts but once I closed the settings tab the number immediately goes back to 200. Please take a look at that and let me know what step to take next. Thanks.

    1. Wow, you’re right. I just experienced the same issue. I’ll get it fixed tonight and then I’ll post another comment here (since I don’t have your email address to contact you directly).

  36. Hi Ajay,two quick questions.
    1. If I set Gwarm mail as read, will it still work?
    2. Can I set the label for Gwarm emails? Because there are too many emails in the inbox, it is difficult to distinguish.

    1. Hi Bella,

      1. If I set Gwarm mail as read, will it still work?
      2. Can I set the label for Gwarm emails? Because there are too many emails in the inbox, it is difficult to distinguish.
      You should not relabel or move the Gwarm emails from the inbox as it will cause that email to not be detected, categorized, and added to the GWarm statistics. The emails received from GWarm should be automatically archived minutes after receipt.

  37. Good morning Ajay! What a great service you have built, thank you for your efforts! BEST $19.95 per month I have ever spent! Being a newbie to this whole “Mass Emailing” process, I have a few basic questions. Please forgive my ignorance, but here goes:
    1. I have had my gmail account for 8 to 10 years. Never did any “Mass” mailings from it. Do I need to do the “Warm Up” process? If so, can/should I increase from the 2 per day to say 20? 40? 100? and let it run from there?
    2. If I do need the “Warm Up” process, is it advisable to turn it on and let it run even once it meets the 200/day limit? If so, why?
    3. I use Thunderbird email program. Will this interfere with this GMass process? With the “Warm Up”?
    Thanks again for all you have done and continue to do.

    1. Even though your account is old and likely has a high reputation, if you’ve never sent more than say, 20 emails/day, from it, then you should warm it up, and just to err on the side of caution, I would start slowly, and keep it at an increase of 2/day.

      Once you’re at 200/day and making it to the Inbox, you can turn it off.

      No, using Thunderbird as your email client shouldn’t be a problem.

  38. Seems like the system is having a tough time going above 90 emails a day. Is that a function of not having enough accounts participating? I don’t NEED it to go to 200 warm up emails a day, just wondering. I’m using GMass warm-up on 6 different domains and none of them are above 90 messages a day. No big deal, just thought you should know. Love the service! 🙂

    1. This should be fixed now. We were having an issue where accounts were maxing out at about 70-90 emails/day because the system was so busy that there simply wasn’t enough time to send more for a particular account (because the warm-up system was sending about 500K emails/day overall, and that’s all it had the capacity for).

      But, a few days ago we sped up some processes so this should not be an issue anymore.

      1. Yesterday mine all seemed to max out around the 70-90 emails/day. But I’ll keep my eye out for increased numbers. Thanks!

          1. Hi,

            Are you still monitoring this thread?

            It’s a great tool but I am having multiple issues with Gwarm. But where to get answers?

            There are a lot of questions on this thread but they do not seem to get answered anymore?



  39. Hey – I just wanted to say I love this feature!
    My Sales team are finding the unread messages gathering up a bit painful – what would happen if I switched the feature off? Will my deliverability suffer if I keep sending out 200-300 messages a day, or even 500?


    1. If warm-up is able to deliver 200/300/500 emails without generating over-limit bounces, then you’re likely safe to turn warm-up off and sending actual email campaigns in that same volume range.

  40. Hey Ajax,

    this is really a great service and I have started to warm up one GSuite account just now.

    One question: I want to use this account for cold outreach by using a third party tool (not GMass, sorry).

    So if I want to start using this while my account is still being warmed up, will this be a problem?
    I won’t send many emails at the beginning so the limits shouldn’t be an issue, I guess…

    And another thing: will set up SPF/DKIM/DMARC help or hurt warming up my account?


    1. Yes, the warm-up system is free for everyone, even those who make the poor choice to not use GMass for their campaigns 😉

      SPF/DKIM/DMARC: It will likely help build domain reputation, but there are a lot of factors to consider with those protocols. Too much to go into detail here.

  41. Hi, I’ve been holding off using my email address to send newsletters (I have an existing list of around 1700, but was having high bounce and spam rates and many going missing, hence doing Gwarm), BUT I do need to send out a monthly email which is important as it’s a monthly event we do and many subscribers expect it. So, should I go ahead and send this anyway, having only got through a month of Gwarm, and then carry on with Gwarm? Will Gwarm still work in the long run, to help reduce spam, or will it cause problems if I send a newsletter half way through the Gwarm process? And, what’s the maximum daily ‘increase by’ amount you recommend, if I want to speed up the Gwarm process to start using my list sooner rather than later? Thanks.

    1. There are no hard and fast rules for doing this. Generally, if warm-up is sending the volume of emails that you would want to send normally, then you can likely stop warm-up and start sending your real emails. Also, warm-up is not a guarantee that all of your emails will be sent to the Inbox.

  42. Hey great tool , awesome to see this one.

    Quick question:
    In the mail warmer you are tracking open rate etc. So if we didn’t set up a custom tracking domain will this hurt us so that we will be in the same pool as other gmass users? So shall we or should we set up our custom tracking domain even when we are warming up?

    1. Right now the warm-up emails do NOT include an open tracking pixel, so setting up a custom tracking domain (which is recommended for your actual campaigns) will have no effect on the warm-up process.

  43. Is it OK to increase the variables for the warm up campaign manually? Could I increase the starting emails per day, the increase in sending per day, the max limit per day, or the percentage of emails to reply to? I’m not using this email account for anything except warming up at this point, so could I respond to 80% of the messages?

  44. Great new feature! Question:

    My Warm-Up Report shows that more than 50% of the messages are going to Missing.

    How does this affect my Gmail’s reputation/deliverability? Is it damaging it?

    Thank you.

    1. Chances are that 50% aren’t ACTUALLY missing. If it’s only been a few hours since the emails were sent, they might still show as missing because our system hasn’t “found” them yet. Give it 24 hours — if they’re still showing as missing, then they’re actually missing.

  45. Hey GMass Team,

    Honestly, it’s driving me a little crazy. Most of the [GWARM] emails are staying in my inbox for 6-13 hours and clogging up my ability to read my actual emails. And I’m only at 40 some emails a day, so I can’t imagine this at 200…

    Would love some insights or advice, but for the moment I’m going to put it on pause. Great idea but currently implementation not working.

    1. This has been an issue lately. GWARM has gotten ridiculously popular. We’re almost at 20,000 accounts warming up and now we’re sending well over 1 million warm-up emails/day, meaning our servers are constantly sending out a stream of warm-up emails. The average time to remove emails from your Inbox is hovering at 12 hours right now, which I know stinks.

      I’m working on building in some efficiencies to solve this — for now feel free to manually archive the emails — just don’t put in a Gmail Filter, because then warm-up will be automatically turned off.

  46. Can I start sending a campaign while my account is in warm up? I tried to start a small campaign and nothing was sent… but the warm up emails did continue.

  47. Can I start sending a campaign while my account is in warm up? I tried to start a small campaign and nothing was sent… but the warm up emails did continue.

  48. Hi,

    Is this help thread still monitored?

    [GWARM] is missing from the subject lines. Is that meant to happen?


    1. Yes it is, but this isn’t the best place for support, because while I read these messages, I don’t always respond. See gmass.co/g/support

      Several users have reported what you’re also now seeing. When you participate in warm-up your email address is exposed to others in the warm-up pool. Looks like some malicious users have been gathering the addresses of those in the warm-up system and sending them imitation warm-up emails without GWARM in the Subject line. These emails are NOT being sent by GMass. Feel free to report those emails as spam and block the sender.

  49. Hi, the warm up feature is awesome! 🙂 I want to warm up my company mailbox, not only googlemail main box.
    If I connect my email to gmail as an alias, and use it in warmup process.
    Is there any option to do that?
    I want to warmup the IP of my new bought VPS.

  50. Hi, the warm up feature is awesome! I want to warm up my company mailbox, not only googlemail main box.
    If I connect my email to gmail as an alias, and use it in warmup process.
    Is there any option to do that?
    I want to warmup the IP of my new VPS.

  51. Ajay, thanks for Gmass, other than this single annoyance I love it!

    Why has Gmass stopped warmup when I step away from my inbox for a week or so? I’m not deleting any data or anything like that at all, is this something on google’s side? Thanks.

    1. If your warm-up stops, and you didn’t stop it, you should get a notification from us explaining why. There are several reasons warm-up might be auto stopped, including the address not being valid anymore, the account being disconnected from GMass, or GMass detecting you have a filter in place. If you contact us and tell us your account, we can tell you why (gmass.co/g/support)

  52. Thanks for the other response. Can one increase the daily increase from 2 to another number or is it better off to leave it at 2, the way the system originally put it? And what’s the maximum number one can increase to if it is possible? Thank you.

    1. Well theoretically you could increase it to 200, but there’s a hard cap on sending 200 warmup emails/day. If it was auto configured to 2, that means that we determined that your account hasn’t sent a lot of emails on its own, so we’re starting you off at the minimum volume settings and ramping up from there.

  53. Hi – from the 11th of September, all 6 of my VA’s accounts are going to spam (as per the email warmup stats)

    Before that we were all good. Nothing has changed at all in that period. Went from 0 spam each day to 80% of warmup emails being sent were going into spam

  54. Hello, noticed my mails have been ending in the spam folder and the stats reveal same… been watching it for days and it’s not getting better… kindly help

    1. Part of our algorithm is to hold the volume of emails steady on a daily basis if we’re detecting a high spam placement rate. That’s to prevent ruining your domain’s reputation. So the recommendation is to hold steady at that rate, until your spam placement decreases, and then you’ll see volume ramp up according to the configured numbers.

  55. Thanks for an amazing service! The user interface is even better than the paid services.

    Gmass only works with Gmail. So does that mean that for other providers (Outlook, Yahoo, Zoho…) the account is still ice-cold?
    That is, Google knows that my emails are getting moved out of spam, and so will keep them in the inbox.
    But my emails aren’t being moved out of spam in any Outlook accounts. So Outlook doesn’t know anything about the warm-up, and my chances of going to spam remains the same when sending to Outlook accounts. Is that right?
    If so, GWarm stats show all clean green may be very misleading.

    1. Hi Isaac,

      No, since No, because email warm-up is not just related to the receiving ESP but also the sending reputation of an account which is what GWarm helps to improve.

  56. Hi again, I think it’s really amazing that you offer this service for free. I posted this question before but maybe it got lost:
    Does Gwarm improve deliverability to Yahoo and Outlook accounts, or does it just help with Gmail?
    Thanks a million!

  57. Thank you, Ajay, for this wonderful tool. I am discovering more useful features while I practice. Just one thing for now, the Gmass emails do not leave my inbox….I always have to delete them. Thanks for checking on this. Also, Do I need to reply or forward the Gmass emails? Thanks again!

  58. What an amazing tool this is. I am just having an issue with auto-archiving. It seems that GWARM emails are not being automatically archived, instead they remain on my inbox indefinitely. Is there an ongoing issue at the moment? Or perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Diego,

      You may experience a delay with GWarm locating, opening, replying and finally archiving due to server congestion. However, if you really want to remove them from your inbox so as to not clog it up, you can manually archive GWarm emails.

      Please note that if you want GWarm to remain active, you can only manually archive the GWarm emails. Do not set up a filter to auto archive them because adding a filter to automatically archive them will disable GWarm for your account.

      1. This is not a delay, it simply does not archive them at all. I can appreciate the free service offer but when I am actually paying for the premium and then its filling up my inbox so that its hard to read my other emails, that is frustrating. If it keeps up, I probably will turn this off. No time to go sorting through, reading and archiving manually.

        1. Hi – this issue was solved about 2 weeks ago. Now GWARM emails should be auto archived within an hour or so. Let us know if you’re still seeing long archive times.

  59. Hello I still receive these Warm UP mail whereas i did turn it Off. They don’t have anymore [GWARM] brackets . I have the warm up turned on, in an other email that’s true, but when i look the header my two mails don’t communicate. How to stop it ? thanks

    1. You might be experiencing abuse by someone that is/was on the warmup network. Please contact support (gmass.co/g/support) and let us know the sender address that you’re getting these emails from.

  60. Hello Marvin or Ajay:

    Two questions:
    1) I turn off for Gwarm for one of my email accounts, but I still receive these Gwarm emails, the subject doesn’t have [GWARM]. I don’t want to receive warm-up emails anymore once I turn off it.

    2) Another email account received Gwarm emails some have [GWARM] on the subject, some none. I want these warm-up emails both to have [GWARM] sign.

    Can you help?


    1. If you are getting emails that look like warm-up emails but don’t have GWARM in the subject line, then they are NOT being sent by us, and it’s unlikely they’re connected to GMass.

      It could, however, be another warm-up user that is harvesting addresses and sending emails to you on their own. This is an unfortunate risk of participating in any warm up network. The best advice I can give is to mark those emails as Spam and hope that that trains Gmail’s algorithm to send future emails like that straight to Spam.

  61. How soon after the warm up emails are archived can they be deleted from in box? Is it supposed to delete automatically because I have emails in the inbox from 12 days ago-

    To stop the warm up emails do I need first to add the chrome extension?

  62. Should I keep Gwarm running once I start my campaigns, reduce the number of emails, or turn it off completely? For example let’s say I am warmed up to 100 emails / day and want to send a campaign with 50 emails. Would you keep warm-up as it is, cut it down to 50, or turn it off?

    I assume a mixture of warm-up and campaign emails is best. I would also assume that Google lets you send more warm-up emails versus cold emails, so stopping these might not be necessary?

    1. It’s probably a good idea to keep warm-up running at a low level even when you’re sending campaigns, especially if you’re a cold emailer.

      The evidence on whether this actually has a benefit is spotty — eventually we’ll publish patterns that we’ve seen with the warm-up system, but unfortunately everything you find on the web on this topic is anecdotal with no real data behind it.

      1. Thanks for taking the time to reply and share this, Ajay! This was my instinct, too.

        The fact that your team takes the time to research and collect data like this is one of the reasons I trust Gmass.

        Keep up the great work!

  63. Hey Ajay,
    While everyone is charging for a warmup facility from $9 to $39 per account, any reason you have doled out this wonderful feature for free?
    How many accounts (each domain has just 1 email id) can I put for auto warmup here?

  64. Hi,
    Can I use the same mailbox when warming up to send e-mails manually to different addresses? Of course, I mean reasonable amounts.

  65. Hey,
    For some reason, the g-mass doesn’t reach 200 emails per day (it stopped at 120-150 for a while now).
    Can you assist me?

    1. That’s due to capacity issues. Our warmup system has become so busy that sometimes we can’t manage to get the max of 200 emails/day out for a user. This will eventually be addressed, but really, whether you’re sending 150 or 200 warmup emails per day shouldn’t impact anything in a material way.

  66. OUTLOOK warmup?

    It is unclear by this post and responses to comments…so please settle it once and for all….DOES GMASS WARMUP work for outlook? More specifically…are emails only being sent to gmail accounts, or do emails also get sent to outlook?

    1. Currently the warmup system only sends FROM Gmail accounts TO other Gmail accounts.

      So what does that mean?

      It means that you can still send to Outlook accounts from Gmail accounts, and if the warm-up process is a success, Google won’t throttle your sending limits beyond the published sending limits.

      But it also means that our warm-up system isn’t doing anything to “train” Outlook accounts to place your emails in the Inbox vs the Spam folder.

  67. welcome
    I have some questions
    When will I know that my account has been properly warmed-up and can start sending messages?

    1. That’s subjective and based on how many emails you need to send for your campaign. If your campaign is 100 recipients, and your warmup is sending to 75-100 recipients daily and mostly hitting the Inbox, then you’re ready to send for real.

    1. Same problem, tired of Gwarm emails filling up my inbox with no possibility to set up automatic filters to hide them.

  68. I still have GWarm emails that aren’t disappearing from inbox from over a week ago. Any word on when this will be fixed?

  69. So my warmup stopped for some reason on both of my gsuite accounts. I had perfect deliverability, didn’t touch a thing, didn’t make any filters. And now when I try to enable warmup again, it says – An error occured. A one or more errors occured. So why does this happen, why am I receiving those errors? Haven’t even sent other emails, only the warmup was being present on those inboxes.

    1. Hi, I am having a similar problem? My warm-up stats were up to 34 emails a day and then it declined tremendously down to 14 a day and down to 2. Were you able to get your issue troubleshooted? If so, what was the issue?

      1. Usually when this happens it means GMass has lost its connection to your Gmail account. Try reconnecting: gmass.co/oauth/login

        If that doesn’t help, put in a support ticket: gmass.co/support

  70. Would you be able to explain the “Percentage to reply to:” option? Is it better to have a higher percentage or the default 30%?

  71. there’s someone sending porno solicitations via gwarm and I tried to report it but upon submission of the form it errored out. What gives?

    1. The support form errored out? Sorry about that — it happens, but it is rare.

      In general though, if what you’re describing is happening, it’s because someone is extracting emails from our warm-up pool and sending solicitations outside of our warm-up system. If those solicitations are being sent by the GMass campaign tool, we can terminate them. If they’re being sent outside of GMass, there’s nothing we can do.

  72. Can you please explain what is “percentage to reply” to option and how it works. And if keeping it more is good?

  73. I received this notification through email:

    “Mass has stopped the warm-up for your account XXX because our system detected that your address isn’t a working email address. Accounts in warm-up must be real valid email addresses that can both send and receive email.

    After addressing the issue, you can resume warm-up from your account’s settings or by just going directly to https://gmass.co/warmup

    However, I tested the gmail account and it can both send and receive emails, how can I reslive this?

  74. Can we create a gmail filter that marks them as read? Not move them away from the inbox or auto-archive them; just mark them as “read?” I’m just tired of getting them as “unread” when I think unread messages might be important. And they are definitely not auto-archived after 15 minutes. They stick around for hours! I love the tool but I’m about to stop using it because of the vast quantity of “unread” emails that flood my inbox.

  75. Hi Ajay,

    My two emails have stopped warming up. I still have the email warmup option checked. Should I just go through the start warmup process again?

  76. I am having issues with warm up: the number of emails sent in the inbox increases every day until about 30, and then drops below 10 with a lot of spams for several weeks; then the process starts again with the same outcome. It seems something is causing the warmup emails to be identified as spam at some point,

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      If you’re referring to the warm-up emails you are receiving, this isn’t related to the warming up of your account but are those other GWarm users that are also part of the GWarm network.

  77. Hey Aejay – Great service! We run our own email servers for a number of companies who can’t use Gmail (Must be on premise, secure, banking, etc) with our own whitelisted IPs, we’d be keen on plugging in our IMAP and SMTP inboxes to your network. We’d also be keen to pay for this too as we know this will take work (Ya’ll being on Google only). If not, roadmap would be awesome to check in, or just to touch base. Cheers.

  78. Ajay i want to ask if gmass email warmup service can be connected via API to provide email warming service with another application?

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