Update February 2016: GMass used to have the ability to save an email list as a Google Contact Group, but because of Contact Groups’ clunky nature, we’ve abandoned that capability in favor of auto-saving all of your send lists so that you can re-send to the same set of people easily any time.

To re-send to a previously sent set of email addresses, click the “Follow Up Campaigns” button to the right of the search bar. Then choose the previous campaign and choose the “Sent” option to compose a new email campaign to the recipients of that old campaign.

You can now substitute a default value (a fallback value) to fall back on when using personalization fields like FirstName and LastName. The default value will be used when a FirstName or LastName doesn’t exist. Use the following format:

{FirstName|default value}

For example, if you’re addressing the top of your email message with the recipient’s first name, you could use:

Dear {FirstName|Friend},


Hey {FirstName|there},

If a first name is present, it will be used; otherwise the email would say “Dear Friend” or “Hey there”.

It’s only been two weeks since GMass’s launch, and we’ve already launched our first new feature — Scheduling. You can now schedule a mass email in Gmail to be sent at a future time.

Access the Scheduling settings by clicking the GMass “arrow” to open the GMass Settings box when you’re composing a mass email.

You can choose from a list of pre-configured future times, or you can enter a custom date/time as well. All times are in the local timezone of your computer. After you have selected a date/time, click the main GMass button as normal to schedule your email. At the scheduled time, your emails will be sent.

If, after scheduling an email, you want to alter the date/time or want to just send it now, find the email in your Drafts folder. All scheduled GMass campaigns will also have the label “GMass Scheduled” applied to the Draft. From there, click the GMass settings “arrow” again, and adjust the date/time or choose now, and afterwards, click the main GMass button again. You may also adjust the other settings, such as Open Tracking, or sending as new messages versus replies.

After the mass email has been sent, the original draft with the label “GMass Scheduled” will be deleted from your account.