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The new Main Campaign Report shows your recipient email addresses, the original merge values, and tracking data

We have just refined and relaunched a Reporting feature that details your email campaign activity in one CSV file. You can then import this CSV file back into Google Sheets, Excel, or any spreadsheet of your choosing.

The new Main Campaign Report shows your recipient email addresses, along with any other data pulled from your original Google Sheets spreadsheet, and whether each email address opened, clicked, unsubscribed, bounced, replied, were blocked, or otherwise failed due to an error or being over limit.

Access this report from the [CAMPAIGNS] Label under “GMass Reports” on the left side of Gmail.

Just click the “download” link shown above to download a CSV file of the report. It will look like this.

This is the actual CSV file containing all the reporting data for this email marketing campaign.

  1. Answering my own question here (for science!)

    From the report notification, copy the address link for the full report download (links from specific downloads work int he same way)

    In google sheets use the following formula


    This seems to work just fine, the report updates every 10 minutes, link stays the same, so Google Sheets updates data as well..


    1. Hi TJ, tried this but it’s no longer working, do you have a new way on importing the data live into google sheets? Thanks in advance!

  2. Some of my open totals are extremely high (e.g. 60,24,53,41, etc.). While this is certainly within the realm of possibility, I find it a bit hard to believe.

    Any way that I can validate this?

    Thanks in advance!

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