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7 Best Sales Management Software 2021 (Features, Pricing)

7 best sales management software

Looking for powerful sales management software?

Sales management software can streamline your sales process to help you save time and boost conversions.

But with several products available today, how do you find one that suits your needs?

In this article, I’ll cover what sales management software is and how it can help your business. I’ll also highlight seven powerful sales management tools.

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Let’s dive into it.

What Is Sales Management Software?

Sales management software is a platform designed to help your sales team achieve their goals. For example, you can use sales CRM software platforms to track each lead, monitor where they are in your pipeline, and more.

The sales manager can also utilize sales software to send emails, track sales data, minimize administrative tasks, identify sales trends, and detect improvement opportunities.

Some of the key benefits of using sales management software include:

  1. Sales tracking software can help you save time by tracking and consolidating all your customer data in one place, making it easily accessible.
  2. These platforms provide valuable insights that help a sales manager analyze revenue goals, optimize the sales process, and generate high-value opportunities.
  3. Sales management software can also enhance teamwork by facilitating coordination between various departments in real-time to maximize your chances of conversion.

You’ll usually have to use multiple sales management software tools to streamline the various stages in your sales process.

For example, you can use an email marketing tool and a CRM system together to manage leads and reach out to them whenever they’re at the right stage in your sales pipeline.

Top 7 Sales Management Software in 2021

Here are the seven best sales management tools available today:

1. GMass

GMass is a powerful email marketing tool that works directly inside Gmail and can boost your sales conversions. Its robust outreach and mail merge features have made it a popular tool used by small businesses as well as employees at companies like Twitter, Uber, LinkedIn, and Google.

And to get started with GMass, all you need to do is download the Chrome extension and sign up with your Gmail account.

Here’s a quick peek into some of GMass’ impressive features:

A. Automatic mass email personalization

Personalizing your sales outreach emails is crucial as it improves your chances of making a connection with a lead and prevents your email from looking like spam.

In fact, 88% of recipients agree they are more likely to respond to an email that’s personalized for their needs.

However, no one has the time to personalize every email manually.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go to those extremes.

GMass has an automated personalization feature that can automatically tailor each email based on your recipient’s needs.

GMass can automatically:

B. Accurate email campaign analytics

Accessing information about which emails bounced or the number of unsubscriptions is crucial in analyzing your outreach campaign’s effectiveness.

And to help you out here, GMass auto-compiles detailed reports each time you send an email campaign — tracking various metrics, including opens, clicks, replies, bounces, and more.

GMass then collates this data and presents it in a Campaign Report. Users also have access to a live feed, showing various metrics in real-time.

C. Automated follow-ups

Sending follow-up emails to prospects is a crucial step in each sales outreach campaign — it can even triple your reply rate.

GMass lets you send automated follow-up emails to help maximize prospect engagement. It also offers several customization options to send follow-ups based on prospect behavior.

For example, you can send a follow-up email when the recipient clicks on a link in the email.

You can also adjust the time between each follow-up, how many follow-ups to send, and the total number of follow-ups each recipient will receive.

D. Automatic email list builder

Maintaining a mailing list is an important part of email marketing and sales campaigns.

And with GMass, building large emailing lists is easy.

Here’s how:

  • Once you’ve linked your Gmail account to GMass, all you need to do is type relevant keywords into Gmail’s search bar and click the search button.
  • Then, Gmail will display a list of results.
  • Next, click the build email list button (the red magnifying glass) close to the search bar.

  • GMass will then automatically compile an email list using the email IDs from your search results and add them to the To field in a new Compose window.
  • You can now craft your personalized email and send it with GMass.

What’s more…

If your email lists are stored in Google Sheets files, you can quickly send mass email merges with the GMass-Google Sheets integration.

E. Schedule your emails to send at the perfect time

GMass lets you compose your emails and schedule them to be sent later, at any date and time.

This way, you can schedule your emails to reach prospects when they’re most likely to check their inboxes — ensuring your emails don’t go unnoticed.

And if you want to update the schedule, simply reschedule any unsent emails directly from your Drafts folder.

GMass Pros

GMass Limitations

  • Only compatible with Gmail

GMass Pricing

GMass offers three plans: 

  • Free
    • Includes all features
    • Can send up to 50 emails a day
  • Individual
    • Standard ($12.95/month):
      • Includes all features except follow-ups and sequences
      • Unlimited tool usage
    • Premium ($19.95/month):
      • Includes everything in Standard plus follow-ups and sequences
  • Team
    • Premium ($89/month for five users)
      • Includes all features

GMass Ratings

  • Capterra: 4.9/5 (600+ reviews)
  • G2: 4.8/5 (580+ reviews)

2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool that can help small teams streamline their sales funnel. Its pipeline management features let sales managers and team members easily track their sales performance.

Pipedrive Key Features

  • Can track calls, emails, and contact history
  • Compiles customizable reports on deals and sales analytics
  • Customizable sales pipeline with several sales stages, activities, and team members

Pipedrive Pros

  • Has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices
  • Supports 200+ integrations with apps like Trello, Klenty, and Slack
  • Live chat allows a customer to connect to your sales team in seconds.

Pipedrive Limitations

  • No email marketing capabilities
  • Less suited to the needs of larger organizations
  • No workflow automation capabilities in the basic plan

Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive offers four paid plans: 

  • Essential ($15/user per month):
    • Provides customizable pipelines
    • Data import and export
    • Sales Assistant AI
    • And more
  • Advanced ($29/user per month):
    • Sales docs
    • Workflow automation
    • A customizable product catalog
    • And more
  • Professional ($59/user per month):
    • Caller to make sales calls from the web.
    • eSignatures
    • Unlimited visual dashboards
    • And more
  • Enterprise ($99/user per month):
    • Unlimited advanced user permissions
    • 24/7 phone support
    • Automate up to 100 tasks
    • And more

Note: All plans come with an optional lead generation add-on billed at $39/month per company.

Pipedrive Customer Ratings

  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (2260+ reviews)
  • G2: 4.3/5 (1320+ reviews)

3. Salesforce

Salesforce offers several software products for various business needs, such as marketing automation (with their Pardot software) and lead management. Their CRM system, called Sales Cloud, enhances your sales management operations with contact management, collaboration, and marketing tools.

Salesforce Key Features

  • Customer management features provide a quick overview of your customers, their activity history, communications, and more.
  • With sales forecasting, you get a real-time view of your sales team’s forecast, including in-line forecast adjustments.
  • Integrated AI can predict which deals are likely to close, suggest steps for each lead, and automate admin tasks.

Salesforce Pros

  • Salesforce provides detailed, customizable reports.
  • Built-in quoting capabilities automatically fill out relevant customer data.
  • A dedicated sales console gives your sales representative an efficient way to follow up on leads, identify key contacts, and more.

Salesforce Limitations

  • Often requires training to understand how to use the tool
  • Can be expensive for small businesses
  • No offline access

Salesforce Pricing

Salesforce is available in four pricing plans:

  • Essentials ($25/user per month):
    • Includes access to the Salesforce mobile app
    • Email integration
    • Account, lead, opportunity management
    • And more
  • Professional ($75/user per month):
    • Includes lead registration
    • Rules-based lead scoring
    • Collaborative forecasting
    • And more
  • Enterprise ($150/user per month):
    • Access to the sales console app
    • Opportunity splits
    • Advanced reporting features
    • And more
  • Unlimited ($300/user per month):
    • 24/7 support and configuration services
    • Unlimited roles and permissions
    • Access to Developer Pro sandbox
    • And more

Salesforce Customer Ratings

  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (260+ reviews)
  • G2: 4.2/5 (11,000+ reviews)

4. Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM is sales management software designed to accelerate your sales process by offering in-depth sales management.

Freshworks Key Features

  • Create your own contact lifecycle stages based on your business processes.
  • Intelligent workflow automation makes it easy to automate sales tasks.
  • Conversion rate optimization helps optimize your website with A/B testing, heatmaps, and more.

Freshworks Pros

  • Android and iOS mobile app to manage relationships on the go
  • Provides insights into your sales process with win-loss analysis, attribution, conversion reports, and more
  • AI-enabled features to enhance sales professionals’ productivity

Freshworks Limitations

  • There are no radial/territorial mapping features to analyze the physical location of your visitors or compare sales in various regions.
  • Pricing can be expensive for smaller businesses as you pay per user.

Freshworks Pricing

  • Growth ($35/user per month):
    • 1,000 active contacts (those you engage through your marketing campaign)
    • Live chat and Facebook Messenger
    • Website tracking
    • And more
  • Pro ($85/user per month):
    • 3,000 active contacts
    • WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat
    • Conference calling
    • And more
  • Enterprise ($149/user per month):
    • 5,000 active contacts
    • Auto-profile enrichment
    • Call recording
    • And more

Freshworks Customer Ratings

  • Capterra: 4.6/5 (480+ reviews)
  • G2: 4.6/5 (880+ reviews)

5. Zoho

Zoho is sales performance management software that can help you manage every sales activity better. The CRM tool does this through a host of useful features, such as an integrated calendar, sales forecasting, and more.

Zoho Key Features

  • Automate your routine sales, marketing, and support functions.
  • The Command Center allows you to create personalized customer journeys.
  • You can generate price quotes and invoices within the CRM.

Zoho Pros

  • Can create notes and tag sales team members for better collaboration
  • Mobile app to stay connected to colleagues and clients wherever you are
  • AI to fetch information, take notes, predict future sales, and more

Zoho Limitations

  • Learning the ins and outs of the program can take some time.
  • Pre-designed templates offer limited customization options.
  • Base pricing plans don’t support lead conversion and forecasting features.

Zoho Pricing

Their pricing plans include:

  • Free: 
    • CRM views
    • Advanced filters
    • Page customization
    • And more
  • Standard ($18/user per month):
    • Sales forecasting
    • Email insights
    • Custom dashboards
    • And more
  • Professional ($30/user per month):
    • Real-time customer notifications
    • Web-to-case forms
    • Validation rules
    • And more
  • Enterprise ($45/user per month):
    • Conversational AI assistant
    • CommandCenter to personalize customer journeys
    • Mobile SDK and MDM
    • And more
  • Ultimate ($55/user per month):
    • BI and analytics software
    • The highest possible feature limits
    • And a 30-day free trial

Zoho Customer Ratings

  • Capterra: 4.2/5 (4,700+ reviews)
  • G2: 4.0/5 (1,830+ reviews)

6. HubSpot

HubSpot offers a suite of sales and marketing tools, including a free CRM and some sales automation tools. The HubSpot Sales software can help you automate tasks to free up time for your salespeople.

HubSpot Key Features

  • Predictive lead scoring to qualify leads easily
  • Document management functionality to create a shared library of sales content
  • Supports call tracking and recording features

HubSpot Pros

  • Has a free plan
  • Provides real-time access to your entire sales pipeline through one dashboard
  • Automatically enriches your contact records with data from over 20 million businesses

HubSpot Limitations

  • HubSpot can’t track the time a prospect spends in each stage of the sales pipeline.
  • In-app email service is very basic.
  • The paid version can be expensive for smaller businesses.

HubSpot Pricing

This sales management software solution offers several plans:

  • Free:
    • Automated contact management
    • Live chat
    • Reporting dashboards
    • And more
  • Starter ($50/month):
    • Simple automation
    • Live chat
    • Meeting scheduling
    • And more
  • Professional ($500/month):
    • SEO recommendations and optimizations
    • Smart content and reporting
    • A/B testing
    • And more
  • Enterprise: ($1,200/month):
    • Record customization
    • Field-level permissions
    • Webhooks
    • And more

HubSpot Customer ratings

  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (280+ reviews)
  • G2: 4.5/5 (1,000+ reviews)

7. monday.com

If you have heard of monday.com, you must be surprised to find it here!

If monday.com is project management software, why is it on our list of sales management software?

It’s because you can customize monday.com to work as a simple CRM. You can also integrate it with email, forms, and other tools to create a decent sales management system.

monday.com can simplify your sales management processes and increase your sales performance by organizing company data into one centralized database.

This functionality is quite enough for companies with just one or two salespeople — or even with no dedicated salespeople!

monday.com Key Features

  • Sales order tracking to follow a customer’s order through every step of the process
  • Supports Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and more to map tasks and track deadlines
  • Integrates with tools like Zapier, Pipedrive, and HubSpot

monday.com Pros

  • Mobile app to communicate, share files, receive feedback, and more
  • Automates repetitive tasks so the team can spend time focusing on sales
  • Customizable dashboards to bring all your data into one place

monday.com Limitations

  • The software isn’t very intuitive, which can make it difficult to learn.
  • It lacks efficient notification management features.
  • Basic pricing plans don’t support automations and calendar views.

monday.com Pricing

monday.com charges by the seat (per user) with a minimum of three seats. The four paid plans are charged monthly based on how many seats you choose.

  • Basic ($10/seat per month):
    • Unlimited boards to organize your work
    • 200+ templates
    • 20+ columns
    • And more
  • Standard ($12/seat per month):
    • Timeline and Gantt views
    • 250 automated actions per month
    • A dashboard combining up to five boards
    • And more
  • Pro ($20/seat per month):
    • Private boards
    • 25,000 automations per month
    • 25,000 actions per month
    • And more
  • Enterprise (Contact monday.com for a quote):
    • Enterprise-scale automations and integrations
    • Advanced reporting and analytics
    • Combines up to 50 boards
    • And more

monday.com Customer Ratings

  • Capterra: 4.6/5 (2230+ reviews)
  • G2: 4.6/5 (1460+ reviews)

Wrapping Up

Attracting and converting a sales lead can be a difficult and time-consuming task if you’re manually performing all the steps involved.

Fortunately, with the right sales management tool, you can streamline this process and reduce the time and effort required to convert leads into paying customers.

For instance, GMass helps you reach out to prospects and engage with them using powerful email campaigns. With features like automatic email personalization, detailed reports and analytics, email scheduling, Salesforce integration, and more, GMass can help you reach out to prospects efficiently and boost your sales conversions.

Download the GMass Chrome extension today and experience the benefits for yourself!

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