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12 Effective B2B Cold Email Templates for 2024 (Tips, FAQs)

12 Effective B2B Cold Email Templates

Sending a personalized B2B cold email is an excellent way to approach a lead — whether it’s to try to get them to schedule a demo, hire you for a service, or anything else. (We’ve covered the major scenarios and cold email template framework you should follow if you want or need a refresher.)

However, you must only cold email those B2B contacts who can genuinely benefit from your offerings — otherwise, your email could be considered illegal or spammy.

But how do you write an effective B2B cold email?

In this article, I’ll share 12 practical B2B cold email templates you can start using today. I’ll also cover three best practices for B2B cold email success and answer two related FAQs.

B2B Cold Email Templates: Table of Contents

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Let’s get started.

Top 12 B2B Cold Email Templates to Use in 2024

Here are 12 high-converting B2B cold email templates for your sales team:

1. Pain Point Email Template

A cold outreach email centered around a specific pain point your ideal prospect struggles with is a surefire way to capture their interest.

It shows that you empathize with their situation and genuinely wish to help them, increasing your chances of receiving a response.

     Subject line:      There’s a way to overcome [pain point #1]… 

Hi [prospect’s first name],

As a [propsect’s job title] in [prospect’s industry/niche], it’s challenging to deal with [pain point #1] and [pain point #2] every month. But it doesn’t have to be.

With [your product/service name], [company A] in [prospect’s industry/niche] has achieved:

  • [Milestone #1] by overcoming [pain point #1]
  • [Milestone #2] by solving [pain point #2]
  • [Milestone #3] by eliminating [pain point #3]

Seems too good to be true?
Check out our complete case study here: [URL]

If you like what you see, let’s schedule a 15-minute call to discuss how [your product/service] can help you.

Please feel free to book a slot here: [your Calendly link]

[Your name]
[Your job title]
[Your company name]
[Your company website or address]
[Your alternate contact information]
[Links to your social media profiles]

2. Right Person Email Template

You can use this B2B cold email template when you’re unsure if you’re approaching the right person.

The recipient will most probably let you know if they’re the one to contact or someone else is.
Otherwise, you’d be wasting time on someone who’s not a decision-maker.

     Subject line:      Do you handle [specific task] at [prospect company name]?

Hello [prospect’s first name],

I was hoping to find the person in charge of [your specialty area]. When I reached out to [colleague A] and [colleague B] at [prospect company name], they suggested I get in touch with you.

Here’s a quick look at what [your product/service name] does:

  • [Value prop #1]
  • [Value prop #2]
  • [Value prop #3]

Are you the appropriate person to approach regarding this?
If not, could you let me know whom to contact?

I look forward to hearing from you.

[Your name, title, company details, social media icons, etc.]

3. Competitor Email Template

Highlighting the potential limitations of a competitor’s product or service in your sales prospecting or lead generation emails is a great strategy.

It not only piques the recipient’s interest but also showcases what’s unique and appealing about your offerings.

     Subject line:     Does [your competitor’s product/service name]’s [limitation #1] bother you too?

Hi [prospect’s name],

When browsing through [prospect’s company name]’s website, I noticed that you use [your competitor’s product/service name].

Several [your prospect’s industry/niche] businesses have switched from [your competitor’s product/service name] to [your product/service name] because [limitation #1] and [limitation #2] stoppied them from accomplishing [primary objective].

Our customers love us for [unique selling proposition].

But don’t take my word for it.
Feel free to check out our customer reviews on [platform].

Wondering how we can help you pull off [primary objective]?

I’d be happy to walk you through our unique process on a call.
You can pick a convenient time for the call here: [your calendar/meeting scheduler URL]

Have a good day,
[Your name, title, company details, social media icons, etc.]

4. Useful Resource Email Template

Receiving an email with relevant free resources is bound to impress your cold prospect.

Since you’re adding value to their lives, the prospect will be more open to engaging with your sales prospecting emails down the line.

     Subject line:      Here’s a free [resource] to help you achieve [target]

Hello [prospect’s first name],

The life of a [prospect’s job title] in [prospect’s industry/niche] can be hard — you’re constantly dealing with [issue #1], [issue #2], and [issue #3], while handling [responsibility #1] and [responsibility #2].

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

To make your life easier, I’ve created a/an [resource (for example, ebook, blog post, etc.)] covering:

  • [Solution for issue #1]
  • [Solution for issue #2]
  • [Solution for issue #3], and more

You can access the [resource] for free here: [URL]

We have also created invaluable resources on [subject of interest #1] and [subject of interest #2]. Please send me a note if you are interested, and I’ll forward them to you.

[Your name, title, company details, social media icons, etc.]

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5. Press Mention Email Template

A potential customer who just got mentioned in the media probably expects responses from the general public. That’s why an effective cold email about the press mention is likely to get opened.

You can leverage this opportunity to highlight how you can contribute to their success.

     Subject line:     Loved reading about [prospect company name] in [publication]!

Hi [prospect’s first name],

Today, I came across a feature story on [prospect company name] in [publication].

What caught my attention was your plan to tackle [complex problem] in [prospect’s industry/niche].

Solving [complex issue] is sure to put you on track to [major milestone]!

Just watch out for [potential issue #1] and [potential issue #2] since they can slow your momentum.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about overcoming these issues.
Please don’t hesitate to book a short meeting with me here: [your calendar/meeting scheduler URL]

Have a great day,
[Your name, title, company details, social media icons, etc.]

6. Website Visit Email Template

Emailing a cold prospect who downloaded a resource from your website is a natural way to start a conversation. Your sales rep can offer further help to the recipient and even gauge their interest level through this B2B email template.

     Subject line:     Found what you were looking for, [prospect’s first name]?

Hello [prospect’s first name],

Yesterday, you downloaded a/an [resource] on [topic of interest] from our website.

Were our insights helpful to you?
If you’d like to know more about [topic of interest], these additional resources can help:

  • [Resouce #1]
  • [Resource #2]

If you’ve got any specific questions, I could always get on a phone call to answer them.
You can schedule a call with me here: [URL]

[Your name, title, company details, social media icons, etc.]

7. Voicemail Follow-Up Email Template

There are differences in a cold email versus a cold call, but one key similarity: In both cases, you aim to establish contact with a prospect.

If a prospect doesn’t pick up your cold call, sending a quick follow up email that explains why you called is a smart idea. The email lets you stay on top of the prospect’s mind, increasing the chances that they’ll engage with your next cold call or email.

     Subject line:     Couldn’t reach you on the phone, [prospect’s first name]

Hi [prospect’s first name],

Sorry, I couldn’t reach you on the phone today, [prospect’s first name]. I called to talk about [short, specific reason]. Since we couldn’t connect, I left a voicemail mentioning that I’ll call again at [date/time].

But feel free to call me anytime before at [your phone number].

Hope to hear from you soon.

[Your name, title, company details, social media icons, etc.]

8. AIDA Template

AIDA, which stands for Attention-Interest-Desire-Action, is an effective cold email approach.

At first, you grab the prospect’s attention with your subject line. Then, you generate interest through the intro of your email copy and ask if the prospect desires the benefits you offer.

Finally, you add a CTA (call to action) at the end, prompting them to respond or click on a link in your email.

     Subject line:     The strategy that helped [company A] achieve [stunning goal]

Hello [prospect’s first name],

While every [prospect’s job title] looks to achieve [goal], very few actually do.

However, by working with [your company name], the [prospect’s job title] at [company A] was able to reach [stunning goal]!

Would you like to know the strategy we used for [company A]?

If yes, feel free to schedule a meeting with me here: [URL]

[Your name, title, company details, social media icons, etc.]

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9. Compliment Email Template

A genuine compliment goes a long way in building rapport.

You can use that rapport to gradually help a potential customer develop an interest in your offerings.

     Subject line:     Huge fan of your work at [prospect company name], [prospect’s first name]!

Hi [prospect’s first name],

I’ve been following your work at [prospect company name] for some time. Recently, I saw how you turned [specific problem] into [specific opportunity] — it was clever, quick-witted, and inspiring.

We did something similar for [company A], helping them transform [relevant challenge] into [relevant opportunity].


Why don’t we get on a call on [date] at [time] to dive into the details?
Or, you could choose a more convenient time here: [URL]

[Your name, title, company details, social media icons, etc.]

10. Virtual Event Email Template

Use this B2B cold email template to invite a potential client to a virtual event like a webinar.

But before inviting someone, ensure that your event is relevant to them and remember to establish that relevance in your cold email campaign. You can do this by going over who will speak at your event, the agenda, etc.

     Subject line:     Don’t miss out on our [virtual event] on [topic of interest], [prospect’s first name]!

Hello [prospect’s first name],

Navigating the [prospect’s industry/niche] world as a [prospect’s job title] is no cakewalk.

That’s why we’re organizing a [virtual event] on [topic of interest] [date] at [time].

The [virtual event] will have:

  • [Speaker #1] talk about [subtopic of interest]
  • [Speaker #2] discuss [subtopic of interest]
  • [Speaker #3] share insights on [subtopic of interest]

Sounds interesting?
Register your interest here: [link to webinar registration form]

See you there,
[Your name, title, company details, social media icons, etc.]

11. Testimonial Email Template

Sharing social proof like a customer testimonial in your cold email helps build credibility.

When the prospect sees how other customers have benefited from your product or service, they’ll be curious and inclined to give you a response.

     Subject line:     Improve your [KPI] by [X]% with [your product/service name]

Hi [prospect’s first name],

[Company A] improved their [Key Performance Indicator (for example, conversion rate)] by [X]% in less than [Y] months using [your product/service name].

Here’s what [company A] had to say about us:

[Customer testimonial]

Want to be our next success story?
Drop me a note, and I can show you how to reach [milestone] in [Z] months.

[Your name, title, company details, social media icons, etc.]

12. Product Launch Email Template

Cold emailing a lead to ask for feedback about a new product or service works for several reasons:

  • It demonstrates that you value the lead’s opinion.
  • The cold email lets you showcase your product’s or service’s unique selling points.
  • You get to show the potential client what they’re missing out on when not using your offerings.

     Subject line:     Would love to hear your thoughts on [your product/service], [prospect’s first name]

Hello [prospect’s first name],

We just launched [your product/service name].
It’s like [your competitor product/service name], but better.

[Your product/service name] helps you:

  • [Unique selling point #1]
  • [Unique selling point #2]
  • [Unique selling point #3]

We’ve already onboarded companies in [prospect’s industry/niche] like [company A] and [company B]. However, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve [your product/service name].

Since you’re a [prospect’s job title] with [X] years of experience in [prospect’s industry/niche], your opinions and suggestions would be invaluable.

Can I send you more information about [your product/service name]?

[Your name, title, company details, social media icons, etc.]

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Now that we’ve gone over several effective templates, I’ll cover some B2B cold email best practices you should follow.

3 Best Practices for B2B Cold Email Success

Follow these three best practices to boost your B2B cold email response rate:

1. Write Personalized Emails that Get to the Point Quickly

When sending cold emails, the ground rule is: always personalize your emails.

The prospect probably doesn’t know who you are — so if your B2B sales email is generic like the other emails in their inbox, you’re sure to be ignored.

In contrast, personalizing just the email subject line can increase your open rate by 22%.

For writing a personalized email, you can include prospect details, like their:

  • Name.
  • Company name.
  • Specific interests.
  • Relevant social proof, and more.

However, while there’s no ideal length for a B2B cold email, you’ll want to keep your personalized email sweet and short. Essentially, your email should get to the point quickly without beating around the bush.

2. Remember to Follow Up on Your B2B Cold Emails

Research shows that sending just one follow-up email can boost your reply rate by 65.8%.

A follow up email essentially provides your sales team another chance to make your case with the prospect.

But how many follow-up emails should you send?
Although sending more follow-ups can help improve B2B cold email engagement, I recommend limiting the number of follow-ups to five.

Any more, and you may end up annoying your ideal prospect and ruining any chances of closing a sale.

If you want an even deeper dive into what goes into a cold email follow up, check out our deep dive.

3. Scale Up Your B2B Outreach Efforts with Cold Email Software

It’s time-consuming and inefficient to manually personalize your B2B cold emails and follow up on them. It’s also not scalable when you have tons of cold leads to approach.

Fortunately, with a solid email tool like GMass, you can automate most of this work and easily scale up your outreach efforts.

What’s GMass?

GMass home page

GMass is a robust cold emailing and email marketing automation tool that works entirely inside Gmail.

Its powerful features and ease of use make it a favorite cold email marketing tool among B2C and B2B marketers, salespeople, startup founders, small business owners, and even employees at large companies like Google, Uber, and LinkedIn.

With GMass, you can:

  • Save every B2B sales email you send as a B2B email template to reuse later.
  • Automatically personalize your cold emails, including paragraphs, images, links, etc.
  • Create workflows to send auto follow-ups to your B2B sales email leads.
  • Check the effectiveness of your cold outreach emails with detailed email reports.
  • Perform A/B tests to see which cold email variations work best for your target audience.
  • Connect your Google Sheet with personalization data to GMass to send mail merge campaigns.
  • Build a B2B cold email list of your target audience quickly by automatically extracting email addresses from your Gmail search results.

To use GMass, just download the Chrome extension and sign up for a free trial with your Gmail account.

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Next, I’ll answer a few commonly asked questions about B2B cold emails:

2 B2B Cold Email FAQs

Here are my answers to two commonly asked questions about B2B cold emails:

1. Is It Illegal to Send a B2B Cold Email?

It depends.

Is cold emailing illegal? No… as long as what you’re sending is relevant, defensible, and follows some important guidelines.

Sending a cold email to someone who works at a company related to your product/service is generally allowed under U.S.- and European-specific regulations (CAN-SPAM and GDPR, respectively).

However, you may be required to:

  • Provide an opt-out or unsubscribe link.
  • Specify how you’ll store the recipient’s data and for what purpose.

On the other hand, buying an email list of B2B companies may violate such regulations. It’s better to avoid this practice entirely and stay on the safe side of the law.

Read my detailed post on GDPR email marketing for more info.

2. How to Avoid the Spam Filter When Sending a B2B Cold Email?

There’s a big difference between cold email vs spam. Keep these pointers in mind to prevent your B2B cold email campaigns from going to the spam folder:

  • Ensure that your outbound email list is up-to-date and has only valid email addresses.
  • Don’t mention words/ phrases like “cheap”, “bargain”, “cash bonus”, “risk-free”, etc. in your email subject line — essentially, avoid anything that sounds spammy.
  • Request your recipient to add your email address to the safe sender list.
  • Avoid adding attachments to your emails; instead, provide a link to the document’s location on the cloud.
  • Limit the number of hyperlinks you include in your cold email — ideally, keep the number of hyperlinks under five.

Need more help?
Check out my article on why emails go to spam and how to solve it.

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B2B Cold Email: Final Thoughts

Sending B2B cold emails can help expand your customer base and boost business development.

You can use the templates I’ve provided to get your B2B cold email campaign up and running in no time.

Remember, when sending a cold email outreach campaign, you must personalize your email copy and follow up with the prospects. To automate that, you can use cold email marketing tools like GMass.

GMass’ automatic email personalization, email follow-up, A/B testing, and native Google Sheet mail merge features make it the perfect cold email software for B2B marketers and sales professionals.

Why not try GMass today and take your B2B cold email efforts to the next level?

Further Reading

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  1. I’ve never thought about the legal side of cold emails, that’s curious! I was struggling with composing one for Contenteam, but since it’s copywriting services, it’s not supposed to be something offensive. And my list of companies is made manually, not bought from doubtful sources.

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