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15 High-Performing Sales Email Templates for 2022

10 high performing sales email templates

Creating excellent sales emails from scratch can be incredibly time-consuming — especially if you have thousands of people on your email outreach list.

That’s why email marketers and sales professionals rely on effective sales email templates.

Since most of the information is already there in a template, you just have to modify and personalize it for each recipient’s needs before sending it out.

In this article, I’ll provide 15 proven sales email template examples and three best practices you can follow to make the most of these templates.

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Let’s jump right in.

15 High-Converting Sales Email Template Examples

Here are 15 ready-to-use sales email templates guaranteed to win conversions:

1. Sales Introduction Email Template

Sending a sales introduction email is an excellent first step when approaching cold leads.

In this cold email template, you briefly introduce yourself, why you’re contacting them, and your value proposition.

Subject line: Have you tried [strategy A]?

Hi [prospect’s first name],

I was going through the [prospect’s company name] website and saw that you’re doing some fantastic work in the [prospect’s industry/niche] space. 

What fascinated me is how your team is consistently accomplishing [prospect’s goal 1] and [prospect’s goal 2].

Working with companies like [customer company A] and [customer company B] has helped me realize that implementing [strategy A] and [strategy B] could work wonders for businesses like yours.

If you’re interested, I’d like to discuss how [your company name] can help you achieve:

  • [Outcome 1]
  • [Outcome 2]
  • [Outcome 3]

In the meantime, why don’t you check out customer stories ([URL]) to get a better picture of what it’s like working with us?

Thanks for your time.

[Your name]
[Your designation (for example, Sales Rep)]
[Your company name]
[Your contact info (like mobile number)]
[Your social media icons (for example, a link to your LinkedIn Profile)]

2. Referral Email Template

An email referencing a mutual connection who can vouch for you shows that you’re not just another random sales rep. Usually, this credibility is reason enough for the recipient to open your cold email.

Subject line: [Mutual connection name] said we should connect

Hi [prospect’s first name],

I’m a [your job designation] at [your company name], and we help businesses with [service 1] and [service 2].

After talking to [mutual connection name] recently, it seemed like you’re the go-to person at [prospect’s company name] to reach regarding [company function].

I’d love to get on a call next week to discuss how we can help you overcome:

  • [Problem A]
  • [Problem B]
  • [Problem C]

If you’re not the right person to approach about this, could you please refer me to the decision-maker responsible for [company function]? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your time!


[Your name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

3. Competitor Comparison Email Template

An email covering the issues with using a competitor’s product/service can be very effective at capturing the prospect’s attention and getting responses.

This cold email template conveys your expertise and offers an alternative to make the prospect’s life easier. As a result, the recipient is more likely to respond to your cold email.

Subject line: A better alternative to [your competitor product/service name]

Hello [prospect’s first name],

I believe that [prospect’s company name] uses [your competitor product/service name] for [purpose A] and [purpose B].

[Your competitor company] is a great company. But chances are, you’re weighed down by limitations like [limitation 1] and [limitation 2] that hinder you from achieving [goal A] when using their product.

Would you like to do better?

[Your product name] helps businesses effortlessly handle [purpose A], [purpose B], and more, without any of the above limitations. We offer services like [offering A] and [offering B] that could be immensely valuable to you.

Because there’s a significant difference between [your competitor’s product/service name] and ours, I’d like to help you understand our benefits.

Would you be willing to join me on a call next week?

Have a great day,

[Your name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

4. Trigger Event Email Template

A trigger event (for example, a startup raising series-A funding) offers a natural conversation starter you can use in your cold emails.

Crafting an email around a trigger event conveys that you pay attention to the prospect’s career and know what they’ll need to advance their goals further.

Subject line:Congrats [prospect’s first name] on [achievement]!

Hi [prospect’s first name],

I wanted to offer congratulations on your [achievement].
It’s an incredible achievement that puts [prospect’s company name] ahead of its competitors.

However, most companies like yours require [your solution] to accomplish [goal] at this stage of your growth.

[Your company name] has helped businesses like yours with [service A] and [service B] since [your company’s year of establishment]. Clients like [your customer company A] and [your customer company B] love us for our [benefit 1] and [benefit 2].

Would you like to join me on a brief call to see how we can do the same for you?

Feel free to book a meeting time on my calendar: [your calendar URL].


[Your name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

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5. Free Tool/Trial Users Email Template

Sending a sales email targeted at active free trial/free version users helps convert some of those qualified leads into paying customers.

Subject line: More functionalities with the [paid plan name]!

Hello [prospect’s first name],

I hope you’re enjoying the [free trial or free version] of [your product/service name].

Did you know that there are more robust functionalities in the [paid plan name], like:

  • [Enhanced functionality A]
  • [Enhanced functionality B]
  • [Enhanced functionality C]

Using [paid version plan name], you can also benefit from [benefit 1] and [benefit 2].

If you find these functionalities useful, why don’t we get on a call to discuss how [your paid version plan name] can better boost your [mission] and [goals]?

Feel free to book a convenient time on my calendar: [calendar URL].

I look forward to hearing from you.


[Your name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

6. Free Value Email Template

Instead of trying to make a sales pitch right off the bat, go for a sales email that offers valuable guidance to your prospects. They’ll appreciate that you made an effort to help them.

Subject line: Great Facebook page, but… 

Hi [prospect’s first name],

I was going through [prospect’s company name]’s Facebook profile. It’s an impressive page, and I bet that the [service A] and [service B] services you offer provide immense value to your clients!

However, I noticed that [missing aspect A] and [missing aspect B] were missing. 

Unfortunately, this could negatively affect your [prospect’s goal 1] and [prospect’s goal 2].

But don’t worry. It’s easy to fix.

All you need to do is implement these recommendations:

  • [Recommendation 1]
  • [Recommendation 2]

If you’d like a little more assistance with improving [prospect’s company name]’s offerings, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to help out. 


[Your name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

7. Helpful Content Email Template

Sales emails usually ask prospects for things like referrals, meeting appointments, phone numbers, and more.

That’s why a sales email doing the opposite — giving prospects useful resources for free — tends to be well-received. For example, you can include valuable content marketing assets (like ebooks) in your sales prospecting email, and your qualified leads will be more likely to respond.

Subject line:Your article on [topic/niche]

Hello [prospect’s first name],

I was researching [topic/niche] when I came across your article on [website name].

I found these key takeaways especially useful:

  • [Finding A]
  • [Finding B]

Since you are interested in this topic, I’d recommend you check out these fantastic [blog posts]:

  • [Blog post A]
  • [Blog post B]

They cover [theme A] and [theme B] extensively and also touch upon ideas like [idea A], [idea B], and [idea C].

I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

Have a great day,

[Your name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

8. Inbound Email Template

According to a study, up to 50% of sales go to the first salesperson who responds to a lead.

What does that mean for you?
When a sales lead downloads an ebook, case study, or another content marketing asset from your website that indicates high purchase intent, you should email them asking if they’d like more help. This keeps you on the prospect’s radar, making it easier to convert them.

Subject line:Found our [lead magnet] helpful, [prospect’s first name]?

Hi [prospect’s first name],

I just noticed that you downloaded a/an [lead magnet – for example, ebook] from [your company’s website] designed to help [prospect’s industry/niche] companies achieve [target A] and [target B].

Here are two additional resources that may come in handy:

  • [Social proof exhibit A]
  • [Social proof exhibit B]

Is there anything more you’d like to know about [topic covered in the lead magnet]?

If there is, let’s get on a quick call to clear things up!
Please feel free to block time on my calendar here: [your calendar URL].


[Your name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

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9. Building Rapport Email Template

Building rapport with your recipient makes them receptive to what you say.

An easy way to build rapport is by sending a cold email that asks for advice. It shows that you respect the prospect’s opinion and care about building a relationship with them, enhancing your response chances.

Subject line: Advice on [prospect’s area of expertise]

Hello [prospect’s first name],

I wanted to take this opportunity to convey how much I admire your contributions to [prospect’s area of expertise]. What particularly inspired me was how you accomplished [accomplishment A] and [accomplishment B].

If it’s not too much to ask, could you offer some advice on [specific question related to prospect’s area of expertise]?

Suggestions from a seasoned expert of your standing would be invaluable in helping me with [objective 1] and [objective 2].

I would very much appreciate hearing back from you.


[Your name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

10. LinkedIn Connection Email Template

Taking your conversations with connections out of LinkedIn is generally a good idea for better engagement.

You can engage with your LinkedIn prospects across different channels and nurture them effectively. Besides, sending an email to your connection helps you stand out from their network.

Subject line:Thanks for connecting on LinkedIn, [prospect’s first name]!

Hello [prospect’s first name],

Thank you for accepting my LinkedIn connection request!

I’m a [your job role] at [your company name] that specializes in [your company’s specialty]. 

Your LinkedIn posts on [topic/idea] piqued my interest and prompted me to send a connection request.

I look forward to reading more of your unique insights and following your professional growth.

Should you ever need help with [your company’s specialty], drop me an email or a LinkedIn message, and we can set up a quick call.


[Your name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

11. Discount Offer Email Template

Research shows that almost 75% of consumers search their inboxes for discounts.

You can capitalize on that demand by sending sales emails with exclusive offers that woo your target market.

Subject line:[Prospect name ], get [X]% off on [your product/service name] this Black Friday!

Hi [prospect’s first name],

Thank you for being a part of the [your company name] community! 

As a show of gratitude, we’re offering you an exclusive discount of [X]% on [your product/service name] this Black Friday

To avail of this limited-time offer, visit [your landing page] and apply this promo code ([unique code]) during checkout. 

Once you do, you can enjoy premium benefits like:

  • [Value proposition 1]
  • [Value proposition 2] 

If you have any questions, send me a quick note, and I’ll get back to you with clarifications.

Have a great day,
[Your name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

12. Demo Request Response Email Template

A sales demo can help a lead advance along the sales pipeline.

However, for the demo to be successful, you must first set the right expectations.
An email highlighting what the demo covers will help your prospect be prepared, resulting in a more productive demo session.

Subject line:[Prospect’s first name], your [your product/service name] demo is confirmed

Hi [prospect’s first name],

Thank you for requesting a demo of [your product/service name]!

The demo will have two parts:

  • A call to discuss the specific problems that [prospect’s company name] faces.
  • A presentation showing how [your product/service name] can help overcome those problems.

During the #2 call, I’ll also go over how we’ve helped customers in [prospect’s industry/niche]:

  • Solve [pain point A]
  • Address [pain point B]

You can book a call at this link: [your meeting scheduler URL]

In case you’ve got any questions you’d like to cover during our #1 call, feel free to let me know, and I’d be happy to help.

[Your name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

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13. Welcome Email Template

Once a lead signs up for a free trial, send them a warm welcome email explaining what to expect going forward and how you’ll help. Creating a positive impression through the welcome email will make it easier to close the sale down the line.

Subject line:Welcome on board, [prospect’s first name]!

Hi [prospect’s first name],

Welcome to the [your product/service name] community. 

To help you make the most of this free trial, I’ll routinely share free resources on using [your product/service name]. 

For starters, here’s a video showing you how to set up [your product/service name]:

If you have any questions, just reply to this email, and I’ll be happy to sort things out!

Have a good day,

[Your name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

14. Follow Up Email Template

Sending a follow-up sales email helps you stay on top of the prospect’s mind, improving your chances of closing a sale.

Moreover, sending a follow up email right after a sales phone call allows the potential customer to recall what you’ve discussed and provides them with the next steps to take.

Subject line: Following up on our call [prospect’s first name]

Hi [prospect’s first name],

This email is a quick follow-up to our phone call from yesterday.

We talked about how [your product/service name] can help [prospect’s company name] with:

  • [Pain point A]
  • [Pain point B]

I want to check in to see if you have any questions or would like more clarity on any of our offerings. If you found [your product/service name] useful, shall we take the next step?

We could set up a meeting that fits your schedule: [calendar URL].

Also, to see how we fare compared to our competitors, you may want to check out this article: [post URL].

I look forward to our partnership.


[Your name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

15. Confirmation to Stop Email Template

When you don’t hear back from a prospect even after several emails, it’s best to call it quits — otherwise, you’ll seem pushy.

You can send an email for the last time, saying that you won’t contact them again unless they ask you to.

Subject line:Time to quit, [prospect’s first name]?

Hello [prospect’s first name],

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get your response to my previous email or those before it.

No problem!
I understand that work gets very busy at this time of year.

How would you like me to proceed?
I could either:

  • Stop contacting you because you’re not interested in [your product/service name].
  • Follow up a couple of months later when you’ve got more bandwidth.

Let me know what you think, and we’ll have things your way.

Until then,

Best regards,
[Your name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

The fifteen plain text email templates I’ve covered above should suit most of your sales email needs.

However, you don’t have to stick only to those.
You can always tweak and create your unique email sales template!

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Whether you plan to use the templates I’ve provided or create your own, keep these guidelines in mind when using sales email templates:

3 Best Practices to Make the Most of Sales Email Templates

Here are three best practices to help you effectively use sales email templates:

1. Pay Attention to the Key Elements of Effective Sales Emails

An effective email sales template contains these critical components:

  • Subject Line: captures the prospect’s attention and hints at what your prospecting email will cover.
  • Opening Lines: establishes context, builds credibility, makes a good impression, and serves as an introduction to your sales pitch.
  • Body: clarifies how your product/service can assist and why it makes sense to purchase or do business with you.
  • Call to Action (CTA): highlights the next steps your qualified leads can adopt, like booking a meeting.
  • Signature: conveys professionalism and authenticity and helps improve brand recognition.

Getting these components right will help you create effective cold emails that have a massive impact on your sales process.

2. Personalize Your Sales Email Content

To make your cold email outreach efforts successful, avoid sending generic emails.

Instead, when you email clients or prospects, focus on personalizing your sales email template — personalizing just your email subject line can boost your open rate by 22%!

To personalize your email copy, include details like the:

  • Prospect name.
  • Prospect company name.
  • Industry/niche
  • Competitors.
  • Goals.
  • Pain points, and any details unique to them.

Moreover, it’s a great idea to include social proof examples (like testimonials and customer stories) in your email. This way, you establish that you’re the right person to approach about a specific customer pain point.

3. Use Sales Email Automation Software When Sending Your Sales Emails

Creating personalized emails can help boost your lead generation and sales conversion processes. But it’s challenging to keep track of everything when dealing with thousands of emails and prospects.

Fortunately, tools like GMass can help you here.

What’s GMass?


GMass is a robust email marketing and sales email automation tool that works inside Gmail.

This cold emailing tool is actively used by solopreneurs, small business owners, startup founders, sales professionals, and even employees in tech giants like Google and Uber.

With GMass, you can:

  • Save any sales email as a template to reuse it in the future.
  • Automatically personalize your sales prospecting emails to include different prospect names, subject lines, company names, industry types, and more.
  • Analyze the open rate, response rate, and more of your cold outreach emails right from your inbox.
  • Schedule your sales email campaigns to go out at the right time.
  • Send automated follow-up emails to your previous email until you get a response.
  • Leverage behavior-based campaigns to maximize your engagement and conversion rate.
  • Access all email marketing features you need from your smartphone via the add-on for the Gmail Android app.

Final Thoughts

Sales emails let you easily promote a product/service and connect with a potential customer.

However, not every sales email copy converts, and it can be time-consuming for your sales team to create new sales emails each time they come across a prospective customer.

That’s why it makes sense to leverage sales email templates to get the job done.
But to make the most of your sales email templates, you will need a powerful email marketing tool like GMass.

GMass helps your sales team personalize effective cold emails at scale, schedule them, track your cold email outreach performance, and do so much more.

Why not try GMass today to boost your sales email game?

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