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10 High-Performing Sales Email Templates for 2021

10 high performing sales email templates

Searching for a sales email template that actually converts?

Creating unique sales or prospecting emails from scratch can be incredibly time-consuming — especially when you have thousands of people on your mailing list.

It’s one reason many email marketers and other people who send cold emails now opt for using a handy sales email template instead. Since most of the information is already there, you just modify the template, add some personalization, and you’re ready for cold emailing any prospective client!

In this article, I’ll glance at what a sales email focuses on as its key components. I’ll then highlight ten sales email templates you can use to boost your sales campaigns immediately.

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What Is a Sales Email?

A sales email lets you get in touch with a potential customer to promote a product/service.

You can use them as cold emails to approach strangers who aren’t current customers or as sales conversation emails to convert a warm lead generated by the sales team.

Compared to inbound marketing strategies (like content marketing) and other outbound strategies (like cold calling and voicemails), a sales email can offer better lead generation possibilities.

However, creating unique cold emails for every prospect can take hours and cost a lot of money. A smarter alternative is creating a handful of sales email templates that you can quickly modify and reuse to convey a unique value proposition.

But what exactly goes into a sales email template?

Critical Components of a Sales Email Template

Any effective sales template contains these critical components:

  • Subject line: crisp, clear, and interesting to grab your prospect’s attention
  • Opening lines: establish context, build credibility, make a good impression, and serve as an introduction to your sales pitch
  • Body: clarifies how your product/service can be of assistance and why it makes sense to do business with you or make a purchase
  • Calls to action: highlight the next steps your reader (recipient) can adopt, like booking a meeting
  • Signature: conveys professionalism, authenticity, and can improve brand recognition

Getting these five components right will help you create compelling cold sales emails that have a huge impact on your sales process!

10 High-Converting Sales Email Templates

Here are ten sales email templates I recommend you use:

  1. Sales Introduction Template
  2. Referral Template
  3. Competitor Comparison Template
  4. Trigger Event Template
  5. Free Tool/Trial Users Template
  6. Free Value Template
  7. Helpful Content Template
  8. Building Rapport Template
  9. Follow-Up Template
  10. Confirmation to Stop Template

Let’s go over each one:

1. Sales Introduction Template

Subject line: Have you tried [strategy A]?

Hi [prospect’s first name],

I was going through the [prospect’s company name] website and saw that you’re doing some fantastic work in the [prospect’s industry or niche] space. What particularly fascinated me is how your teams are accomplishing [prospect’s goal 1], [prospect’s goal 2], and [prospect’s goal 3] consistently and almost effortlessly.

Working with companies like [customer company A] and [customer company B] has helped me realize that implementing [strategy A] and [strategy B] could work wonders for businesses like yours.

If you’re interested, I’d like to discuss how [sender’s company name] can help you achieve:

  • [Outcome 1]
  • [Outcome 2]
  • [Outcome 3]
  • [Outcome 4]

Feel free to schedule a 15-minute call with me here: [Calendly or Skype meeting link].

I’m sure that we’ll have some useful ideas to discuss!

Thank you for your time.

[Sender’s name]
[Sender’s designation (for example, Sales Rep)]
[Sender’s company name]
[Sender’s contact info (like mobile number)]
[Sender’s social media icons (for example, a link to your LinkedIn Profile)]

2. Referral Template

Subject line: [Name of mutual contact] mentioned that we should connect

Hi [prospect’s first name],

I’m a [sender’s job designation] at [sender’s company name], and we help businesses with [service 1], [service 2], and [service 3].

After talking to [name of mutual connection] recently, it seemed like you’re the go-to person at [prospect’s company name] to reach regarding [company function].

Would you like to get on a call with me to discuss how we could help you with

  • [Problem A]
  • [Problem B]
  • [Problem C]

If you’re not the right person to approach, would you please refer me to the person responsible for [company function]? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your time!

[Sender’s name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

3. Competitor Comparison Template

Subject line: A better alternative to [sender’s competitor’s service or product name]

Hello [prospect’s first name],

I believe that [prospect’s company name] uses [sender’s competitor’s service or product name] for [purpose A] and [purpose B].

[Competitor company] is a great company. But chances are, you’re being weighed down by limitations such as [limitation 1], [limitation 2], and [limitation 3] while using [sender’s competitor’s service or product name]. That has to hinder how well you can achieve [target A] and [target B].

Would you like to do better?

[Sender’s company name] helps businesses effortlessly handle [purpose A], [purpose B], [purpose C], [purpose D], and more, without any of the limitations I named earlier. We offer services like [offering A], [offering B], and [offering C] that could be immensely valuable to your company.

Because there’s a significant difference between [sender’s competitor’s service name or product] and ours, and I’d like to help you understand our benefits.

Would you be willing to join me on a call this week or next?

Have a great day,
[Sender’s name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

4. Trigger Event Template

Subject line: [Congrats or Cheers] [prospect’s first name] on [achievement]!

Hi [prospect’s first name],

I wanted to offer congratulations on your [achievement].
It’s an incredible achievement that definitely puts [prospect’s company] ahead of its competitors.

However, at this stage of your growth, most companies like yours require [solution] to accomplish [goal].

[Sender’s company name] has helped businesses like yours with [service A], [service B], and [service C] since [sender’s company’s year of establishment]. Clients like [sender’s customer company A] and [sender’s customer company B] love us for our [benefit 1], [benefit 2], and [benefit 3].

Would you like to join me on a brief call to see how we could do the same for you?

Feel free to book a meeting time on my calendar: [calendar URL].

[Sender’s name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

5. Free Tool/Trial Users Template

Subject line: More features with the [paid version plan name(s)]!

Hello [prospect’s first name],

I hope you’re enjoying the [free trial or free version] of [sender’s product or service name].

Did you know that there are  more fantastic features in the [paid version plan name(s)] such as:

  • [Feature A]
  • [Feature B]
  • [Feature C]
  • [Feature D]
  • [Feature E]

Using the [paid version plan name(s)], you can also benefit from [benefit 1], [benefit 2], and [benefit 3].

If you find these capabilities useful, why don’t we get on a call to discuss how [sender’s product or service name] can better boost your [mission] and [goals]?

Feel free to book a convenient time on my calendar: [calendar URL].

I look forward to hearing from you.

[Sender’s name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

6. Free Value Template

Subject line: Great Facebook page but . . .

Hi [prospect’s first name],

I was going through [prospect’s company name]’s Facebook profile. It’s an impressive page, and I bet that the [service A] and [service B] services you offer are providing a lot of value to your clients!

However, I noticed that [missing aspect A], [missing aspect B], and [missing aspect C] were missing. Unfortunately, this could negatively affect your [prospect’s goal 1] and [prospect’s goal 2].

But don’t worry. It’s easy to fix.

All you need to do is implement these recommendations:

  • [Recommendation 1]
  • [Recommendation 2]
  • [Recommendation 3]

If you’d like a little more help with improving [prospect’s company name]’s offerings, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to be of assistance.

[Sender’s name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

7. Helpful Content Template

This email format helps build rapport with prospects before you make your pitch. You only make a pitch if they reply. This is useful for reaching out to people who are tired of cold emails.

Subject line: Your article on [topic or niche]

Hello [prospect’s first name],

I was researching [topic or niche] and came across your article on [website name that links to the article].

I found these key takeaways especially useful:

  • [Finding A]
  • [Finding B]
  • [Finding C]

Since you are interested in this topic, I would recommend that you check out the following fantastic [articles/blog posts]:

  • [Blog post A]
  • [Blog post B]
  • [Blog post C]

They talk about [theme A] and [theme B] extensively and also touch upon ideas like [idea A], [idea B], and [idea C].

I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

Have a great day,
[Sender’s name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

8. Building Rapport Template

Subject line: Advice on [prospect’s area of expertise]

Hello [prospect’s first name],

I wanted to take this opportunity to convey how much I admire your contributions to [prospect’s area of expertise]. What particularly inspired me was how you accomplished [accomplishment A], [accomplishment B], and [accomplishment C].

If it’s not too much to ask, would you be able to offer some advice on [specific question related to prospect’s area of expertise]?

Suggestions from a seasoned expert of your standing and experience would be invaluable and can help me with [objective 1], [objective 2], and [objective 3].

I would very much appreciate hearing back from you.

[Sender’s name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

9. Follow-Up Template

Subject line: Following up on our call

Hi [prospect’s first name],

This email is a quick follow up to our call from yesterday.

We talked about how [sender’s product or service name] can help [prospect’s company name] with:

  • [Pain point A]
  • [Pain point B]
  • [Pain point C]

I want to check-in to see if you have any questions or would like more clarity on any of our offerings.

If you found [sender’s product or service name] useful, shall we take things to the next step?

We could set up a meeting that fits your schedule: [calendar URL].

Also, to see how we fare compared to our competitors, you may want to check out this article: [post URL].

I look forward to our association.

[Sender’s name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

10. Confirmation to Stop Template

Subject line: Time to quit?

Hello [prospect’s first name],

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a response to my previous email or those before it.

No problem!
I understand that work gets very busy at this time of year.

Instead, why don’t I follow up at a later time when you’re more available?
Meanwhile, if you’ve got a moment, check out our blog to learn how we support companies in the [prospect’s industry or niche] space: [resource URL].

If you are still interested, it would be great if you could let me know when you’d like me to reach out in the future.

Until then, best regards,
[Sender’s name, designation, company name, contact details, social media buttons, etc.]

How to Create Effective Sales Email Templates

The ten templates I highlighted above should suit most of your cold email needs.
However, you don’t have to stick only to those.

You can always improvise and create unique, better versions!
Just keep these guidelines in mind when creating your own sales email template:

1. Create Personalized Email Content

Your prospects receive hundreds of cold outreach emails every week.

To stand out from the crowd and win the attention battle, avoid sending generic emails.
Instead, focus on the personalization of your sales email template.

You want to include a prospect’s name, company name, and specific details unique to them within your personalized cold emails.

Personalizing your subject line is one of the easiest ways to boost your open rate. In fact, emails with personalized subject lines are 22% more likely to be opened.

If you’re sending B2B emails, convince them that you’ve taken the time to study their business and that you base your solutions and pitches on this understanding.

2. Keep the Content Brief and Relevant

You probably want your cold email to go over everything about your product or service to give your recipient a good idea of who you are and what you do.

However, doing that could overwhelm your customer or prospect with too much information.

When you craft a sales email template, look at your prospect’s industry and identify which specific benefits/features/services could be most relevant to them. Then, talk about those features briefly, and give them the option to reach out to you if they’d like to know more.

Using relevant content makes your emails seem less pushy and empowers your customer to become the decision-maker in your sales process.

3. Address a Pain Point Experienced by Your Prospects

Instead of going on and on about your product’s features, suggest solutions that address a pain point that a potential customer might struggle with and how it negatively affects their organization.

While this requires some research from your side, it definitely pays off!
Your sales email template can contain a section dedicated to how your product solves this pain point as well as other issues.

It’s also a good idea to include social proof examples (like testimonials) from other businesses that share common pain points that your product or service has successfully resolved.

4. Format Your Emails Properly

Understand that your prospects use different devices when accessing your emails. So if your sales email template isn’t correctly formatted, it may display poorly on a mobile device.

This matters because almost 47% of people open emails on their phones.

Format everything about your sales emails — including fonts, images, color palettes, and spacing — to make them compatible across devices.

How to Put Your Sales Email Templates to Use Effectively

Creating personalized emails from templates is one of the easiest ways to boost your lead generation and sales conversion processes.

However, when you’re dealing with hundreds and thousands of emails and prospects, you’re going to find it challenging to keep track of everything on your own.

Fortunately, tools like GMass help sales professionals stay on top of everything. Always.

Quick question: what’s GMass?

Sales Email Template - Put Your Sales Email Templates To Use

GMass is an advanced email marketing and marketing automation tool that works inside Gmail.

Its ease-of-use, superior cold email outreach features, and effectiveness make it a popular tool used by employees in tech giants like Google and Uber and social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

GMass is also perfect for solopreneurs, small businesses, startups, and institutions like churches. To start using GMass, all you need to do is download the Chrome extension and sign up with your Gmail account!

With GMass, you can:

  1. Save any sales email as a template to reuse it in the future.

Sales Email Template - Put Your Sales Email Templates To Use

  1. Schedule and send out sales email campaigns at the right time.

How to schedule an email in Gmail - Better Way to Schedule Emails in Gmail

  1. Personalize your sales prospecting emails to automatically include different prospect names, subject lines, company names, industry types, and more.

Sales Email Template - Put Your Sales Email Templates To Use

  1. Analyze how your sales emails are performing right from your inbox.

Sales Email Template - Put Your Sales Email Templates To Use

  1. Send automated follow-up emails to your prospects until you get a response.

Sales Email Template - Put Your Sales Email Templates To Use

  1. Access all email marketing and sales features you need from your smartphone via the add-on for the Gmail Android app.

Final Thoughts

Sales emails offer an easy way to promote a product/service and connect with a potential customer.

However, not all sales email copy converts, and it can be time-consuming to create new sales emails every time you come across a prospective customer.

That’s why it makes sense to leverage sales email templates to get the job done.
Just remember that your sales email templates must be personalized and relevant to your customer.

But simply using a sales email template isn’t enough.
To manage your sales email templates, you need a powerful email marketing and sales tool like GMass.

GMass helps you personalize emails at scale, schedule them, and track how they’re doing with ease. And best of all, it works directly inside Gmail, so it’s intuitive and easy to use.

So why not try GMass today and boost your sales email game?

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